Why people need to use the right hand sanitiser

hand sanitiser
hand sanitiser

One of the best ways to stay healthy during the pandemic is to wash your hands with soap and water. But if those aren’t available, this is where hand sanitiser will make the difference. After all, in the wake and in reaction to COVID-19 more and more people now need to use a sanitiser. In all of the major commercial locations – be it shops, bars, restaurants, you will see hand sanitiser stands and stations there for your own added protection. They are there to serve a great and massive purpose.

A good quality hand sanitiser will kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Using hand sanitiser in the correct way means you’ll get all the benefits of having an on-the-go tool for sterilising your hands and cutting through the cycle of infection.

How much do you need to use?

Using too little hand sanitiser means you won’t cover the surface of your hands well enough for its disinfecting properties to take action. It is recommended that roughly a coin-sized amount of hand sanitiser should be used by adults, a smaller amount is sufficient for childrens hands. One pump from our 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser is enough to cover both hands of an adult.

How long will a good hand sanitiser last?

Many people wonder ‘how long does hand sanitiser last once applied?’ and this is a valid question in making sure you keep your hands clean. Hand sanitiser is only ‘active’ on your hands for around two minutes which means the gel is taking an effect and actively killing germs and bacteria on your hands. After this hand gel is no longer effective. Asking ‘how long a sanitiser is going to be effective?’ is especially relevant to keeping your hands free of bacteria and virus cells, though. As soon as you touch anything after sanitising your hands you risk picking up new germs. The most important thing is to regularly sanitise or wash your hands to decrease the chances of transmitting something from one touchpoint to another.

Important point – can you put a hand sanitiser on a cut?

Can you put hand sanitiser on a cut? Yes. Does putting hand sanitiser on cuts help? Not really. Hand sanitiser is not designed for use in cleaning wounds. The active ingredient in a sanitiser is alcohol, and with its strength and concentration in hand gel, combined with other additives that many hand gels contain, you risk damaging the delicate wound tissue even more. This, together with the drying properties of hand gel means you could be making an injury worse and more prone to infection. The best way to clean a wound is with gentle soap and cool water. Finding a source of soap and water to clean a wound is the best course of action. When it comes to cuts and scrapes, preparation is the best thing.

Overall, what you need to take fully into account

Using hand sanitiser frequently can make your hands very dry. If that happens, make sure your hands are dry from the sanitiser, then apply lotion. Remember, hand sanitisers won’t get rid of all germs on your hands. To add to this, you shouldn’t use sanitisers if your hands are greasy or dirty. There is no substitute for washing with soap and water.


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