Why should I buy a phone from Wise Market New Zealand? Is Wise Market Trustworthy?


We love offering value to Aussies and want to partake some perceptivity from the assiduity and how we operate. Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus have some stupendous deals on the NEW phones on plans, but if your looking for a Pre-Owned/ habituated/ Alternate Hand/ Refurbished mobile phone you’ve come to the right place. Apple also vends refurbished phones, but the substantially new phone. 

Sourced locally, tested locally, packed locally, packed from the heart of Melbourne, and supported with original staff. We have a platoon of experts that know what a good quality phone looks like, and know how to support and advise if a commodity goes wrong. 

We buy, test, grade, check, clean, pack and support you if anything goes wrong. So not only are you getting huge savings on your coming refurbished device, but you are also getting a superb buying experience- just like if you were to buy brand new from the big stores. 

Still not vended? Then are 14 reasons why you should trust and buy from Wise Market New Zealand 

1. We’ve over 20 times experience

We’ll always go out of our way to reprise guests, if you check our reviews you’ll see what people are really saying about Wise Market New Zeland. 

2. Over, 500 Trusted Reviews 

We’ve over, 500 TrustPilot conditions, and not only do we vend and enjoy the phones that we are dealing with, but we also land them, test them, grade them ourselves, pack them, and support them after deals service. We understand how to support guests when effects go awry because we’ve bought the bias ourselves and understand what we are dealing with.

3. 12- Month Warranty of Phone( Option to extend to 24- month bond) 

Every device that you buy will come with a 12-month bond, so at any time you encounter any issues with your device, our client service platoon will be further than happy to help you. 

Our 24-month Wise Market New Zealand redundant care bond will also cover you if you accidentally physically damage your phone for a small service figure, details are available in our terms and condition runner.  

On top of that, utmost of our high-end bias like our iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 not only come with a 12-month bond from Wise Market New Zealand but can be returned to Apple for any manufacturing faults as they will still have the remaining Apple bond. Just head to the genius bar around Australia, you can bespeak support then.  

Why would you want to buy a phone anywhere differently, that doesn’t have an Apple bond and genuine original corridor?

4. Great Service-SAME DAY FREE runner SHIPPING( Before12.30 pm) 

Anyone can buy a cheap phone, but we give great service and value. We’ve grown our business by taking care of people, it’s a service business just as important as it’s a phone business.  

As soon as you place an order, our staff works hard to pack your device and get it out for same-day delivery because we know you do not want to be without a phone for long. As long as you buy it before12.30 pm Monday to Friday, we will transport it the same day. We transport via Australia Post, and we shoot you a shadowing number that can be tracked then  

We boat to any land address and PO BOX. 

It takes approx 2- 3 days to admit your order if you’re close to a megacity or in a metro area. It can take up to 4 days if you’re in WA or SA. 

5. 21 Days FREE easy returns 

We want our guests to be happy, and know that the only way we can continue to vend cheap phones is to have guests that love our products love saving plutocrat, and love the after deals service that they tell their musketeers and family about their experience. 

This is why we offer everyone free 30-day easy returns, because we are so sure you’ll be happy with our grading and service, and we want you to feel secure when you buy from us.

You might be doubtful about the condition of the phone, so rest assured if you are not happy you can get in touch with us from our Help center and request a refund.  

6. Our products are sourced locally 

We’re proud that all of our phones are sourced LOCALLY, substantially from Australian Trade-In and Buy-Back programs. 

This means that the quality of the phone you get will be far superior to that of an overseas device.  

Guard of Overseas Device( s) 

We vend only Australian Stock, unlike other shonky alternate hand online shops we only use genuine manufacturing corridor. Be careful when buying from online commerce similar asebay.com.au,mydeal.com.au orKogan.com.au as you may end up with an inferior mobile phone from overseas, which doesn’t work well with Australian networks, a has non-genuine corridor which will wear out snappily. 

There are a lot of cheap overseas copycats which may appear to be a great deal at first but will have dispatches coming up when you turn them on about certain corridors being on-genuine similar to a battery or an inferior TV. These will deteriorate veritably snappily and leave you out of funds.  

Do not risk it, ask your dealer” Are your products Australian, locally sourced?” If not, you know why it’s cheap-) 

You spend a lot of your time using your phone, why treat it with an inferior knock-off from overseas

7. Price Beat GUARANTEE-Stylish Prices GUARANTEED! 

Our prices for high-quality, decoration refurbished/ alternate hand device( s) are cheap. In fact, they’re so cheap we guarantee that, if you see a better deal we will beat it by$ 10.  

 set up a better deal nearly differently? We’ll beat that price by$ 10! 

 To be eligible, the offer must be 

– 100 Australian Stock 

– Include shipping and running costs 

– Be in an analogous ornamental condition 

– Include same-day shipping 

– Include 12 month’s bond 

still, shoot our client service platoon a link via our LiveChat or Help Centre and we’ll give you a better offer! 

If the device you saw on another website matches the criteria over and is offering you a lower price. 

Offer excludes eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other transaction spots. 

8. Flexible payment terms 

Wise Market New Zealand offers several ways to pay including Credit Card, and several Buy now pays latterly options.  


You can pay via PayPal and pay the item off straight down, OR you can pay the item off in 4 easy inaugurations using PayPal Pay in 4.  


Wise Market offer Afterpay, where you can pay in 4 easy inaugurations.  


Wise Market offers Zip, giving you the inflexibility to Pay for your device over a 12-month period. Please note Zip may perform some veritably small credit checks.  

9. TRADE- IN/ vend Your Old Device 

Still, you’ll also be transferred a satchel so that if you have an old phone, you can shoot it to us at any time in exchange for cash! Visit our Buy Back portal then, If you buy a new device from us. Use your old unwanted phone to trade in and get the bone you want briskly. 

10. 100 Secure Payments 

Wise Market uses a 100 safe and secure checkout system so your details are safe. Wise Market New Zealand doesn’t store credit card details, it’s reused through a third-party processor Shopify. 

11. All phones are 100 Unlocked 

None of the biases we vend is locked. They’re fully free of any contracts and have no iCloud cinches, and no carrier cinches so you can use them with any carrier and use them overseas. 

12. Good for the earth- further sustainable than buying new phone  

Buying Refurbished Used is a great way to reduce the impact on the terrain. Did you know that brand-new phones produce up to 80 further cO2 than a habituated device?  

Not only is it a much cheaper option, where you can save up to 50 but it’s great for the earth to buy refurbished.  

We’re proud that our packaging is 100 recyclable. There’s no froth of pad within the box, the bias is precisely defended by layers and layers of condensed cardboard


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