Why your case will run smoother with an immigration lawyer

a level tuition
a level tuition

The process is often lengthy and this can be frustrating. An immigration lawyer cannot magically speed up your applications process once it has been submitted. There will be areas that cannot be controlled and there will be hoops in the way too. With this, this is where and how their endless expertise is able to help throughout the case. Hiring an immigration lawyer can speed up the process by helping you choose the best strategy and avoid unnecessary delays.

All options will be looked at and also considered

Part of being successful in your immigration case is making sure that you have petitioned for the right kind of visa or status in the first place. If there are multiple options available, consulting with a lawyer can help no end. They’ll help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of each option. They can also advise you on the expected timeline of each.

They also oversee petitions

If government paperwork were simple and straightforward, it might not be worth hiring an attorney, but it’s often very confusing and requires legal knowledge for completion. Most government documents are not written in a way that makes sense to the average non-lawyer. This is the case no matter how educated and successful they may be in their field. Immigration paperwork often requires a level of knowledge about the laws surrounding the kind of paperwork that needs to be submitted. Hiring a lawyer to help with the petition process means less time spent figuring out what to do and more time doing it.

Know the ins and outs of your rights in the case

Even if you have a lawyer, it’s important to understand your own legal case. This is your case and your life and you need to keep track of what is happening and whether your lawyer is doing the things they should be. Know your rights at different stages of the system. Also, know what the options are for the stage you are at. Knowing what could come next will help you prepare. Take an active role in your legal case.

Communication is key

If you do not want to speak to your lawyer, because you are feeling too stressed, upset, or another reason, you can ask a friend/supporter to speak to them for you but you must provide written and signed consent to do this.

At times, a busy lawyer may find it easier to quickly speak to or reply by email to a friend/supporter who has knowledge of the legal system, but they should explain to you directly when there is important information or questions they need answering.

  • You should always have a copy of your documents, and anything your lawyer has submitted to the Home Office. Keep all your paperwork together in one organised file.
  • You should always know the last action your lawyer took: what they did, when, and when they expect a response.
  • Your lawyer should speak to you before and after each stage in your application.
  • Make sure your lawyer knows your contact details. If you change address or phone number, let your lawyer know as soon as possible.
  • Contact your lawyer any time you receive a letter from the Home Office or from the Courts and Tribunals service.
  • Contact your lawyer prior to any appointments with the Home Office, other than routine reporting/signing events.


It is estimated that hiring an immigration lawyer to complete your immigrant or nonimmigrant visa application can save you four to eight weeks in processing time. An immigration lawyer knows exactly what types of visas or relief are available. In turn they can help you compile a valid and complete application the first time around. This will save you time and money, and could avoid your receiving a rejection of your application, or a request for more evidence.


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