Why Progressive Web App Development Is the Right Choice for Startups and Small Businesses?

Progressive Web App Development

The landscape of web development has transformed very much. From being basic to advanced, it has been quite a journey for web development. With the continuous evolution of technology, business owners simultaneously embrace the latest web development technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

There used to be a time when organizations would invest in websites only. But now,  enterprises with websites also spend their money on a top mobile app development company to build an intuitive app that stands out.

However, some business owners still can’t choose between progressive web apps (PWA) and native apps. Just for your knowledge, PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates compared to the native app.

To give you all a clear vision, I have handpicked several reasons to choose a progressive web app. Before that, let’s dig a little into the basics of PWA.

Are you ready to explore? Let’s go.

What Is Progressive Web App (PWA) Development?

The progressive web app is a type of application that runs on the web but behaves like a mobile application. PWAs are developed using web technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PWAs are feature-packed web applications that reduce the workload of users. For instance, it sends push notifications, accesses mobile phone hardware, and functions smoothly in offline mode.

In simpler terms, progressive web app development receives the mobile application outcomes in a browser. It has an app-like interface with easy installation and complete connectivity independence.

Top 5 Popular Brands That Adopted PWA Development and Reaping Maximum Benefits:

  1. Twitter – 75% increase in tweets, 65% increase in pages per session, and 20% increase in bounce rates.
  2. Lancôme – 17% increase in conversion rates.
  3. Starbucks – PWA has increased 2x daily active users.
  4. Forbes – Mobile sessions on PWAs increased by 80% on average.
  5. Pinterest – 60% increase in core engagement.

7 Reasons Why Startups and SMEs Should Choose Progressive Web App Development

  • Smooth Installation and Execution

Why choose progressive web app development? Well, the first reason for choosing PWA is smooth installation and execution.

Users don’t need to visit the App Store (or Play Store) as they can open PWAs in a browser and add them to their home screen, unlike a native app, where users look for that one specific app among millions of other applications.

Moreover, PWA has an app-like structure that gives a native-like user experience.

  • Fast Loading and Lightweight 

Research has found that 53% of users abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

However, fast loading and lightweight are two benefits of progressive web apps that encourage startups and SMEs to choose PWA development. The technical team of PWAs cached all the required data, which results in a faster loading time that gives the best user experience (UX).

Moreover, PWA has a lighter weight than a native app as it is smaller in size. Plus, users don’t need to install an ARK file. They can directly install the app onto their device through the browser.

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Less Development Time

Why should businesses choose PWA development over a native app? The answer is simple – cost-effectiveness and less development time.

Small (or startup) business owners can build a progressive web app without spending too much money. PWA meets the demands of all the endpoints at once. Native app developers write codes for iOS (or Android) individually.
On the other hand, by availing of a PWA development company, you can write a single code base for building a progressive web app making the process faster and less expensive.

  • Best for eCommerce Startups

Progressive web app development is best for eCommerce startups that help the brands to receive a faster response with an app-like experience.

You (as a startup owner) can provide an engaging user experience and target potential customers effortlessly by using PWA in the front end. Therefore, you should definitely leverage a progressive web app for your eCommerce business as it supports every device and has a responsive design that fits well for every screen size.

Lastly, one of the immediate benefits of progressive web apps for your eCommerce business is that it rejects the need for third-party app store submissions.

  • Safe and Secure

Safety and security are every user’s as well as business’s concerns. Therefore, if you want to attract customers to your business, pick PWA. Why?

Progressive web app development never risks users’ data. In fact, it prevents it from getting violated by using HTTPS which offers data safety and eliminates the security jeopardy. Moreover, apps have web Bluetooth connectivity that comes with excellent security capabilities. Bluetooth security has two separate keys- authentication and encryption. These two keys are based on a secret link that is shared by a pair of devices.

In other words, PWA has an HTTPS server that conducts browser-to-server encryption. Also, as long as the website owner builds secure PWA surroundings, no hacker can mess with the user’s data.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

A higher conversion rate is one of the most compelling reasons to choose a progressive web app. It is not even hard to guess why bigger brands like Starbucks, Twitter, or Pinterest use PWA. You’ve seen the benefits they’re reaping.

Progressive web app development boosts sales and aid businesses in achieving higher conversion rates with excellent user engagement. As mentioned earlier, PWAs send push notifications about discounts, offerings, or special deals that catch the user’s attention.

Also, PWAs are placed on the home screen to catch more attention and influence the users to visit the website at least once a day.

  • Availability of Offline Mode

Why choose progressive web app development? Are you still questioning this to yourself? If yes, find out the last (but not least) reason to choose PWA, and that is offline accessibility.

In PWAs, the data gets pre-cached automatically and saves information (or data). Consequently, you can later access it even without an internet connection. Also, speed remains the same so that it does not waste the user’s time.

Users will receive the offline automated message if the data caching does not get completed instead of showing the dinosaur game. Sounds great, right?

Progressive Web App or Native App: Which One is Better for Your Startup Business?

Concluding Words

Now you know, why should businesses choose PWA development? If yes, when are you going to build your next progressive web app?

You have so many reasons to pick PWA, like faster loading time, cost-effectiveness, less development time, and whatnot. Thus, you won’t regret building PWA for your startup business because it will take your business to heights.

So, why delay more? Quickly develop your progressive web app and become more competitive than ever before. All the best!


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