This Karwa Chauth, Make it Special For Her

karwa chauth gift for wife

Karva Chauth is considered one of the most important festivals in Hindu culture. This important festival is near and you will be busy making some plans to make this day special for your lovely wife or fiance. For married women, Karwa Chauth is a special and auspicious day. The festival of Karva Chauth signifies the pure love for a wife’s husband for his well being and good health. In today’s article, we will talk about the tips and tricks to make it special for her via Karwa Chauth gifts.

  • Prepare a Delicious Sargi for Her

Sargi is a special means consumed before sunrise. It is considered an auspicious beginning of Karva Chauth fast. Women observing the fast of Karva Chauth should not eat or drink anything for the whole day after having sargi. Karwa Chauth sargi thali is prepared by mother-in-law for her bahu, you can ask her permission and prepare something nice and tempting for her as Sargi. You can take her from your mom or help her in the kitchen while she is preparing the sargi for her. This Karva Chauth, try making her favourite dish at home and give her a lovely surprise. 

  • Keep Karva Chauth fast with Her

This may seem difficult for you as most of the men find it difficult to fast with their wife. You should really appreciate your wife’s efforts and you should at least try to make her feel happy and special. It is the best way to let her know how much you love care for her on this festival of Karva Chauth. Show her your support and try to support her during the fast, just like your wife is fasting.

  • Give Her a break from regular chores

She cooks for you all the time and pampers you with your favourite dishes. It’s your turn to give her a break from her cooking duties to make her feel special and pampered. Now you are the chef of the day, preparing meals for yourself and your family. If you don’t know how to cook, enlist the help of other family members or lookup delicious recipes online. You can also visit many web tutorials to learn how to prepare your favourite food. Doesn’t matter if the food is bad, she will love the gesture and she will definitely appreciate you. 

  • Surprise her all-day

If you are looking for some great ideas to make your wife feel loved and special, then you can surely surprise her all day long. You do not need to spend much on this.

You can surprise her with chocolates, handwritten notes. You can hide those notes in a place where they can be easily found. Or you can send a sweet karva chauth gift to wife if she’s working on the day or in another city due to work. This will surely make him blush and fall in love with you once again. It will definitely make her day.

  • Give flowers and put a smile on her face

Flowers have the power to energize someone and help them stay active and refreshed. Hence, you can set her mood and bring a sweet smile of happiness on her face by gifting her flowers. Yes, order online flower delivery at your doorstep and shower the most beautiful woman in your life with beautiful flowers.

  • Romantic photoshoot

In this age of social media where everyone is busy sharing pictures of their best moments, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to capture beautiful memories of Karva Chauth by a professional photographer? -It will also mean that all events will be collected – from morning traditions to evening celebrations; And it will be a wonderful memento for the future.

  • Karwa Chauth moon sighting

 Doing traditional things in a unique way makes them even more special. Who said that you can only break the Karva Chauth fast at home? Begin the fast with traditional customs and rituals. Plan a trip with your husband to use the day more productively. Pack the necessary puja material to break the fast. Go out with your husband to a place where the moon is clearly visible in the sky at night, stop the vehicle at a safe place, take the plate of worship, look at the moon with a sieve and break the fast. This will add to your Karva Chauth celebrations with the same thrill and excitement as before.

  • Make the night of Karva Chauth super romantic

Decorate your bedroom with scented candles, flowers and dim lights to give it a romantic touch. Make it a memorable night for both of you. Well, on this day make your wife realize that she is the girl you always wanted to marry. Take her ninth with your efforts to make this festival a blissful romantic day for her.

Make the day special and memorable for her. She deserves all the happiness. Happy Karwa Chauth!

Best Trending Gifts For Your Lovely Wife On Karwa Chauth

The blissful and auspicious festival of Karwa Chauth is knocking on the doors. This is a special day for all the married women out there who keep fasting for the whole day long for their husband’s prosperity and long life. On this particular day, women do not even consume water until they see the moon and break their fast. We all must agree that this is simply a hectic day for them. So, to make your lovely wife feel pampered and appreciated on this special day, you must give her something adorable. A lovely gift for her on Karwa Chauth will surely make her day more special. So, if you are looking for a thoughtful surprise and gift for your lovely wife on Karwa Chauth, just read this blog to find out the best ones.

  • Chocolates 

Who doesn’t have a soft corner for chocolates? Give your wife a bunch of delectable chocolates. You can likewise redo the message and enclose it with lovely paper with a strip. The sequences of action of these flavorful chocolates make it considerably thoughtfully enticing that your wife will not hold back from eating them. Women simply cannot resist delicious chocolates, so pick a box of assorted chocolates from any online store and give a sweet surprise to your beautiful wife on the auspicious okay Jeen of Karwa Chauth. Nowadays, there are so many chocolate options available at online gift stores such as milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, dark chocolate and much more. However, to make it more heartfelt and romantic you can consider the option of giving personalised chocolate to her. In this way, you can make her Karwa Chauth festival more blissful.

  • Jewellery

No ladies on this planet have said that they disdain jewellery. From elementary to flawless pieces, everyone has a top pick. Furthermore, that is the reason gifting jewels, particularly on Karwa Chauth, will make the event a unique one. Jewellery isn’t only for sprucing up. It is a resource that one forms gradually. Give your dear wife decent jewellery making her feel on cloud nine. Be it a little stud or a long hanging necklace, she makes certain to cherish them with everything that is in her. Each lady loves to be adorned with jewellery. This Karwa Chauth, adorn your wife with a wide scope of pieces of jewellery accessible on the web. You can give your wife jhumkas in amusing designs, for example, oxidized jhumkas, originator jhumkas, and so forth. You can give her a pair of studs. Alongside the studs, you can gift your wife interesting pendant accessories.

  • Early morning flower surprise. 

There is nothing more romantic and pampering than getting a fresh flower bouquet early in the morning. If you wish to see that magical and million-dollar smile on your wife’s face, just send her a mesmerising flower bouquet in the morning so that as soon as she wakes up she has the eye-pleasing view in front of her. You can send her red roses or a box of red roses to make her day more and love-filled. She will surely hug you tied for this adorable gesture. This will surely be the best Karwa Chauth gift to wife

  • Personal Care Products: 

Each lady likes to look great. Compliment your wife’s magnificence with these magnificent make-up treats. Made by the most well known and regarded brands of the world, these personal care items will give every one of the fundamental sustenances to acquire the genuine diva here. With these beauty care products hamper, join selective aromas to make it an ideal gifting combo of Karwa Chauth. You can also consider giving her premium skincare kits so that she can pamper her flawless skin. 

  • Spend quality time

We all know that in this fast-paced world we all are so occupied with our work that we simply cannot give quality time to our partners. So, on this special festival of Karwa Chauth, spend quality time with your beautiful wife and re-collect those old memories together. However, you can pamper her by making dinner for her or planning a movie together at home. These activities will bring you both more cheer.

  • Home decor 

For numerous reasons, ladies love decorating their homes. We have seen many occasions where the women would bargain for the possibility of a decent outfit for a couple of comfortable cushions. So gifting her scented candles or a container would not be an inadequately conceived notion. Women always love to style their homes with different decorative items. Why not amplify the home decor items for her on Karwa Chauth. You can give her any home decor items like paintings, photo frames, lamps and much more. This will surely be a thoughtful gift item. So, never think twice before gifting home decor rupees to your wife on Karwa Chauth.



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