Why Have Cementitious Roof Coatings On Your Commercial Building?


Commercial buildings require as much devotion and care for their structure as residential buildings. Moreover, you operate machines here, there is more chance of damages and wear. To prevent it, a cementitious roof coating is preferred.

It is nothing but a monolithic membrane sprayed over the roof, including protruding structures such as water pipes, hatches, and vents. It is mostly done to make the roof water-proof and to maximize the protection from unforeseen damages.

Let’s look at how you can benefit from applying spray foam insulation on all your commercial buildings. Georgina has several contractors just right for the job!

Structural durability

Since the roof is one of the essential parts of the building, it is highly recommendable to keep it in good shape. Spray foam can be applied to most substrates such as wood, cement, and metal, making it the perfect choice as a protective covering. Spray foam roofing allows the roof to remain in good shape and maintain its luster for a long time.

Easy maintenance and lower overhead charges

Cementitious roofing is easily repairable, and you will not have to expend much time and resources over it. Since most of the roofs are made from asphalt shingles, there is a need to protect them from dirt and moisture. Naturally occurring erosive agents such as sunlight, heavy rainfall, storms can weaken your roof. Moreover, the shingles are prone to collapsing under heavy humidity. Hence, you protect your roof from natural hazards to a great extent. This results in lesser repair costs. Moreover, any damage to the cementitious roofing is far easily repairable or manageable than wear to the roof itself.

Customizing your roof designs

Cementitious roof coatings allow you to design your visual aesthetics on your roof. It gives you much freedom concerning creativity and your preferences. You can also ask your manufacturer to help you in obtaining plans to suit your budget plans.

Thermal conditioning

The cementitious roof coatings help in the retention of heat inside the building, resulting in thermal conditioning. Since most of the heat escapes from the roof, the roof coating will tightly seal the roof without leaving any gaps at all. You can enjoy warmer winters inside the commercial buildings, free from extra energy bills. You probably will not be needing the heater much if your building stays warm during the colder months!

Thus, cementitious roof coating has several perks, and you will benefit much from it when you are an entrepreneur. Not only is it eco-friendly and sustainable, but it also reduces your bills and maintenance costs to a great extent. You might have to spend some extra during the initial application. However, after that, you will discover that most of your costs have been reduced. Any wear or tear in cementitious roofing is easily repairable, and you will find several contractors in Ajax and Georgina who work for commercial buildings.

However, before signing the contract with any service provider, it is always recommendable to check whether they are licensed or have at least one professional to oversee the other workers. Moreover, you should also collect feedback from previous clients to know whether they can provide you with the type of service you require. Apart from all these, it would also help if you ensured that the contractors describe the costs to you beforehand. After all, you probably do not want to see hidden charges or surprise bills!

Taking care of commercial buildings is essential. Since several employees will be working there, their safety should be your priority. While it is true that your company’s profit is something you can never neglect, on the other hand, if your employees are happy and satisfied, you can obtain greater work efficiency. Overworked employees or terrible work conditions can severely hamper the work productivity, resulting in losses!

Hence, you should talk to more than one contractor and settle for the ones who can achieve maximum goals for you!


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