How can we get Mortgage Loan In Dubai

Mortgage Loan In Dubai

How can we get Mortgage Loan In Dubai

As we know Dubai is an enthusiastic destination. Lots of people purchase property here from around the world. Certain are looking for tax-free rental yields for leading the world, and some are wanted to invest in lifestyle and want to know how we can get a mortgage loan in Dubai. So, here we discussing the process of obtaining a mortgage loan. Which will help you to understand. 

Mortgage Loan in Dubai : A GUIDE FOR EXPATS

Mortgage loans make the dream of purchasing a property in Dubai come true without having to deposit all the money in front of you. Simply put, this is a type of loan from a bank or financial entity that borrowers use to buy a dream home. The bank of financial institutions uses the house itself as collateral to protect the loan. 

The mortgage loan in Dubai is available for residents and also for non-resident. Manu banks offer mortgage loans in Dubai for non-residents as long as they live in a particular country on the bank’s list of approved countries. These types of mortgage loans reflect themselves with a number of interesting features that range from high loan amounts to competitive interest rates and lucrative repayment tenure. Some banks can provide investors a mortgage for multiple properties. 

What are the documents the company needs to provide Mortgage Loan In Dubai

If you want to purchase property on a mortgage, first requires to apply for one. The documents required to procedure a mortgage application in Dubai. the needs can differ slightly from one bank to another, but for the most part, you will require the following documents to apply for a mortgage loan in Dubai:

  • A copy of your visa and passport
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • A salary certificate for proof of employment
  • Proof of residence (copy of tenancy contract or DEWA bill)
  • Payslips and bank statement for the last six months
  • The latest statement of your credit cards


Why Choose a Mortgage Loan brokers in Dubai

Those who are thinking of purchasing a property using mortgages are now looking for the help of Mortgage brokers in Dubai, as they can offer more options than banks. A recent study conducted by the Dubai Central Bank revealed that mortgage loan brokers increased their market shares across the board in 2013. That is a clear indication that the clients are finding the solutions offered by the brokers more profitable than the solutions offered in the banks. 

Typically, Mortgage brokers have access to over 300 mortgage products in Dubai, but they can also provide high-quality properties that are not typically sold in the property market. In addition, mortgage brokers can offer a number of specialized services such as:

  • They will prepare all the necessary documents and communicate the terms between the mortgage provider and the borrower to make sure of a smooth procedure.
  • Borrowers can also save a lot of money and time, as they will be guided by their broker until they have protected the mortgage loan. 
  • Most importantly, mortgage brokers will offer an unbiased assessment of their client’s financial situation and will only offer loans that are appropriate to the borrowers’ financial ability. 

We Are Here to Help You

We at Taskmaster commercial broker LLC, have a team of skilled professionals who will guide you completely and understand your whole needs. Our experts offer you the best possible services and help you to obtain a mortgage loan in Dubai, processing your work according to your needs.

Our mortgage loan brokers will work closely with our dedicated transaction department to help you manage the entire mortgage process, from initial product advice to legal transfer of property. We can also provide you a professional mortgage manager who will meet you, and provide you expert advice and assist you.


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