Your Outstanding Experience of Summer Camp


At the point when summer rolls around, the excitement builds as children await the beginning of Christian summer camp. The summer camp experience is something very unique and special. It brings a child closer to God and his marvelous miracles.

It isn’t exceptional for kids to leave a Christian day camp feeling quite spiritual. However, this feeling does not seem to last forever. For those long stretches of day camp understanding, all energy is focused on exploring God’s creation, worshiping him, and listening to His promise. The experience can open a person’s eyes to God’s majesty, but it tends to be hard to come back to a humdrum lifestyle when it is over. God is all around. He is present in the wilderness and the fellowship between Christians but appears to slack in schools, on TV, or during an evening with friends.

It is difficult to stand up to closeness with God at summer camp and come back to this feeling of nothing when it is everywhere. Evangelists that arrivals from the field feel this constantly. It is brought about by question in confidence. There are approaches to discover relief in the Scriptures. Spiritual life is a journey filled with mountains and valleys. An individual doesn’t have an absolute connection to God until Heaven. In this life, it is likely to feel close to Him during specific occasions and further away at others.

Obviously, the natural response is to attempt to get the spiritual excitement back. Not having the option to continue the peace and joy that comforted so many at camp can lead to a bit of depression. The healthiest response that kids can have is to figure out how to acknowledge things that cannot be changed. God allows them to feel his presence completely at a summer Christian camp. It is an experience that not many will have. It is something to be thankful for and to hold onto, even during times of doubt. On the off chance that there is a parent who is attempting to stand up to this in their children, the camp may not be able to be recreated, but the kids can be reminded that it happens every year.

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