Why Your Pharmacy Store Needs Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software

Inventory management has a vital role in the healthcare industry, as it is an integral part of people’s lives. This Inventory Management Software allows you to have complete information about the stock of medicines and batches. Also, it covers everything from keeping records of doctor prescriptions, managing restricted drugs, and smooth ordering and billing.

Inventory management is essential for all businesses, be it a medical business or a medical store. It takes care of your inventory purchases, sales orders, purchases, and payments, among others. It saves your business time & money and avoids any loss.

What makes Inventory Management important for hospitals?

With the help of Inventory Management software, any medical or chemist store can maintain accurate inventory records. Particularly for complex medicine stocks with different brands. It is among the most critical tasks for any Pharma business.

Because drugs and related services are among the most used things in hospitals and for general purposes, thus, every Pharmacy business should have a good supply of medication stock.

We are aware that medicines are expensive, and have a critical medical use. Therefore, the health department has to track the cost of these items. The substantial investment is a large enough incentive to follow.

What challenges are facing to administer the Pharmacy store?

  • A shortage of Pharmaceuticals
  • Loss or theft of costly drugs
  • Overstock of medicines
  • Lack of system for tracking expiry date
  • Quick searching of Medicines
  • Generating Bills
  • Creating Sales Reports
  • On-time GST filling

Many of these issues are easily solved with technology for tracking assets such as barcodes or QR codes, RFID etc. These technologies give real-time information about where you are and follow the inventory to reduce stock theft and inventory loss.

Having massive warehouses makes it easier to search for the necessary inventory without any hassle.

As per Statistical, “This statistic shows the geographical distribution of the RFID (RFID) health care market for 2016 as well as a forecast for 2021. It is organized by application. It is estimated that in 2021 approximately one-third of the market will be created in inventory management.

In what way Inventory Management helps in overcoming the difficulties?

It will inform you of which medicines are out of stock, what quantity is in the store. It tracks all medications, so it will also help you in managing medications. It as well alerts you when the expiration date of drugs is approaching.

If it can track your assets promptly and efficiently, you are not in danger of loss or theft of items (Surgical Equipment, Medicines & Medical devices). It also gives you information on the condition of your surgical equipment and its maintenance.

Hospitals have implantable medical devices, such as surgical clips. They are expensive, but they are smaller in dimension. However, these devices have an identification number that tracks their movements with an inventory control system until the patient utilizes them. This means they could be easily stolen.

We are aware that in hospitals, there are a lot of assets that are worth the price. If one of these assets is taken, it’s no wonder that they could cause a disastrous result.

Additionally, it could create an impression on the hospital. This is the reason an inventory control software program is crucial.

In general, The Inventory Management System is the best solution for all hospital requirements and needs of emergency facilities and clinics.

Nowadays, various Inventory Management Software can be available on the market, and certain companies also provide their services. It can run on multiple platforms.

The program is compatible with Apple iPhone and Android Smartphones as well as tablets. Inventory Management Software is an absolute requirement for hospitals to operate efficiently and efficiently.

What are the benefits of having an Inventory Management System?

In addition to the benefits previously mentioned. It has many advantages.

Asset Tagging to be used during check out

Cause errors. To improve the effectiveness of your Inventory Management System, you must use taggers for assets. It is an excellent practice not to use serial numbers because they could behave previously; thus, it could result in an error due to a duplicate serial number. Tagging equipment is vital for tracking usage.

Efficient Stock management

As we mentioned previously, it is possible to manage your entire pharmaceuticals using the program. It also provides information about the expiration date of your medicines and when they are due out of stock or overstocked.

In general, the program lets you keep track of the stock of medications effortlessly.

Utilize analytics to make informed choices

The systems for managing inventory gather information which is then transformed into analytics, which allows you to manage inventory efficiently. It will enable you to make better choices to forecast demand more accurately.

Real-time tracking

The program provides live tracking that is real-time, meaning your inventory is updated all the time. You’ll always have precise inventory counts.

You can also monitor the inventory of your warehouse and automate reorders when the list is smaller. If the item doesn’t make it to its destination, you’ll be notified.

What Does SWIL’s Inventory Management Software Aid?

  1. You can get a comprehensive overview of the inventory that is available at various locations.
  2. Access all transactions in stock on one page.
  3. Receive alerts and notifications whenever inventory drops below the designated threshold.
  4. You can set a reorder limitation for each specific item.
  5. Change, add or move the list from one place to another.
  6. Requests for purchase order items that you want to purchase.
  7. Upload images and files for references.


A retail/wholesale pharmacy business owner has numerous goals, but the main aim is to serve on-time medication to save a patient’s life. Thus, it should be necessary that your business has an efficient inventory system.

A Pharmacy inventory system ensures store owners can provide medications to their customers on time with quick delivery and billing options.

The system for managing inventory also aids businesses in filling GST and other accounting tasks. It improves accuracy and helps save time and also cash.

If you’re looking for such Pharmacy inventory management software, you can contact our SWIL team. The team will assist you most accurately.

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