Why, When, and Where to Use Flutter for App Development?

flutter development

Flutter is a solution to the long-term pain point of many developers. In the past, if someone built an app and wanted to put his product in the App Store and Play Market, he had to do double work creating two different versions of the app. As a result, he also had to maintain two separate codebases. Moreover, if something in the application looked incorrect, it could mean that developers did not fit the UI to all possible screen sizes, including the latest releases of some devices. Consider that all those devices with their different diagonals are running on various platforms.

Flutter has been created to solve these problems. The development instrument provides the possibility to make cross-platform applications with no extra work. This is the core advantage of Flutter app development, plus it combines many benefits for a developer that uses it.


What is Flutter used for?

Flutter- a cross-platform technology introduced by Google, allows developers to build applications for Android and iOS from a single source code. These versions of apps perform similarly to native apps on Android and Apple devices and are compiled for the respective platform before publication. 

They do not require a runtime module or a browser. Using the same codebase, it is also possible to develop web apps for browsers and native programs for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Why Your Project Needs Flutter Development

Curious to know how Flutter for your app development can benefit your business? Let’s find out.

1. Easier and Faster Development

Using Flutter for mobile development reduces the costs of operating resources and ensures lower time to market. Developers use a single codebase to develop apps, which eventually reduces their time of testing the system. With Flutter, now you can leverage a Hot Reload feature. It allows preview changes in the application instantly without any hassle.

With Flutter, the product teams no need to worry about the framework specifics but focus on the project itself. Also, developers can eliminate some time-consuming steps in the application development process while using FlutterFlutter. For instance, FlutterFlutter offers a lot of widgets that simulate the behavior of different design languages.

2. Apps Built With Flutter Technology

The largest digital bank – Nubank, used FlutterFlutter to unify the development team on a single framework. Due to this, they were able to launch new features synchronously on iOS and Android. That is the reason why Flutter development is booming. Over two million developers moved to Flutter after its release in 2018. You can find in the Play Store more than 50 thousand applications built with Flutter.

3. Cross-Platform Environment

Flutter offers a system that enables you to design and develop on almost every machine. It requests from the device a blank window, no matter if it is iOS, Android, Web, or Mobile. After that, Flutter will render all components of the UI that are also painted by using this tool kit. 

It means that the developer does not need to create separate application versions for Android, iOS, and Web anymore. The Flutter framework enables the developer to build cross-platform apps that can be performed across different smartphones.

4. Value for business

Flutter performs faster. It is a stable platform with an extensive number of followers, so it will not be a problem to find developers. As proof of the quality of FlutterFlutter, we can only add that such companies as Google Ads, Reflectly, My Leaf, Alibaba, and AppTree use Flutter. It is expected because the UI of the application, developed with FlutterFlutter, does not change from platform to platform, saving a lot of time.

5. Increased Time-to-Market Speed

It’s an easy one to understand. In comparison to other development frameworks, Flutter performs better. As a rule of thumb, a Flutter application requires no more than half the man-hours of an Android app. To achieve the desired visuals in your application, you simply do not need to include any platform-specific code. The Flutter UI works independently of its native counterpart and can be implemented in any 2D UI.

When to Use Flutter

  • Small budgets
  • Short development timeline
  • UI-centered apps
  • Iteration (Hot Reload)

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Flutter’s Role in Enterprise Mobile App Development

Flutter is well-versed in and well-known for producing high-performance applications. With its growing popularity, Flutter is being used to design mobile applications for businesses, allowing them to make use of all of the interesting features it offers. Flutter can help you build enterprise mobile apps in a variety of ways.

  • Dart – a programming language that supports ReactiveX, RxDart integration, streams, and async.
  • Redux, SetState, BLoC, and other state management architectures are used.
  • For building user interfaces, high accessibility, seamless page transitions, internationalization, and more are required.
  • To develop interactive UI, it supports iOS’s Cupertino widgets and Android’s Materials.
  • Native Android and iOS ecosystems have a high level of intrinsic security.
  • Serialization and deserialization of JSON
  • For an extensive volume of data, SQLite is the option to choose.
  • With Dependency Injection, you may create your code self-contained and reusable.
  • You have the option of using IntelliJ, Android Studio, or Visual Studio as your programming environment.
  • Solutions for continuous integration and delivery are available.


Flutter Apps Examples: 3 Successful Apps Built Using Flutter!

 Google Pay — Digital Payments 

Google Pay – a leading digital payments app in the payment processing global market was built using Flutter. The app delivers a seamless user experience for users to make payments for products and services via a digital payment process.


Xianyu application is developed using the Flutter framework that handles millions of users monthly. In addition, it delivers exceptionally great speed and smooth performance. Flutter apps are reliable, fast, and robust, which is why the Alibaba team has chosen this technology.


Reflectly is an AI-driven app that offers cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation. The app helps users manage their stress and stay optimistic in their everyday life. With Flutter app development, Reflectly delivers smooth performance with real-time updates and alerts. Also, this app provides useful insights into dealing with mental health crises.

Is Flutter a Good Solution From the Business Perspective?

Business owners need to consider some things that have a drastic impact. Flutter’s benefits include stability, performance, a large talent pool, and the assurance of a successful future product/tech development. This is because flaws and issues in any of the listed aspects can result in a risk to your company, as well as direct and indirect losses.




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