Why Should You Go For Background Check Before Arranged Marriage?


Marrying someone without a proper background check is quite like ‘diving in the sea without even knowing how to swim.” It might be suicidal, so don’t commit suicide just yet. Hold on for more!

And why would you do such a silly mistake? After all, background check for marriage is not a recent practice and it exists for centuries. And plus, pre matrimonial investigation is ingrained in our society as it helps us both partners know each other completely for a compatible relationship.

After all, unless you know about the character, credential and behavior of the person you’re arranged to marry, how can you expect your married life to turn blissful? And if you don’t have the network of uncle and aunt who can help with such checks, there are top sleuths of India for professional advice in such matters.

With background check for marriage, you can at least be sure about the decision to marry a good person and expect the desired level of trust and commitment in the relationship. For that reason, matrimonial detectives are in big demand these days across India.

Here are some of top reasons you should go for background check before arranged marriage –

Behavior and character check

Pre marriage investigation can help a lot when it comes to checking the behavior and character of a potential suitor. After all, there are plenty of things to know about the potential candidate, including their behavior, character, and cases of violence, abuse or anything that is related to their personality. Without a proper background check, it would never be possible to understand a family or any individual completely and there are many things that go unnoticed when marriages are set up at. And once you have got the background checked, all such apprehensions can go away easily.

Family and social status check

Nobody wants to marry their son or daughter in a family that has poor social standings or that is notorious for bad actions. Such things however are difficult to know unless you live in the same vicinity or unless you have someone information from a reliable source. To avoid marriage in such a family, you can take help of a marriage detective agency that can always go deep with their background check work and fish out relevant details. The agency will secretly talk to the neighbors and do other types of investigation to find out whether a family is worth your trust or not.

Criminal record check

It’s not uncommon for some families to hide information about criminal record of their son and seek marriage in a decent family. In fact, many do this to gain respect back through association with a good family. And if yours is a good family, make sure you people have got the criminal record checked of the person you’re going for an arranged marriage. This may sound a bit odd but then you have no choice and a good marriage in one where both the partners know each other completely. Matrimonial detectives are great at helping in this regard as they know how the system works.

“Debt and dowry angle” check

Some families seek marriage a way-out from their huge trap of debts and they often demand big dowry to come out of the web of debt. And if a family is neck deep into debt, you can sure that it will often demand huge money in dowry that sounds usual. Worse still, some may even keep forcing the bride to bring more money even after marriage and may also resort to physical abuse in case their demand is not met. Pre matrimonial investigation can save you and your family from all these nasty tensions in future.

Affairs and divorce check  

It’s possible that the person you’re arranged for marriage is marrying second time or is already divorced. It’s also possible that the girl or boy you’re going to marry is in a serious relationship and marriage for them is just a social obligation. To find out truth in such matters, it’s always advisable to take help of a matrimonial detective agency and let it investigate into the matter thoroughly.


You can clearly see the importance of pre matrimonial investigation in arranged marriage cases and that’s why you should look to benefit from it always.


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