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Air Conditioning Maintenance London

A cooling system is gradually becoming an essential requirement in India because it offers relief from the heat and helps you feel relaxed and peaceful, and without any noise. This is the reason why is why the residential air conditioning maintenance London market is expanding faster than fans and coolers.

Many companies are manufacturing top-quality air conditioners that deliver cool air. And these days, they are a requirement for every house and workplace in London. The AC is able to cool the hot weather and lets you feel fresh with no sound.

That’s why the popularity of AC is growing everywhere and is essential to have since ACs have offered outstanding service throughout the conditions. Modern AC units come with disposable or washable filters that eliminate pollutants and allergens that circulate through your indoor areas.

But there’s one thing we did not have a clue about AC and that is, what’s the working principle of air conditioners and why can air conditioner capacity be measured in tones?

Air Conditioner Working Principle

A cooling system collects warm air from a particular area, then processes it with the aid of refrigerant as well as a set of coils inside, and then discharges cold air back into the area in which the hot air was initially taken. The majority of air conditioners are based on this concept.

Many people think that air conditioners create fresh air through the use of equipment that is installed inside that can cause it to cool down a room in a short time. That’s why they believe it uses so much energy. But this is actually an illusion.

The air conditioning maintenance London isn’t a magical device, as it works by following a series of chemical and physical phenomena to cool a room efficiently when you switch on an AC and set your preferred temperature between 16 and 32 degrees.

The thermostat in its senses there is a difference in the temperature of the room air as well as the desired temperature.  The hot air is pulled from the bottom of the inside unit by the grille.

The hot air is then pushed through the pipes through which refrigerant, or cooling fluid leaks. In the process, the refrigerant’s liquid absorbs heat and gets warmer than it was prior. This is how the weather is removed from the air that is falling onto the coil that is evaporating.

Phenomena That Influence The Cooling

The condenser then condenses heat vapor, which then turns into liquid. In the end, the refrigerant enters it in hot gas. However, it quickly turns into a cold liquid when the heat generated by the gas heats up and is transferred to the surrounding air via fins made of metal.

As the refrigerant is remove from the condenser, it decreases its temperature and turns into more of a cooling liquid. It then flows via an expansion valve, tiny holes inside the copper tubing of the system which control the refrigerant’s cold liquid flow to the evaporator.

Thus, residential air conditioning in London reaches the point where it began its journey. Though all of the equipment involve in the process of cooling within the windows of AC is house. In the same metal box the fundamental operation of cooling is the same.

The entire process continues until the temperature you want to achieve is achieve within the space. In essence, the words, an AC unit draws in hot air and out of the room until hot air is cool. Therefore, these AC principles will allow you the ability to attain optimal cooling according to the specific problem.

5 Most Crucial Components

Below, we have listed the five most essential components upon which the commercial air conditioning repair operation is based.

1. Evaporator- It functions as an exchanger coil that captures the heat of the surroundings by refrigerant gas. The liquid refrigerant gas absorbs heat before it evaporates and turns into gas.

2. Compressor- A compressor is an outside unit of air conditioning in which the compression of refrigerant gases is used to push the cold air.

3. Condenser – A condenser is an external device that collects the refrigerant that has vaporized in the compressor. It converts it into liquid and releases heat to the outside.

4. Expansion valve – The expansion valve is located between two coils (the hot and cold coil) to monitor gases that are refrigerated.

5. Refrigerant Gas- Refrigerant gas is the chemical responsible for keeping the air coming in cool. It’s also known as Freon gas, also known as R-22. It can be present in a gaseous or liquid state.

What Is The Motive Behind Air Conditioner Capacity Calculating In Tons?

What are your thoughts when you hear the term “ton”? Many people are aware of how huge the word “ton” is in terms of 2000 pounds. When we talk about the power for air conditioning, the word ton refers to something completely different.

A three-ton air conditioning in London will have to weigh 3 tons. Could you imagine installing an air conditioner weighing 6,000 pounds inside your home? Instead, “three tons” is a reference to the coldness of an air conditioner that can cool buildings within an hour.

Where did that phrase originate? What is the reason we measure the power of AC units as tons? It has around 12,000 BTU, which is the amount of energy need to heat a pound of water using 1 British thermal unit (one BTU is one degree Fahrenheit) which is need for melting one ton of ice over the course of all hours of the day.

When cooling techniques within the home were modifiy from traditional ice to modern air conditioning like the modern coil models, experts in the field are still evaluating how much heat an air conditioner generates out of a structure.

It is possible to extract it in tons. For instance, if you own an air conditioner that weighs three tons and, in HVAC terminology the term “ton” refers to 12,000 BTU the air conditioner will remove approximately three thousand BTU of heat in one hour from your house.

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Unit In Performance?

As an electrical device, the air conditioner requires regular maintenance. To do this, call an AC service near me for AC service so that your air conditioner is operating efficiently. They will always pay a low price for cleaning your air conditioner. They also offer top service.

After examining all components of air conditioning Company London’s operating principle and its workings, we find that the air conditioner was designed to provide you with additional comfort even in the most difficult conditions. The principle that drives that of an air conditioner is to use a compressor cycle for vapors to reduce the temperature of the air through the use of a compressor, condenser expansion valve, and evaporator.

The whole cooling process is a transfer between room’s air with refrigerant gas. Through the repeated process, the air inside gets cooler until it reaches the desired temperature. AC is able to draw hot air out of the space and process it to create a pleasing ambiance.


A cool air conditioning service London keeps your house cool since it shunts heat from the inside and transfers it to the outside. The refrigerant gas within the unit absorbs unwanted heat and then pumps it out via a piping system. The fan, installed on the outside unit, blasts air outside by passing it through the coil.

Most central air conditioners run on split-type systems that include a hot side, which acts as the condensing unit. In concert with the condensing unit along with the compressor and fan outside of the house. As well as a cold side located inside your house.



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