Why should a business have a striking mobile App?

Why should a business have a striking mobile App - Soft Suave

Today we can do almost anything through mobile Apps. When you wake up, the first sound you hear is probably from an alarm App. Besides, there are multiple Apps for all our daily activities, for instance, watching favorite TV shows or movies, ordering food/groceries, checking social media updates, etc.  

In 2022, it is projected that mobile internet users will amount to over 285 million – based on a Statista survey. Besides, approximately 83 percent of the U.S. population access the internet through smartphones.  

This indicates that mobile Apps have got a prominent role in the field of technology and internet consumption. It has endless usage as a tool for communication, information, and entertainment. Now, let’s come to the important part, do businesses need a mobile App? Is a mobile App really necessary for a business? Would an App improve my business’s brand image and overall digital presence?  

The answer to all these questions is “Yes”. Let me explain it in detail.  

Significant Benefits of Mobile Apps for a business

Regardless of what industry your business deals with, having a solid App is always advisable. It has plenty of advantages, hence investing in App development is the best deal an entrepreneur can make.  

  • Lure more customers through in-app pop-ups:- 

With the help of a single app, you can reach out to a large customer base and convert them into buyers. For this, push notifications come in handy such as timely notifications and in-app pop-ups. If these notifications reach the right people at the right time, there’s a high probability your sales volume increases.  

However, some businesses make this even more innovative by way of utilizing emojis in their pop-ups. You should note that notifications with emojis have almost double opening rates compared to those without them. To attain even more perfection in this process, exhibit irresistible offers and notify through your App with a unique style. 

  • Better Customer Connection:- 

Mobile Apps have improved the standard of customer service to the next level. Let’s assume a customer has some query about a product or a service you offer. Will an App that operates 24/7 clarifies the query better or an employee who works in normal working hours. Having a solid App enables seamless connection with your customers. 

Furthermore, an App allows a user to study, analyze all the products/services you provide with the help of multiple categories and a search tag. On the other hand, traditional purchasing through physical stores requires more time and energy to view all your products. 

  • Faster loading:-

Imagine using a website or a web app, it requires launching a browser, entering a URL, and then waiting for the site to load. But it takes less than a second to open a mobile App. Besides, the majority of the information is stored in the App itself so even offline access is possible. I agree it only takes several seconds to open a website, but those seconds count. Users hate slow loading and complex functioning. 

Moreover, a mobile App i.e., a small icon on a mobile’s screen has the power to drive a much smoother user experience. Also, it acts as a tool to represent your brand image. That’s why many businesses focus on designing good-looking icons for their Apps. 

  • Run a loyalty program:-

A business cannot entirely be focused on making profits if it strives to be successful in the long run. Satisfying your customers and taking care of their convenience and requirements is crucial. In simple words, making a personal connection is what makes a business grow its brand awareness and popularity.  

For this, various companies follow several techniques. However, offering an enthusiastic loyalty program through your App will be pretty effective. The more a customer engages and interacts with your brand, the more rewards they get. This gives maximum satisfaction and a feeling of receiving a gift. If you already run a loyalty program, all you need to do is integrate it with your App to make it even more persuasive.  

  • Connect with customers easily:-

Making a personal connection online in addition to typical face-to-face interaction will help to achieve an excellent brand value. Moreover, this helps to tackle the changing times of social distancing as a new normal situation. Hence, you can harness the maximum power of an App to give a better point of contact to your customers. Having a robust App unlocks these useful features 

  1. Smooth usability with quick options to push for transactions.  
  2. Option to add their favorite products in the wishlist tab.  
  3. Connecting with customers through reviews and comments.  
  4. Secure payment options for in-app purchases.  
  5. Providing active support services with instant messaging.  
  6. Social media integration and in-app messaging services. 

Additionally, an App is software that works well and achieves the given task no matter what, unlike humans who are prone to mood shifts and sometimes even bad behavior. I am not saying Apps are superior to the personal touch a human can provide, but an App can assist to gain a robust mobile presence. 

  • Strong marketing tool:-

Connecting with buyers was an expensive affair a few years back, like ads on hoardings and newspapers that cost hundreds of dollars for a limited time. But now the game’s been changed because an App acts as a good marketing tool regardless of the size of the business that has the capability to spread your reach better. Additionally, having a good digital marketing plan will also be fruitful. If you need more information about why you need digital marketing, check out this blog.  

Some may consider developing a mobile App needs heavy investments. However, getting in touch with the best company like Soft Suave can help you to build an App with a limited budget as well as a tight deadline. 

Mobile App vs Website 

Both have their own sets of pros and cons. Let’s not go into that. For a business, which one will be more beneficial? That’s the question. I would say having an influential mobile App and website will help you to cover more customers. However, if you are tight on budget, developing a mobile app will be the best option. 

The number of mobile users today is drastically increasing (more than desktop users). Even some studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than websites. Additionally, mobile Apps give the power to utilize a device’s features like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc. Also, it can work offline that can render basic content and functionality without an internet connection. 

Another reason why mobile apps are loved by users is that they are faster than a website. 

Future of Mobile Apps

As a business investing in mobile App development will give higher ROI. 

Furthermore, its adaptability and resilient features aid you to get your business to the next stage. 

With the integration of breakthrough technologies, mobile Apps nowadays are capable of doing many things. Latest innovations like Artificial intelligence, 5G technology, IoT have powered applications to make our life easier, for instance, 

  • IoT helps us to make our homes smart. In other words, it makes objects share data and also communicate with each other through the internet. These objects are identified as smart devices. Today, we can find the smart bulb, smart tv, refrigerator, washing machine, smart microwave, etc. These appliances are connected to an App in our smartphone by a common interface. 
  • Wearables are another technology that created new trends in the field of fashion and fitness. They mainly consist of smartwatches and smart bands that facilitate the achieving of various fitness goals. Be it monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories burnt, calorie intake, sleeping hours, wearables can do it. Besides, it acts as a fashion accessory. It operates by connecting to our smartphone via an App, similar to IoT. 
  • Beacon Technology is a tool for businesses relating to the hospitality and healthcare industry. Beacons are known as wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth. It makes the process of sending and receiving signals easy. Besides, it offers AI-enabled chips, Beacon Treasure hunting, Mobile Payments Beacons, Automated Machine learning, etc. Also, it optimizes an App’s location and marketing functionalities. 
  • Artificial intelligence is another promising technology that has been in practice and evolving rapidly. Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant are some of the AI-powered Apps everyone knows. Moreover, Speech recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, etc., are the stunning features AI offers. Besides, it helps to develop more secure and advanced mobile Apps. 
  • 5G technology makes mobile Apps work approximately ten times faster than the existing 4G. Imagine this speed, users can now get information within a second. 5G facilitates Apps to process user requests efficiently, hence rendering an impressive user experience. Apps related to video streaming and mobile gaming are the ones that will be the most benefited by this tech. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s assume two similar businesses, one follows a modern marketing strategy via social media, Email, and mobile App. While another relies mostly on traditional methods of marketing like billboards, newspapers, direct sales, etc. Which business do you think would have more response from people? Of course, the first one. Furthermore, a solid mobile App means your business runs 24 hours a day and keeps your services just a few taps away.


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