Why people hire in private tutors for their childs progression

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A tutor will understand the challenges students face and can provide encouragement and motivation when needed. A tutor can help your child develop a positive attitude towards learning and build confidence. If a student is struggling in school, a tutor’s moral support can help inject some passion into academics. The private tutors will in no time also be able to have some very positive impact. This will be to the overall performance of your child also.

This is a type of service you are able to customise to what you need

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a private tutor is that, unlike in a traditional education setting, private tuition is totally customisable. As tutors are under no obligation to follow a certain syllabus or teaching structure, they can craft individualised learning plans that are perfectly suited to the unique needs of each and every student. Rarely do subject syllabuses recognise when a student needs extra time. This can be key to fully grasp a topic or give them the time to apply the knowledge they have gained. However, with a private tutor, students have the time that they need. This is vital to make sure they are fully prepared for every challenge they may face.

As a service, it is a one to one service

In a busy classroom, it is easy for individual students’ needs to be overlooked and the teacher’s attention is often greatly divided. This can have a detrimental impact on students academic progress which, in turn, can affect both their personal development and their approach to study. This can easily lead to gaps in understanding that, if unresolved, deepen over time and cause significant disruption to learning and development. With a private tutor, students can receive the one-on-one attention. This ensures they get an in-depth understanding of every element of the syllabus.

A private tutor will be able to help students work through any issues that they have at a pace that suits them and can dedicate as much time as is necessary to any particular problem areas. This ensures that students have the depth and breadth of understanding to really excel in every subject they study.

Private tuition can work wonders to a childs overall confidence

Alongside assisting students in their academic development, private tutors are also able to enhance both a student’s confidence and motivation. If a student is struggling in school with any particular subject(s), this can be negative. It can significantly impact their self-belief, which can result in low motivation and a drop in their grades.

Through spending lots of time in a one-to-one setting, private tutors come to develop a real relationship. Also, their students can quickly learn the most effective ways of ensuring a child is progressing. As a result, they can easily identify where a child’s insecurities. They’ll also be able to see where their self-doubt is stemming from. They’ll identify these issues by helping them to gain a solid foundation of knowledge from which to build upon. Through giving them the opportunity to ask questions and receive in-depth answers, as well as helping with revision structure, essay and exam technique, tutors can help students to build the skills that they need to feel confident and motivated in every aspect of their lives.


One of the most beneficial things about private tuition is that it is totally flexible. Unlike in a classroom setting where teachers are assigned classes, you have the freedom to find the perfect tutor for you. This is a huge advantage, as every teacher has a unique learning style and every student learns differently too! You’ll be able to ensure that you find a tutor with the right approach. This will be with an approach to teaching and temperament to complement your learning style, level and goals! In school, students generally don’t spend longer than one academic year in the same class. This makes it difficult for students to build a real relationship with their teachers. This is as they are constantly chopping and changing.

With private tutors, students get the consistency that they need. This can be key to build a real rapport, allowing them to maximise academic and personal development. Moreover, your private tutor will work with you to devise a schedule that works for both of you. Whether you need tuition sessions in the morning, afternoon, evenings or on weekends, once a week, twice a week or five days a week – even those with the busiest schedules can get access to important tuition at a time and a place that suits them.


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