Why EPR Registration Certificate is the most important license?

EPR registration

Environment concerns are at an all time high. From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, from Ambani to Adani and from the eastern politicians to the western political superpowers, all area preaching the same message. And the message is – protect the environment. However, our selfishness is stopping us from coming forward to take measures to create an environment of sustainable development. That’s why, the political powerhouses of the world had to enforce it. The result of their enforcement is EPR Registration Certificate or Extended Producer Responsibility Certification.

Also known as the EPR License, the Extended Producer Responsibility certification is a mandatory pledge that every electronic or electrical appliance manufacturer, every E-waste management company and every E waste importer has to take. It’s a pledge to create an environment where development can happen without damaging the ecosystem that we all reside in.

By getting the EPR certification, you promise to:

  1. Take care of all the electronic waste generated by your manufacturing facility.
  2. Show integrity when recycling the electronic wastes.
  3. Spread awareness among the general populace about the e waste management.

All these factors make getting the EPR registration an important registration every manufacturer has to take.

Through this article, we are going to unveil to you the reason why EPR registration certificate is the most important license to get in today’s world.

Who came up with the idea of EPR certificate?

What is EPR Certificate?

Why we are accentuating upon its importance so much?

Why should you give two damns about it?

To get the answers to the above questions, let’s turn back the clock and see where it all began.

The year was 1990 and the consumption of the electronic products in western civilization was at an all time high. Combine it with the fact that people there mostly through away their electronics rather than repair it you can guess the size of the landfills full of old appliances. That size was increasing, compelling the government to do something.

That’s when a concept came from Sweden.

The Extended Producer Responsibility concept that made the EPR certificate mandatory was in 1990 was introduced in that country. It was first mentioned in the report written by Thomas Lindhqvist which was addressed to the Swedish ministry of environment. The goal  of the concept was to –

Reduce the impact a product has on the environment by making the product’s manufacturer take responsibility of the product during its entire life cycle. That responsibility would consist of the following duties:

  1. Taking back the product
  2. Recycling the product, and
  3. finally, disposing the product

That idea spread like a wildfire. India being a country that had just started to dip its toes in complex electronic products market, took 22 years to catch up with this Idea. In 2012 Extended Producer Responsibility act was introduced as part of new plastic management norms.

What is Take- Back of EPR License product?

Several countries have adopted a rule that orders the manufacturers to buy back the products they have sold to customers once the product is damaged or has become obsolete. The products taken back are then funnelled into recycling units so that they can be easily disposed off. it’s called Take-Back.

As per Wikipedia, having “Take-Back“ one of the primary EPR certificate requirements gives three types of encouragements:

  1. It encourages companies to design products in a way that they can be recycled and reused later.
  2. It encourages transparency to the customers about the price by incorporating E waste management into the product’s cost.
  3. It encourages the development of more innovative recycling technologies.

 Why EPR Registration online is important to you?

As you read the above story of how EPR registration full form, Extended Producer Responsibility came to be, you might realize that the concepts it encourages are good for not just the environment, but also for you. If those are still oblivious to you, let us put the importance into words:

  1. Better products leads to more customers: If you’re creating long lasting products that can be reused and recycled, you are giving customers a choice of not just buying your product, but also stick by you. As your product is seen as an investment rather than one time expenditure, more customers will cluster around your brand, and stay there.
  2. Combining product and services for enhancement of income: Customer retentions gives rise to another type of trade – repairing services. If you retain your customers long enough for the product’s warranty to expire, you can provide them further services by asking them for a nominal annual fees for maintenance services. Through this combination of products and services, you can further increase your income.
  3. It allows your business to last longer: Nowadays, your brand is defined not by the name you carry, but by how long your product can be used. That’s why, even if you’re compelled to do so, EPR certificate pushes you to design products that last longer. Consider it a boon for your company, as the product would have a long lasting impact on your business enterprise too.
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Understanding the EPR certificate format and getting EPR certificate online is not important because its mandatory, it’s important because unlocks the potential of your product. By being forced to innovate, you can get the taste of success you’d not have gotten if you would have followed the complacent path of creating mediocre products and reaching out to customers that just do not care.

In this world, caring is the most important aspect, and that’s why, getting EPR registration online is the most important license today.


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