Why Schools In Dehradun Going With Digital Technologies

Schools in Dehradun

Why Schools In Dehradun Going With Digital Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine are three terms that have suddenly become part of our vocabulary. The situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is well known around the world. However, digital technology contributed greatly to maintaining the decorum of schools and workplaces during this tough period. Schools in Dehradun have increasingly embraced digital technologies. In many schools, digital technologies are now considered a platform for enhancing student engagement and capabilities.

One of the primary communications tools of the 21st century is social media, which facilitates people to connect from faraway places. It consists of online technology platforms. Technology has made the world merely a smaller place because of its massive use. The technology mentioned here really pertains to social media platforms. These platforms are also being used by many schools to offer information. 

Among these benefits of digital technologies for education include improved communication, real-time information, socializing online, learning , improving skills, and advancing careers. The advanced use of digital technologies in schools encourages and motivates students to learn. Through the gathering of data and information, digital technologies also help students improve their academic performance and gain more knowledge. In schools in Dehradun, students are given assignments that require them to gather information from various online platforms in order to come up with solutions.

Digital technologies help children enhance their creative skills by allowing them to learn and then execute the same by themselves. When students start taking pictures and editing them online, their hidden talent is often revealed. Technology can be used in the right way in Dehradun schools to achieve the right kind of education. Using social media platforms allows you to improve your social skills and writing abilities, which will help you achieve your educational goals.

Purpose of Digital technology in Education

Digital learning tools can be used effectively in classrooms to increase student engagement, improve lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning. Additionally, it helps students develop 21st-century skills. In addition to providing more lively class environments, virtual classrooms, video, robots, augmented reality (AR), and other technology tools also enable teachers to collect data about student performance and foster collaboration.

It’s important to remember that technology is not a goal in and of itself, but rather a tool for education. Technology in educational settings holds promise for educators if they use it effectively and in a way that is tailored to meet students’ needs.

Technology can assist teachers in improving student performance. Administrations should provide teachers with the resources they need to boost student learning through technology to mitigate these challenges. In addition to this, the classroom should utilize technology in a way that makes teaching easier without adding to teachers’ workloads.

With technology, students have easy access to information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they are learning. By exploring new topics, students can deepen their understanding of concepts they might otherwise find challenging. In the 21st century, students can acquire technical skills for their future occupations by using technology inside and outside the classroom. 

How Digital Technology Enhancing Critical thinking in students

Students in the early education period were taught everything through rote memorization. Developing analytical and critical thinking skills was not even taken into consideration, as recalling and retaining every single thing was considered the most important factor. A developing skill must be incorporated in the curriculum of the students in order to survive in the modern world.

It helps students to make their own decisions about the decisions that affect their lives when their ideas are allowed to flourish. Critical thinking helps your child develop a rational approach to many things around them and shapes their perspective later in life on sensitive issues.

The best schools in Dehradun promote the same ideology, and for that reason, we organize a lot of co-curricular activities as part of our curriculum.

  • Debating is one of the best ways to improve communication skills. By promoting the development of opinions among students at grass-roots levels, it is an easy tool to use.
  • The best schools in Dehradun are committed to the overall development of our students and have invested in smart classrooms with digital equipment.
  • Learn how digital education adds a new twist to learning and encourages children to explore other alternatives besides books.
  • Increases Interactivity- The smart class offers a number of online platforms to students, which allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of topics. Interaction increases between students, providing a healthy communication environment in the classroom 
  • Boosts creativity – Reading well is the only way you can write well. Students’ creativity quotient can only be increased if they are exposed to things that stimulate their minds. In the best smart classrooms, students and students or students and teachers can communicate and interact more effectively. 
  • Enhances curiosity- Nobody likes a monotonous study schedule. Today’s students are constantly bombarded with information, making it more important than ever to provide information that is of utmost importance to them. Various audio-video methods used in teaching methodology add a lot to raising curiosity in smart classes. Regular study patterns can be made easy and fun with smart classes.


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