Why Is It Necessary To Match The Horoscope For Marriage?

Horoscope For Marriage

One of the sixteen sacraments in Sanatan Dharma is the marriage ceremony. In Hindu culture, marriage is considered to be the bond of seven births. To maintain this relationship of births and births, the horoscope of the bride and groom are matched before marriage. Looking at the horoscopes of the bride and groom, 36 gunas are mixed between them, at least 18 out of 36 gunas should be found between them.
According to astrology, it is necessary to match the horoscopes of the bride and groom for marriage. Because from this it is known whether the constellations and planets of the boy and the girl are favourable or unfavourable for each other. If the constellations and qualities of both the bride and the groom are favourable, then their married life remains happy, but if the planetary constellations do not match in the horoscope of both, then their married life will go ahead in trouble. There is no coordination between the two. Today in this article we are going to tell you how and how important is Kundali matching or astrology for marriage.

Kundli Matching For Marriage

Kundali matching becomes an urgent task when people decide to get married. As per our Indian culture, this is probably the very first act that the bride and groom do to enjoy a happy married life. But what exactly is it? And why should today’s new generation follow such an obsolete tradition?

If you are curious about these questions, you should get the information from the start! Let us first understand what is horoscope, and how horoscope compatibility works!

What Is A Horoscope?

According to cultures, people are using different future prediction methods. India has developed a future forecasting tool known as Vedic astrology. Being the oldest and most reliable forecast method, astrology works on the basis of horoscopes.

As we have seen, all predictions are completely based on a horoscope, and this is the basis of astrology. The mapping of the positions of all the planets at the time of your birth is known as Kundli, Kundli presents every aspect of your life based on the position of these planets.

What Is Kundli Matching?

When two people plan to form conjunction, astrologers carefully look at their horoscope compatibility. It is believed that the planets and stars of the couple influence each other’s life when they get married. Hence, looking at their position by examining the stars, their compatibility is known as horoscope matching for marriage.

Astrologers do this by the Ashtakoot system, in which ashta means eight, and koota means attitude—meaning evaluating eight different factors to predict the couple’s future life.

In addition, every element represents special points. Ranking and counting points is known as attribute matching. 32 Guna matching has the highest score. Couples, whose horoscope matches all the 32 factors, are a true pair made in heaven!

As far as compatibility is concerned, one can blindly rely on Kundli matching for inter-cast love marriage. With Kundali matching, couples can understand their marital future properly. But why should we know zodiac compatibility for marriage? Let’s find out!

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Why Do We Need Zodiac Compatibility For Marriage?

Marriage is a very important decision in life. As per our Indian culture, once married, it is said that they will share their seven lives together as a couple! This is the reason why our forefathers have developed the age-old technique of Kundli matching to fully proof the matrimonial journey of the couple!

Moreover, this method is tested and accurate. By Kundali matching, one can know the exact nature, physical traits, behaviour patterns and even the goal of life of one’s partner! Here I am sharing a brief idea of ​​other advantages it can provide.

Compatibility Check –

First and foremost, it clearly shows the compatibility of the couple. Based on the qualities of Kundali matching, both of you can understand how your future will be. If both of you can easily adopt each other’s thoughts, habits and life goals then the whole life journey becomes smooth.

Financial And Career Prospects –

In today’s time, where both husband and wife are working, and every financial decision is a joint decision: knowing each other’s career prospects is extremely important. It would be pertinent to know about both the financial stability of the partner and his/her career growth plan.

Effects of Planets (Doshas) –

By matching the horoscope, astrologers can foresee any harmful effects of planets in the life of the bride and groom. If any one of them is suffering from this kind of dosha, then they will face problems in marital life.

Astrologers mainly look at Mangal dosha and Shani dosha, as these play a very important role in the separation of the couple.

Remedies For Faults –

Once the astrologers find out any defect by matching the horoscope, they also have the remedies for it! They tell about the specific worship to remove the dosha. Such a measure assures the couple that they will enjoy marriage life.

Join Aadhaar –

As the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven: on earth, couples meet only their soul mates. Kundli matching gives you information about each other’s life path and goals, which makes it easy to understand each other. You can literally connect to the basic soul needs of both of you. This lets you learn how you can enjoy a blissful lifelong journey.

What more can you ask for? It highlights almost all the key indicators to know about your future life partner. Now that you know that understanding zodiac compatibility for marriage is the best step, we have to follow it, do horoscope matching, and know our future partner intimately!

There Can Be Such Problems If You Get Married Without Mixing Qualities

However, in matters of love marriage, the boy and the girl do not rely much on matching the qualities. They get married without matching the qualities. In some cases, qualities are also mixed, but even after getting less than 18 qualities, they get married. According to astrology, for people who get less than 18 gunas, their married life goes through a lot of trouble. Such people have to face many problems in their married life. Many times, after some time of love marriage, there are differences and differences between the bride and the bridegroom. In this way, their married life gets ruined. Not only this, in some cases things get so bad that even divorce comes. This is the reason why elders recommend getting married only after mixing the qualities.

Relationships Break Even After A Good Match of Qualities

According to the beliefs, not only the married life of the bride and groom but also their personal life gets badly affected after the marriage done without horoscope matching. A quarrel ensues between the bride and the groom over small matters. Due to this quarrel, the families of both the parties are also affected badly. However, it cannot be denied that even after getting these qualities, many people’s marriages get ruined and the relationship breaks up. Even today, many such marriages have been seen breaking up in our society, in which there was a better match of qualities in the horoscope of the bride and groom, but after marriage, discord prevailed in their married life. However, in such cases, the planets of the horoscope of the bride and groom can also be responsible.


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