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All mobile device users need apps Tech Fizzi on their devices. The question is not whether they will download an app, the question is which app they will download to their mobile device. For this reason, your goal should be to be one of the applications that count on your mobile device. In other words, if a mobile device user does not download your application, they will download someone else’s application, which should boost their motivation to attract your product to each and every mobile device user. In case you’re still in doubt about the concept, this is precisely why mobile device users need your app.

Somebody needs it

The mere fact that some mobile device user in the mobile market needs your application means that all mobile device users might need it as well. This also means that if you want to be successful in the mobile market, it must be the choice that mobile device users make when downloading an application from a mobile market. The key to doing this is appealing to their interest and making sure your app doesn’t become a hidden secret. If this happens, the mobile device users you are desperately trying to appeal your app to are likely to neglect it and instead go for one of your competitors. This is the last thing you want and can subsequently afford when trying to bring a successful mobile app to market. Your ultimate goal should be to avoid that destination, which luckily there are a few things you can do to help.

Be chosen by your competitors

We all know what it feels like to be the last kid chosen to play kickball at recess. Okay, we don’t really all know the feeling because, well, some of us are great at kickball. You have to make sure that your application is excellent in kickball. Not literally, but figuratively, of course. You need to make sure that when mobile device users see all the options to choose from in your app category, they choose Tech Fizzi yours first. The only difference between selecting a user and playing kickball at recess is that a mobile device user is likely to only make one choice, so instead of feeling good about being chosen second or third, such an achievement is what same as arriving last. In other words, you need to make sure that mobile device users choose your app first every time.

To do this, you need to step up your internet marketing efforts and also make sure users know that your app is better than all of your competitors. Additionally, you can also work to improve your app’s PR presence and overall reputation in the marketplace. You may also consider hiring a professional consultant to do this, as the marketing and public relations aspect of your application can be a full-time job in itself.


Whether they realize it or not, all mobile device users need your app. This does not necessarily mean that they are going to download it, but regardless of whether they need it on their device. Whether you have a creative new app or one that just helps you with an essential task, your app should be used by all mobile device users, it’s your job to make sure they download it.

Top Medical Apps from Android Market Place

In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the most useful medical apps available on the Android market that might prove your satisfaction levels are slightly shorter than they actually could be.

1. Medscape

One of the most used medical applications in the Android market; Medscape offers a variety of features for users, from daily medical updates to easily downloadable protocols. In addition, like many other medical applications, it has a drug reference tool that allows the user to speak with experienced personnel to get advice on a drug or even verify its prescription. The good thing about this tool is that it also extends its services to the field of herbs. In an attempt to make life in a laboratory easier, Medscape offers easily downloadable protocols for procedures ranging from DNA isolation to ChIP-sequencing in ChIP. Many of these procedures would definitely have certain clinical implications, and in cases like these, Medscape goes one step further and offers great videos that provide brief glimpses of some of the applications in real-time. Considering all of the above, one has to agree that whatever solutions an app may provide, it will never be able to match the experienced suggestions offered by someone else who has undergone something similar or is actually an expert. in the subject. With this in mind, Medscape has a directory where people can contact doctors, scientists, and other experts easily built into the app.

2. Evernote

This application is really useful. How often have we forgotten a doctor’s appointment simply because we left it on paper and found it next to the trash can a week later? Evernote is the most effective solution to the above problem. The application helps you to remember everything as and when you want. Another cool feature of this app is its ability to capture videos and then store them for later use. Yes, I agreed that this feature is not out of the ordinary, but the app also allows additional details to be added to the video in a format that he can easily understand, which is a great value addition. “Penultimate” is an important tool present within this application that allows users to take notes or important points or significant results of an essay with their own handwriting, allowing you to make the necessary modifications. Another noteworthy tool within Evernote is ‘Skitch’, which makes any presentation you want to make look attractive by inserting some pertinent images. Last but not least, “Web Clipper” is another useful tool that allows you to store anything and everything, be it a full page, a URL, or a part of a magazine on the World Wide Web.

3. Calculate by QxMD

As the name suggests, this application is an extremely easy-to-use tool for all those people who hate doing conversions and other calculations in the field of Medicine. A notable feature of the application is that it offers the user to solve their problem of interest in a multi-step procedure; that is, it provides an interface in which the user is made to answer various questions at each stage of the problem, in order to get to the exact problem. The calculators in the tool provide dozens of applications, from cell counts to calculations related to risk and mortality.

4. Heaven landscape

Skyscape offers a variety of benefits, from free access to paid books and magazines to a wide selection of medical and healthcare calculators. RXDrugs is a tool present in Skyscape that offers complete details about a drug of interest. An attractive quality of RXDrugs is that it provides a multi-drug analyzer program to present interactions and their clinical implications. Archimedes is another interesting tool commercially available from Skyscape that provides the user with a variety of medical calculators to choose from. With the talk about the tools that Skyscape offers, MedicAlert definitely deserves a mention for its scientifically legitimate resources such as article summaries, abstracts, article search, new drug alerts, and allies. The best thing about the Skyscape application is that it is compatible with all versions of the Android operating system.

7 must-have features when creating music streaming apps

Music apps are the best friends of humans today. The idea of ​​creating a music streaming app is just amazing. It’s the best of both worlds to create a profitable and productive music app.

It is always a challenge to create a successful application in the fierce competition. We all agree on a point where the music streaming app and the market are booming every day, so creating a music streaming app is always profitable.

It’s not a piece of cake to create a featured app without having a proper plan. At Acquaint SoftTech, our developers have extensive experience creating an application like Spotify. So we came up with this content to score some features when building music streaming apps.

In this article, we will discuss most of the features of the best music apps and how to create an app like Spotify. Also, we will reveal the best music streaming services in 2019 and much more. According to Statista, Spotify gets the most popular music streaming services. The app claims 96 million subscribers with the least paid plan of $ 10.

The 7 most important functions of the Music Streaming app

  1. Easy and attractive user account
  2. Push notification with music recommendation
  3. Allow download songs and play offline
  4. Features like playlist, library, and social sharing
  5. Services such as radio, audio content, feature film artist
  6. Quick search option with voice recognition
  7. Accurate recommendation of songs and playlists

Easy and attractive user account

The only thing that makes any application customizable is the user profile. Creating a user account is also a concern because it requires data storage and security authentication. The user profile decides the UI UX layout, features, and most of all the future of any music streaming app. Most users spent their time scrolling through their own accounts or profile.

To provide the best experience, ask users for their favorite interests, region, language, and music genre. Your own music streaming app must support cloud storage for user data storage. The design of the user profile is the most important thing, try to get the most out of it. Make sure your application design includes the latest technology, such as a dark theme.

Push notification with the recommendation

Push notification is one of the main features of the application that makes it superior to the website. You can push users to open your application and offer new services. So it’s up to you how to get the most out of it. An automatic notification is the only way to inform users about new songs, new albums, or any new services.

Concisely, use push notifications wisely to push and encourage users. You can insert any emoji or write attractive copy to appeal to your audience. The most popular music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music use push notifications to take the lead.

Allow users to download songs

Hmm! The most attractive feature is to download any song. Many apps offer this feature, but for the premium account. It’s part of app monetization techniques, so it’s all up to you. If the music streaming app allows downloading songs for free then it will be a PVU. Sometimes app owners offer free song downloads with a certain limit.

Having a fast internet connection is quite common nowadays, but still, people want to listen to music offline. There are only a few apps on the market that claim the best music streaming apps for iPhone without wifi. In short, there is hope for moving forward. Once again, free song downloading and offline music streaming is part of the monetization tactics.

Compatible with the latest features

If you are looking to create a futuristic music app, then your app should support the latest features. To compete with the great flood of the music application market, you must know the strategy of the competition; otherwise, your dream app will stumble into the app store.


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