Why your business needs tender writing services

a level tuition
a level tuition

One of the reasons companies turn to tender services is that it saves the company time and money. They could write the tender themselves, but if they aren’t experienced, they may not see the results they desire. Also, a tender writer will know in their head what it will take for a business to be able to win a tender in a very convincing and effective manner. This is where, how and why this can be a very wise overall investment.

Many companies do not think that they need tender writing assistance. They feel they know their business and therefore feel comfortable undertaking this process. This is where again they can be very much in denial. So this too is where it can make good sense to look for a professional tender writer offering a high end tender writing service.


There is no replacement for experience. Someone who has completed hundreds of submissions will save you time and money and will vastly improve your success rate. One of the keys to being successful is constantly adapting and learning from previous submissions. A lot of previous experience means that you know exactly what the contracting authority is looking for and can secure the most points.

High end and highly developed writing skills

Tender writing requires unique writing skills – you must be able to convey your organisation’s strengths whilst hitting all the points in the specification. There is also the need to potentially pave over any minor cracks, if the company does not meet certain requirements.The writing is formal, yet incredibly creative. The writer must be able to make the company shine. This is whilst drawing the reader in, as well as driving the specification points home. These skills take years to develop and a good bid writer is always adapting.

Hiring in a dedicated consultant for this service

It can be really valuable to have a bid writer in-house, who knows your business almost as well as you do, but it is also a single point of failure. Individuals do get ill, need a holiday or even change positions, leaving a considerable skills gap within your organisation. Another reason for using a consultancy over a sole trader is because not all tenders you receive will be the same. The services you are offering will probably be the same. You will no doubt be offering them into different market sectors.

With a consultancy the chances of finding someone with the relevant market experience is considerably improved. Having a consultant that understands the industry you’re bidding into helps no end. If they can talk the language, it gives you a much higher chance of success with your response. The combined experiences of a pool of consultants will far outweigh that of any individual. This is the case every time. A good consultancy firm will always encourage and facilitate knowledge transfer between its team of consultants.

Make sure you hire and get the most correct service

Only you can decide what service best suits your business. If you do choose to select tender writing services only, you must seriously consider if you have the internal resource to undertake the bid management activities in-house. For those clients that do not have the internal resource, or they wish to benefit from our experience and expertise in bid management, this is where a tender writer will be hired in as the specialist consultant. They will in turn oversee the entire process from beginning to end also.


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