YouTube Features to Use for Online Course Selling


With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms have been increasing at a much faster pace. This is the reason behind the tough competition going on in the current e-learning field. Educators create online courses to generate maximum profits and grow in their teaching sector. To do so, active promotion and marketing are very important. Today social media platforms serve the best in this regard. With around two billion active users, YouTube is a widely used social media application all across the world. Let us discuss some YouTube features that online course creators can follow for their business growth and development. 


YouTube features to use for the growth of online course selling 


  1. Video uploads 


The YouTube feature that every content creator or online course seller can use is video uploading. The online educators can make videos on different topics such as the advantages of their online courses, the key benefits offered, the course outlook, this month’s admission discounts, offers, and more. Promotional videos can be recorded and uploaded on your official YouTube channel too. The video uploads should be regular so that you can gain more subscribers and viewers on your channel. 


  1. Adding links to the video description


Other than YouTube, online course creators also use different methods to promote and sell their online courses. For example, they make an online course selling websites, blog pages, and accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. YouTube gives a unique feature where you can add links to your accounts, websites, course purchase, and more in the video description box. 


 Underneath the video and title, there is the description area where you tell the audience what the video is all about and other important information. While recording the video, you can say that links to websites and course purchases are mentioned in the description box and ask them to check them out. This will surely help to sell online courses at a faster rate. 



  1. Make YouTube shorts


In the current times, the trend of making short videos is growing at a faster rate. Looking at its success, this unique feature has also been introduced on YouTube. We all know that nobody is free to watch detailed and lengthy videos. Due to time constraints and short attention spans, videos of long duration don’t work well all the time. 


Therefore for better online course selling, making youtube shorts is very helpful. These videos can last from fifteen to up to sixty seconds in total. So it’s quite convenient for the teachers too. On the YouTube homepage shorts and stories sections appear. So do use this feature for your channel growth and sales. Make YouTube shorts on topics like study hacks for online learners, online course benefits, etc. Be as creative as possible. 


  1. Live streaming along with living chat


Another YouTube feature is live streaming. No matter how effective and quality videos we watch, the satisfaction, interactions, and understanding via live streams are unmatched. To connect to your target audience better, make sure to go live from your YouTube channel. Before coming live, drop a message or put a story of the exact time.


 This will help to get more viewers. In the live session, you can demonstrate a particular course topic to show your teaching skills. You can also tell people about your course services and the current offers going on. With the new live chat feature, you can read the comments and queries of the people attending your live session. Make sure to answer them properly and be interactive. These real-time interactions work the best to build an online community. 


  1. Comment section


Underneath every video, there is a comment section. Use this comment section effectively to interact with your audience, and viewers and enhance the scope of future associations. In every video upload, ask people to comment down below on how much they liked the video. To make them feel valued, ask them to give suggestions and ideas for the next uploads. Also, make sure to answer the doubts and queries of the people in the comment section. This will increase interactions with the target audience and online course selling will be increased. 




With the growth in online course platforms, effective promotion and marketing are the need of the hour for sellers. To do so, YouTube helps to a great extent. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the YouTube features that online course creators can use for sales. So do use them, to stay connected with your target audience and increase the course purchase. 






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