Why Velvet Fabric Is Making A Comeback In High-End Fashion

velvet fabric

Make room in your closet for velvet, a classic fabric from the 1970s, which looks set to be a major trend for the rest of 2017. Whether you’re a fashionista, designer, or furniture shop, velvet fabric is the year’s texture.

Velvet has been worn in surprising ways by celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Angelina Jolie. Although a metallic gold velvet playsuit may not be the most apparent way to wear velvet. It illustrates how versatile this fabric is when it comes to bringing a touch of elegance to a formal occasion.

All of these outfits serve as excellent examples of how velvet, whether in a gown that is backless or a sleek midi skirt, can add an essence of cozy coziness to any ensemble.

During this year’s New York Fashion Week, colored velvet was one of the numerous prominent styles. Fashion brands including Jason Wu, and Altuzarra all employed velvet in a manner that presented a fresh perspective on contemporary elegance. Despite the fact that other designers were eager to experiment with more futuristic styles.

The current resurgence of the 1970s in vogue and interior pattern is a major factor in the potential resurgence of velvet. Urban Outfitters has just initiated selling macrame hangers and has added velvet mattresses to its collection, indicating that we’re in the midst of a 1970s comeback.

Many people have the impression that the fabric is sturdy and substantial fabric. Velvet is mostly worn during winter. But numerous designers are coming up with unique methods to integrate velvet into our hot days’ cabinet as well. Velvet is a rich fabric that is soft in feel and has a luxurious sheen.

Despite the reality that several of us would be hesitant to don a bikini of Velvet Fabric. It looks that certain celebs can’t get sufficient of this elegant swimwear fad.

It appears like velvet fabric will be making a return this summer, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner sporting velvet bikinis and online stores such as ASOS stocking velvet bikinis.

Velvet’s newest fashion Vogues.

Velvet has been present for a very long time. This kind of material became increasingly popular among European nobility throughout the Renaissance. Italian designers created intricate patterns that were very popular among outfit designs at this duration as they elevated a royal feel to them and used velvets in 20th-century fashion vogues, so you can observe how adaptable this kind of material is.

velvet fabric

Vibrant Colors in Fabric

It is all about the vibrant shades this season! Suddenly, black velvet becomes an old favorite again thanks to the influx of bright hues on the catwalks. This comes at the right time since pastels are also making a return this year.

Colors associated with velvet include gray (metallic, dusky, or white), violet (lavender), green, blue(navy blue), and various shades of khaki, olive, and olive green.

Applying velvet to create a whole wardrobe may be a terrific idea. Along with this one vogue, it’s not only about mixing and matching various styles of clothing. Depending on the setting and the event. You may wear velvet fabric in a number of ways for more versatility (designer blouses and skirts during work time versus stilettos during date nights). An elegant dinner party outfit created of velvet is the ultimate in comfort and elegance. Regardless of the time, they will forever maintain their youthful appearance.

Velvet Clothes to Make

It’s time to update your wardrobe with something velvety, thanks to the resurgence of the Fabric. Gemstones, jewels, and needlework were added to velvet clothing to make it seem more regal.

Royalty has been redefined through the use of luxurious materials in ordinary clothing in contemporary design. Everyone may benefit from velvet’s beautiful shine and texture. It is now much more inexpensive than it was a few years ago.

Leading Velvet fabric Manufacturers

Those searching for luxury goods have at their disposal a selection that is as wide and remarkable as it has ever been. These professionals provide silk or viscose velvets (that appear wonderful to the skin). The smooth cotton weaves have recently transformed into popular owing to their breathability features, such as other objects, at Bouton Renaud or Redaelli, who has gained great achievement in velvet garments.

Bouton from France, Roberto from Italy, Jakob from Switzerland.

The smooth softness and glimmer of velvet make it a popular fabric choice. Royalty has long associated velvet with royalty for millennia. Initially, velvet was designed from silk but presently it is created with different fibers. In words of breathability, cotton velvet is preferable, whereas viscose velvet is much more lustrous. The Velvet Collection at Fabriclore is unrivaled in its ability to fulfill any unique requirements you may have. You may create your own gowns, lehengas, anarkalis, and more with your choice of plain or embroidered velvet fabrics by using an online design tool.



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