Why study master in IT from Canada?

Bachelor of nursing in Canada

Information Technology has emerged as a popular career stream for aspiring students. The ever-changing industry is increasingly attracting more and more youthful talent towards it. If you are planning on getting a degree in IT from an international institution, then the best place to start would be Canada.

Offering a sustainable and diverse environment, Canada is home to numerous leading universities that offer different programs. Many of these also provide specialized IT courses as well. But, before we enlist them, here are a few reasons why you should opt to study in Canada.

Why study master in IT from Canada?

Apart from its unique location and dexterous economy, here are a few reasons to  study in Canada for international students:

●      Leading Universities

Canada, with 13 provinces, is home to several world-class educational institutions. Making it a fitting choice for international students.

●      Cost-Effective

Unlike most other expensive options like the UK and US, education in Canada is very affordable for students from all over the world.

●      Specialized Course Options

Canadian Universities and Colleges offer a wide range of alternative Specialized Courses. Students can opt for one that suits their preference the best.

●      Easy Way In Both Visa and Admission processes are fairly simple and quick. Furthermore, the students will also be provided with work permits for 2-4yrs after course completion.

●  Unique Environment

With friendly locals from different demographics, Canada is one of the best multi-cultural study/work environments. The community is very accomodating.

Best Universities to Study a Master in Canada

If you plan to study Master in Information Technology in Canada, then you need complete insights on what are the best Colleges or Universities in the region. This is an important aspect of getting an amazing academic experience through your course completion. Keeping the latest ratings and rankings in mind, here are the top 5 Universities to study in Canada:

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. York University
  3. Queen’s University at Kingston
  4. Athabasca University
  5. Concordia University

Best Study in Canada Courses for Masters of IT (Information Technology)

Along with conventional tutorials and lectures, students opting for Masters of Information Technology will also be given the experience of working on group assignments, projects, etc. However, there are different courses and programs offered by different universities. Some of these include degrees or certifications in:

●      Information Technology Business Analysis

●      IT Network Security

●      Cloud Computing

●      Project Management – Information Technology

●      Information Technology Solutions

●      Information & Communication Technology

●      Artificial Intelligence

●      Data Analysis

●  Mechatronics & Robotics

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Canada is one of the valued coursework worldwide and of course in Canada too. This course is generally 2 years long and can be pursued by students of any educational background.

MBA in Canada has a number of specializations like MBA in finance, MBA in international business, information systems, entrepreneurship, etc to fulfil the managerial job requirement of any organization. Getting into a top MBA university in Canada is no piece of cake.

Students need to depict an exemplary outcome in their undergraduate studies, English proficiency test, workplace, and other analytical tests like GMAT and GRE.

The fees of MBA is quite expensive in Canada as it falls in the range of CAD 30,000 to CAD 70,000 per year. However, given the recognition of the Canadian MBA degree, it is completely worth it. For instance, 94% of MBA graduates from the University of Alberta were employed just within 3 months after graduation.

Bachelor of Nursing is a popular course in Canada that is followed by both national and international students. The practical education of Canada is not a novice concept. As a result, due to the education system that balances the perfect blend of theory and practicality, international students are drawn towards a bachelor of nursing courses in Canada.

Amongst Bachelor of nursing in Canada, BSc in Nursing is one of the most renowned and widely accepted courses. There are multiple reasons which make Canada a perfect spot for a bachelor of Nursing.

Nursing education and career in Canada, other than being utterly noble and humanitarian, is also financially and socially rewarding. This blog will take you across every dilemma that students will stumble upon when they try to explore the journey of bachelor of nursing in Canada.

So, hold on and enjoy!

Why study Masters’ of nursing in Canada?

Canada is a first-world country with a robust economy. Pursuing a master of nursing in Canada has numerous advantages for students as well as their careers. Here are a few benefits of opting for Canadian institutions:

●      MSc Nursing in Canadian universities is globally accepted and recognized.

●      The Universities also provide practical internships and real-time exposure for the students pursuing a master of nursing program in Canada.

●      The process of getting a Visa is very simple which ensures a hassle-free lifestyle set up for nursing students in Canada.

●      Canadian nursing universities are popular for supporting their students by providing flexibility in jobs and studies, which makes it easier for students to earn and learn simultaneously.

●      Canadian Nursing Universities provide in-depth and practical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology along with career grooming skills, which stimulates the overall development of the students.

●      Masters of nursing in Canada for international students provides them with a plethora of job opportunities, based on their profile.

Best Universities to study Masters of nursing in Canada

When you decide to pursue a course, then it becomes very important to choose the best university. Canadian nursing universities are famous for providing practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge. According to QS World Rankings of 2020, 10 nursing colleges of Canada are enlisted in the top 100 nursing colleges of the world.

The Nursing colleges in Canada provide two categories of nursing programs. The first category includes the MSN program, which is based on research while the second category is about the normal MSc course in nursing.


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