Digital Media Opportunities and Benefits


People are connected by digital media in ways that were not ever before. It enables users to keep connections across the space and time. It lets people who feel isolated and socially removed from their immediate community to make connections with people. With similar interests or who are in similar circumstances. Digital media can also facilitate greater understanding through the facilitation of connections across social, economic. As well as political, cultural, and religious boundaries.

Compassion and support:

In times of stress and emotional turmoil. Many people utilize social media to show compassion and receive support from their family and friends. It increases the quality of connections and their ability to communicate, and families and friends. Ability to be recognize loved ones and help them who are in the need. The use of social media can lead to an expanded, more diverse social circle, and a larger number of friends. 57% of teens claim to have made an acquaintance online, and 83% of them say that social media make people feel more connected and informed about their peers and their lives. persona

Most teens who use people who use social media have received help on these platforms in challenging times, suggesting that social media has the potential to improve relationships and facilitate the development social networks for support. The teens who use social media to manage social issues enhance their connections with friends and their relationships. The people who make use of social media sites to avoid social issues, on the contrary are less satisfied.

Anxiety Reduction:

Digital media can reduce anxiety for some users by encouraging connections with others. Another Pew Research Center poll of 1,801 American adults in 2015 revealed that people. Who utilize digital media do not feel more stressed than other people. It is especially true for people who perform research or work in the field. It benefits from having access to information and colleagues which digital media can provide.

In addition, Pew researchers discovered that women who utilize Twitter or email. As well as mobile phone photo sharing to establish relationships are less stressed. As a because of the digital media as suggested. The same study found that using the use of digital media makes certain users more alert to stressful situations. That happen to other people’s lives that can result in higher stress levels. london

People’s voices:

People’s voices are heard by Digital Media, which enhances Civic participation and fosters the development of Communities. Although conventional media has always played a major function in educating the public. And focusing the attention of the public on certain issues. The digital age has been helping to increase the response to disasters. That affect humanity and offering aid to those affected. During the 2011-2012 Arab Spring, digital media was utilize to gather resources as well as coordinate protests. And raise international awareness of the happenings.

Information sharing

In two days, users from world raised $2 million to help victims of 2015’s Nepal earthquake through digital media. Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war have praised Google Maps and Facebook groups. For helping them not only organizing their travel routes, but also in avoiding human traffickers. Digital media has also facilitated information sharing around the world. Which has given people greater access to facts such as numbers, statistics and other data. And also allowing information to be shared rapidly. It allows people to express their opinions in real-time when events take place. But can also help in the debunking of corruption in the government and unjust economic practices.

The time a pharmaceutical company announced plans to raise the cost of a particular medication to more than 55,000%. Criticism immediately circulated on social media, which caused the company to reverse course. Everyone around the globe use digital platforms to organize groups, plan action. And to make their opinions known on a wide range of issues. Users all over the world can act on issues they are passionate about through online petitions and giving to charities. helps individuals in creating petitions and supporting their causes. It has helped over 123 million users reach their own goals regarding nearly 15,000 issues across 196 countries.

Another platform is which is design to help people engage in urgent global. As well as regional and national issues like poverty and corruption. Also the effects of climate change and war. has help thousands of activists and individuals all over the world. They are teach and encourage to use video responsibly ethically and effectively to reveal human rights violations. And promote change via their website Websites and apps like, And are assisting in the coordination of action among physically scattered individuals for refugees now arriving in Europe.

Online donations

In the same way, digital media aids individuals in financially aiding their chosen causes. Online donations are growing according to research conducted by Black Baud, a non-profit software and services firm. This is particularly relevant in response to humanitarian crisis. Millions of people contribute to the charities they love via websites such as Giving Tuesday,,, and Of course, the ability of organizations and individuals to create and distribute messages about many subjects. And issues could lead to a loss of long-term trust. When people are overwhelm by requests for help regarding more issues than they are able to manage. A tool which is created for a legitimate motive could end up being use for an unindent negative purpose.

Development in Workplaces:

Workplaces are evolving because of Digital Media, which is improving productivity while giving employers and employees more flexibility. Digitalization of data and content along with the emergence of the development of new technologies for digital communication. It has open new possibilities for the way, when, where and when work gets done. It is clear that the work relation is changing due to this. Due to the accessibility of digital information, high-speed internet, and enhanced audio, message. Many tasks are now possible to complete anytime, anywhere.

Survey of American adults

According to Pew Research Center survey of American adults’ 21 percent of full-time and part-time workers are out of their workplace. All day or nearly every day, while 59% do this at least on occasion. Digitization is one of the main drivers for this change, and 50% of the respondents. Saying that using mobile and internet devices is “very crucial” for allowing them to work remotely. And 24% saying that they are “somewhat significant.”

In the study 46% of employed internet users think their productivity has increased due to their use of email. The internet as well as mobile or cell phones. While only 7 percent believe that their productivity has declined. The majority of internet users believe that technology has increased the number of people. They communicate with outside of their company and 39% believe they have more flexibility regarding their work hours. And 35% claim that it has increased the amount working hours.


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