Why House Land? – An Investment in Wakefield Property.


Have you ever driven down the road and seen falling objects? Maybe a warning light signaled an approaching danger. Consequently, everyone runs into cover until the situation is handled. Do you think that was the cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center? As with sell my house for cash fast Wakefield.

In his magnificent new book,Just One available reversal, Stephen Covey explains that this was not a simple financial disaster… but rather, an “inspiration.”The record of the events is our history, the record of human ambition. The record of the record of our undertaking the immaculate idea of freedom and self sufficiency, the record of men and women risking great fortunes and accumulating huge fortunes in a few short short lives. The record shows that all through history, there has existed an underlying constant: People always admire things they have.

Modern man is not the only agent of originality. We admire things that challenge our current ways. Property investments challenge our very individual ways. They challenge our modern ways. They send the message that it is OK for ordinary people not to have the same security and protection that people enjoyed in the past. Their investment in the future can come from generating income now, or enabling people to make more money later. Investment rely solely on the future, and does not have to look so far into the future.

Property investing may set you free.  It may open doors for you and allow you a future. In this market it has the potential to do exactly that. Some investors have suggested in their lifetime’s heart-wrenching experience that it is a possible factor in bringing them peace.

But property is not only about the future. It’s also about the present – present to today. The realista movement in Brazil saw property investment take off when people felt secure to buy cheap land.  When US soldiers were sent to fight in Iraq in 2003 it was a “buy our freedom” issue.  When 9/11 happened in New York City, everyday assets sold, and many people considered renting where they lived.  Interest rates fell. Foreclosures became the buzzword.  People felt safer to invest.

And now we are seeing the same country, the same issues, the same market, working to help people in different ways. There are strong indications of strong future growth for property investment.

For example, you can invest in non-traditional property which is under- monitored.  It could be an investment that people feel secure in.

You can invest using a self-directed IRA. IRA’s are a great vehicle for investment. You can invest using your retirement contributions or via the self-directed IRA. When you self-direct your IRA’s how are you to invest? You can invest in real estate directly, stocks, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit (D&D’s, saving accounts, money markets, etc.).

You can hire people to do renovations that you can do yourself, and you could hire contractors to renovate properties that you buy only on a case-by-case basis. You can grow a network of trusted advisors.

You can consult an accountant on tax planning and target areas where you ideally want to invest. You can look for strong rental markets and buy land, houses, or maybe raw land. (You can’t own commercial property with a self-directed IRA.)  You can buy certificates of deposit (D&D’s) in various states, collect the rents and make consistent money on the back end. You can buy tax liens and foreclosures in many states.

How solid is the stock market? Well, you can buy stock in a variety of companies. You can invest in LLC’s, stocks, mutual funds, real estate (land, houses, whatever). The underlying reality in all of this is that people are always looking for something to invest in. People always have a need or desire, which helps them to ultimately make wise decisions in which they initially have learned.

Amenities, permits, regulations, taxes, and the laws are part of what determines our current state of investment. Many people turn to the world governments and ours to secure flourishing investment opportunities.  The TAX system and the AMC’s ( mutual fund companies) are large contributors to our economy. The lack of this system in Florida negatively impacts our economy.

In the next 5 seconds, I will illustrate how the state of Florida’s lack of a capital gains tax (and the tax it takes away from millions of annually long-term employment) unquestionably causes billions of dollars for our economy. You will see that my premises are correct. You will see how almost-free money indeed is real estate.

Most people are familiar with the impact of our capital gains tax.


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