YouTube Features to Use for Online Course Selling 




With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms have been increasing at a much faster pace. This is the reason behind the tough competition going on in the current e-learning field. Educators create online courses to generate maximum profits and grow in their teaching sector. To do so, active promotion and marketing are very important. Today social media platforms serve the best in this regard. With around two billion active users, YouTube is a widely used social media application all across the world. Let us discuss some YouTube features that online course creators can follow for their business growth and development. 


YouTube features to use for the growth of online course selling 


  1. Video uploads 


The YouTube feature that every content creator or online course seller can use is video uploading. The online educators can make videos on different topics such as the advantages of their online courses, the key benefits offered, the course outlook, this month’s admission discounts, offers, and more. Promotional videos can be recorded and uploaded on your official YouTube channel too. The video uploads should be regular so that you can gain more subscribers and viewers on your channel. 


  1. Adding links to the video description


Other than YouTube, online course creators also use different methods to promote and sell their online courses. For example, they make an online course selling websites, blog pages, and accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. YouTube gives a unique feature where you can add links to your accounts, websites, course purchase, and more in the video description box. 


 Underneath the video and title, there is the description area where you tell the audience what the video is all about and other important information. While recording the video, you can say that links to websites and course purchases are mentioned in the description box and ask them to check them out. This will surely help to sell online courses at a faster rate. 



  1. Make YouTube shorts


In the current times, the trend of making short videos is growing at a faster rate. Looking at its success, this unique feature has also been introduced on YouTube. We all know that nobody is free to watch detailed and lengthy videos. Due to time constraints and short attention spans, videos of long duration don’t work well all the time. 


Therefore for better online course selling, making youtube shorts is very helpful. These videos can last from fifteen to up to sixty seconds in total. So it’s quite convenient for the teachers too. On the YouTube homepage shorts and stories sections appear. So do use this feature for your channel growth and sales. Make YouTube shorts on topics like study hacks for online learners, online course benefits, etc. Be as creative as possible. 


  1. Live streaming along with living chat


Another YouTube feature is live streaming. No matter how effective and quality videos we watch, the satisfaction, interactions, and understanding via live streams are unmatched. To connect to your target audience better, make sure to go live from your YouTube channel. Before coming live, drop a message or put a story of the exact time.


 This will help to get more viewers. In the live session, you can demonstrate a particular course topic to show your teaching skills. You can also tell people about your course services and the current offers going on. With the new live chat feature, you can read the comments and queries of the people attending your live session. Make sure to answer them properly and be interactive. These real-time interactions work the best to build an online community. 


  1. Comment section


Underneath every video, there is a comment section. Use this comment section effectively to interact with your audience, and viewers and enhance the scope of future associations. In every video upload, ask people to comment down below on how much they liked the video. To make them feel valued, ask them to give suggestions and ideas for the next uploads. Also, make sure to answer the doubts and queries of the people in the comment section. This will increase interactions with the target audience and online course selling will be increased. 




With the growth in online course platforms, effective promotion and marketing are the need of the hour for sellers. To do so, YouTube helps to a great extent. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the YouTube features that online course creators can use for sales. So do use them, to stay connected with your target audience and increase the course purchase. 

Necessary investigation

To do all necessary investigation, begin by sifting through undeniable level video examination. Look at the most well known recordings to figure out which subjects your crowd is generally inspired by.

In any case, as you conceptualize your course thoughts, don’t stop at analyzing only your video themes.

It’s likewise savvy to sift through the remarks to dig somewhat more profound into your crowd’s most serious issues. Answer to significant remarks and ask your crowd straightforwardly what they need to realize more about or what they need the most assistance with.

Then, take it up an indent and ask your YouTube crowd what they need to realize more about toward the finish of your recordings.

Pioneer behind

Maker and pioneer behind 5Four Digital (among other effective undertakings), John D. Saunders, goes to the extent that requesting that his crowd audit his course educational plan as he’s making it, as in this tweet string .

He not just requests that his crowd what remember for his course examples, however he likewise requests pre-deals, which ensures deals on send off day.

The manner in which John includes his crowd in the course creation process is so on the money for conveying precisely exact thing his crowd needs that it acquired $10,000 in course deals on send off day.

Really amazing, isn’t that so?

The fact is:

Completely research what your crowd’s greatest necessities are to ensure your course is something they’d become involved with. Also, do the examination prior to making your internet based course.

From that point, it’s tied in with situating yourself as the master on your YouTube channel, which carries us to our next subject.

#2. Enhance your channel to mirror your mastery

Whenever you have a triumphant course thought in progress, now is the ideal time to enhance your YouTube channel. Everybody that visits your page ought to obviously comprehend what you do and what explicit issue you help address.

Update your channel wherever to mirror your subject matter, beginning with your channel workmanship.

For an extraordinary model, focus on fruitful business person, Ryan from Signature Edits , who incorporates the slogan, “simplifying photography,” in his channel craftsmanship.

Or on the other hand gifted maker Mackenzie Child who highlights “Craftsmanship, business and arbitrary side ventures” on his YouTube channel workmanship.

Along these lines, your subject matter is perfectly clear to your crowd.

Somewhere else to refresh your channel to mirror your ability is in your “About” page.

Update your About tab so individuals who click on the tab can expressly comprehend what your identity is and what you assist individuals with tackling.

Tim Ferriss works really hard of this on his channel, and he’s somebody who’s known for, not one, however a few accomplishments.

Despite the fact that Tim’s sweet spot reaches out past any one range of abilities, his About portrayal actually makes sense of his adaptable ability by posting a portion of his notable accomplishments, such as being one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and Forbes’ “Names You Need to Know”.

To compose compelling depictions and duplicate on your About tab, remember the length.

Nowadays, under 300 words are all you really want to voice your point effectively.

Furthermore, to the extent that intricacy in your copywriting goes, effortlessness wins. A center school understanding level or beneath will score you more perusers. From that point onward, it becomes hard to peruse your duplicate.

As a matter of fact, a Boomerang concentrate on found the messages composed at a 3rd grade perusing level got 36% more reactions , so straightforward is the situation here.

With everything taken into account:

Update your channel workmanship and About page to feature your ability. This imparts to your YouTube watchers how you can help them.

And keeping in mind that you’re refreshing your YouTube channel, follow our next tip.

#3. Incorporate connections to your lead magnet wherever conceivable

This step is urgent for moving your crowd from free YouTube watcher to paying understudy on the web – – update your YouTube channel to incorporate connections to a supportive lead magnet.

While it could be enticing to incorporate connections that go directly to your internet based course deals page, it’s a lot more straightforward request to begin with the little stuff and proposition a lead magnet first.

Despite the fact that your ultimate objective is to sell your internet based course, it’s wise to make your quick objective to gather your crowd’s email addresses from your YouTube channel.

Why? At the point when you catch your watchers’ email addresses, you can remain associated with them and support them toward your internet based course.

Email, all things considered, is as yet ruler. To such an extent that it gets an incredible $42 ROI for each dollar spent on email promoting.

Besides, a significant 81% of little and medium sized organizations depend on email as their principal hotspot for obtaining new clients.

In this way, incorporate a connection to your lead magnet at every possible opportunity – – like your depiction, end screen, comments, and cards – – on your YouTube direct and in your distributed recordings.

Look at how rockstar business visionary, Amy Porterfield , incorporates a connection to her Work From Home PDF guide on her channel’s primary header joins . . .

As well as in her depiction underneath her distributed video . . .

Try not to yet have a lead magnet like Amy’s to offer? Our convenient computerized download generator can help.

Subsequent to contributing a couple of subtleties into the structure fields, it siphons out a cleaned PDF for you, in either an agenda, numbered rundown, or text and pictures design.

Sweet, isn’t that so?

Fundamentally, when you have a lead magnet and refreshed joins on your channel highlighting the pick in page, you can gather your crowd’s email addresses. From that point, it’s tied in with sustaining your relationship in their inboxes and warming them up to buy your web-based course.

Our fourth step is additionally one more method for guiding individuals to pick in for your lead magnet.

#4. Make a trailer video that guides watchers toward your lead magnet

Your fourth step is to make a video that leads individuals to your select in page and post it as your channel’s trailer.

While it might appear to be more limited time than your channel’s other video content, think of it as a beneficial video promoting strategy.

All things considered, 91% of advertisers are content with the ROI they get from recordings via web-based entertainment, and YouTube positively considers one of those channels.

In addition, a dumbfounding 92% of advertisers say video is a vital piece of their showcasing system, which is up from 78% only five years earlier.

Every one of these video promoting details to say, it’s savvy to work a touch of showcasing into your video content, specifically your channel trailer, which brings up conspicuous land on your channel’s back’s landing page.

To control individuals to your lead magnet in your channel trailer, you can concentrate the primary concerns in your video content on your lead magnet, very much like effective business person and course maker, Dan Henry does, where he directs individuals to pick in for his masterclass.

Or on the other hand you can essentially incorporate it by the way, following your fundamental video film, very much like effective business visionary and creator, Ramit Sethi , does.

One way or the other, the primary important point is to use your channel trailer and incorporate a source of inspiration (CTA) in your video film and depiction that focuses individuals to your lead magnet select in page.

Along these lines, every one of your bases are covered for catching as a significant number of your crowd’s email addresses as you can.

Past drawing in select ins, we have another tip for you today that will set your validity as a specialist in your field.

#5. Post tribute recordings

A last way to sell your web-based seminars on your YouTube channel is to highlight tributes in your recordings.

Whether it’s from past clients or beta understudies who have gone through your course, a positive survey from bona fide clients can make all the difference for building believability and confidence in your image.

Truth be told, 72% of purchasers guarantee positive tributes and surveys lift their confidence in a business.

Furthermore, what’s more, another 75% of customers concur that great surveys assist them with confiding in a brand, and a faltering 89% of advertisers say tributes and contextual analyses are the best ways of impacting their crowd’s buying choices.

Obviously, there’s a great deal that tributes can offer of real value, so it merits catching some sure film from your past clients.

In the event that you’re considering what a powerful tribute video resembles, focus on Dan Henry once more, who made a ” Student Results in Sold Out Courses ” playlist on his YouTube channel, which highlights recordings of understudy examples of overcoming adversity.

Every one responses questions like:

Before you began this course, what was the principal issue you had?

For what reason did you pick this course over others?

How has this course affected your business and life?

As a technique to construct trust among your YouTube devotees, recall veritable stories from past fruitful clients and post them to your channel.

Showing individuals that you can convey their ideal outcomes will pull them toward buying your internet based course.

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Adapt your YouTube channel by offering a web-based course to your watchers
Until you have a colossal YouTube swarm (i.e., past enormous number of allies), it’s ideal to find extra reliable approaches to adjusting your channel.

To effectively sell online seminars on your YouTube channel, follow our five stages:

#1.Support your course thought preceding skipping into the creation part, which you can do by areas of strength for driving investigation and asking your group clearly what they need to learn about.

#2. Upgrade your YouTube channel to feature your subject matter. You can refresh your channel workmanship and “About” page to plainly convey your range of abilities.

#3. Incorporate connections to a supportive lead magnet any place conceivable on your YouTube channel, so you can catch email locations and sustain your crowd toward your internet based course.

#4. Distribute a channel trailer that directs your crowd to your lead magnet. Remember your CTA for the genuine video film.

#5. Highlight valid tributes in your video co



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