Web application development company

Web application development company

Exavibes is one of the best Website development company in Mumbai which always give 100% satisfaction to our clients across the country and overseas.

Now let’s go through some information about web development.

Web development is all about websites and web applications. These digital gateways are developed with a dash of creative art and a large dose of technological excellence. From a static single-page website to interactive online shopping portals and social networking applications, web development covers a gamut of processes and practices which allow businesses from across the globe to showcase their products and services in front of an extremely large user base.

Organizations without a web platform are simply not comprehensible in these times. However, scores of traditional businesses and business owners refrain from taking this crucial step.

So, why is a website necessary for businesses?

Mentioned below are some of the important reasons. Moreover, a website should be in tune with the times and technologies. A product catalog created in the dark ages of the internet has absolutely no relevance today. It will not fetch visitors, leads, sales, or improve brand image. On the contrary, if you, as a business entity own an obsolete website it will have a negative impact on your image.

  1. A website is a digital catalog, a business brochure, an online order processing gateway that can be accessed from across the world easily and perpetually.
  2. An impactful website builds trust, credibility and increases customer engagement.
  3. Websites generate leads, and thereby sales.
  4. The website is a great platform to introduce new products and services.

The problem is, even today, many entrepreneurs do not realize the power of the internet in general and websites in particular. The fact is, a creative and functionally superior website can boost businesses quickly, effectively, and consistently.  So, if you are looking for a Web Development Company in India then look no further.

Exavibes is a Website Development Company in Mumbai, India offering integrated solutions and that too at an attractive price point.

The million-dollar question is how to find a dedicated and technology-driven Development Company?

Here are the 4 Tips for choosing the best web Development Company in Mumbai.

  • Informal Chat & Visit –
    A visit to the chosen or narrowed down development company is essential. Alternately, as a business entity, you can ask the said developer to send their representative for a one-on-one chat. Exavibes provides both these options. Make sure, you discuss communication options such as Whatsapp, GTalk, Mail, etc., and also about a single point of contact, typically a person who will be spearheading your project.
  • References & Testimonials –
    Remember, websites and electronic business setups are not developed frequently. In such a scenario it is always a good idea to check the developer’s social media standing, Google reviews, and references. Ask for a list of completed projects which have functionalities similar to your business. Demand testimonials. All this will lead to a rock-solid decision. We, at Exavibes, readily share some of our prestigious projects and brands with whom we have a long-standing relationship.
  • Technology & Domain Expertise –
    A good web development services entity will always share its area of expertise and technological prowess. This includes skillsets, technical manpower strength such as designers and developers, platform dominance, and infrastructure architecture. Make sure these parameters fall in line with your requirements. Exavibes proudly displays these metrics on its website, brochure, and social media posts offering a quick insight into our core specialization.
  • Compare budget with regards to functionalities –
    Finally, compare the budget. It makes little sense to build a web platform that lacks in terms of scalability, security, or functionality just because of attractive pricing. At Exavibes, our default capabilities or modules will surprise you. In fact, they are termed premium by our competitors.

Remember, having a visiting card may be optional today, but having a website is mandatory. If your organization is still contemplating on building a website or belongs to old school where traditional business practices and marketing strategies are considered God-like then it is time you switched your place of worship. Not convinced that a website is crucial for your business? Here are some facts which should change the viewpoint of every discerning business entity.

Boosts Credibility –

A good website instantly builds trust. Whether it is B2B or B2C, organizations that offer detailed information about their products/services/goods, along with other obligatory metrics such as the price, brand, delivery period and packaging forces the visitor to stay longer and dig deeper into the organization’s offerings. Many times, people just want to check the product or service online, before walking into a brick and mortar store to purchase. An intuitively built website can fulfill this desire and thereby generate lead. Moreover, businesses that provide addresses, telephone numbers, owner’s names and supplementary information fetches the concerned brand a solid legitimacy. It not only boosts credibility but instills confidence in a visitor.

Woocommerce Website an Information Hub –

A website allows your organization to create an information hub. Is your business not niche positioned? Are you one of the dozens of businesses offering similar merchandise? Yes! Then the answer to beat your competition is through the website content. By creating a content resource, your organization not only attracts potential customers via organic search but also attracts your competitors’ visitors by becoming a knowledge hub, a one-stop-shop for a particular product/service.

Easy to read and target-oriented content has the power to attract visitors again and again. So, whether your enterprise is building a portfolio website or an ecommerce website, content needs to be impeccable and compelling. Remember, offering just a picture won’t suffice. Your buyers also want to know the salient features and basic information which can only be provided through creative content

Internet – The Real Market –

Whether it is a retail customer, large organizations looking for vendors, or the government seeking new contractors, they all begin with an internet search. As mentioned above, 9 out of 10 business entities in need of suppliers/goods access Google or Yahoo search engine. If your organization is not organically listed on these search engines you lose out a large chunk of business to your competitors. As far as retail consumers are concerned, almost 6 out of 10 Google search products that are specific in nature; for example, a particular brand, feature, or color. In such a scenario, a highly optimized website can create magic in terms of sales and that too consistently and repeatedly. A high percentage of internet searches also take place for offline goods and services.

Cheap Marketing Channel –

Organizations planning to build a WordPress/Woocommerce website or catalogue website should always consider a web development company that can plan intelligently, especially in terms of content and keywords, typically to push your organization’s website/page ranking higher in the search engine results page. What does this mean for your business – a consistent and perpetual flow of visitors? Fetching thousands of visitors per month with just a couple of minutes of traction translates into thousands of valuable impressions and that too at a ridiculously low cost.

However, here is the bitter truth; many organizations develop a website and then abandon it. In such a scenario ROI reduces drastically as your competitors continuously manipulate their search engine parameters and also update their pages with fresh content pushing down your website ranking continuously till it gets completely lost.

Check the pricing for a simple or complex ecommerce website with your nearest developer.

Testimonials – Leverage Authority / Authenticity –

One of the sections of any business website is the provision of testimonials. Entrepreneurs, who are yet to build a website or those having one, but lack this feature, should focus on providing the details of buyers who have vouched for the quality of their product/service. It boosts the confidence of subsequent customers who simply click on the “buy button” without blinking an eye. This section can also be linked to the Google business page for further authentication. Testimonials are the second-best marketing tool after “Word of mouth publicity” and it practically costs nothing. Leverage the same by embedding it on landing/product pages.

24 X 7 Business Operations –

A website unlike humans or sales staff is not bound by shifts or labor laws. It works 24 hours and 365 days without taking a breather. Therefore, businesses should ask their web development company to embed relevant information in the most succinct way. A potential customer can visit the website in the middle of the night and yet be welcomed with well-laid-out navigation, crisp pictures and intuitive information. In a way, your website doubles up as your customer service department. This feature can be further tweaked by adding a FAQ page. Have a website already? Check if it has this provision. Make sure all the typical questions are answered on this page and see your sales zoom.

Call Center Disguised as Website –

A website is such a versatile tool that it can behave differently from different visitor perspectives. For example, by adding an AI-based Chat Bot a potential buyer can easily communicate with a non-existent person for general queries. On the other hand, human-based chatbots can also be employed; either with restricted timings or shift-based. Either way, it is a cheap option to look after visitor queries. Remember, a question that is answered professionally, timely and without the technical jargon increases leads and at times translates into sales. Websites with this feature have seen enormous growth in terms of sales and traction. This is especially true for eCommerce websites.

Exavibes, a top Web Development Company in Mumbai, India boasts a staff of qualified designers, certified developers, and experienced system engineers who believe in just three words – Build to Last.
Interestingly this is also our motto. Get in touch today with your requirements. We’ll be happy to listen to your digital plans.


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