Why do you need cardboard boxes for house moving?

double wall cardboard boxes

Moving to a new house is a challenging task for anybody. As much excitement it gives about starting new, there are a lot of things to take care of. Packing, taking time off work, organising movers, asking favours from friends to help—it is almost like a military operation.

One of the primary things about house moving is packing materials. Many people believe that buying cardboard boxes for a house move is a waste. Expense is one of the reasons behind this.

But, can cardboard boxes help with house moving?

Let’s learn.

What can you manage with cardboard boxes?

Double-wall cardboard boxes are designed specifically to carry heavy items. It allows you to convey numerous things at a time. It will speed up the whole process and will help you move to your new house more quickly.

Buying high-quality house removal boxes also protect your belongings. These cardboard boxes are made from thick cardboard sheets. It helps to prevent objects inside the box from knocks and bumps on the road. And if you can wrap the items in bubble wrap sheets, they will be protected further from road impacts.

When you move to a new place, movers usually use moving trucks. For a large family who has a lot of items, removal boxes can come in handy. They stacked on top of one another. It helps to fit a lot of boxes at once. In that case, you won’t need many trips and it saves a lot of transportation costs.

Buying cardboard boxes in different sizes also helps to make your move a lot more organised. Packing the whole house for a move can be extremely chaotic. Anything that helps with the organisation is a smart idea to use.

For cardboard boxes, you can simply pack and use a marker to label each box. With that, you know where the box belongs in your new home. It makes unpacking a lot quicker and easier.

What if you don’t use house removal boxes?

There are several consequences of not using cardboard boxes for a house move.

  • Without having anywhere to put your belongings, you need to carry them individually to the truck. This makes the whole process very difficult. Can you imagine carrying all the kitchen appliances and utensils to the moving truck?
  • Even if you place fragile items inside a used cardboard box, they won’t be protected completely. Most used cardboard boxes are not strong enough to hold enough objects. They become weak after use. So, all your belongings are exposed to road bumps, knocks, mishandling, scratches, and dents.
  • The moving company won’t be able to stack the belongings on top of one another. So, there will be so much back and forth, as you won’t be able to fit many items at once. Thus, the transportation cost will go up. So, even if you save money on buying cardboard boxes, you will probably end up spending more on moving.
  • Most house moving companies refuse to take orders which aren’t packed or organised. You might have to do the whole moving on your own which will end up taking longer and be inconvenient.

How can you save money while moving?

We agree that sometimes house moving can be very expensive. So, if you want to save money you can always do the move with some help from your friends. Don’t try to cut costs on packing materials. Instead, don’t hire a moving company.

When you pack your things correctly, you can complete the move without professional help. It is daunting but doable with some help. You can also ask a friend if they have a truck.

Decluttering also helps to save you money. By decluttering unnecessary things from your old home, you will need fewer removal boxes. So, you can stack as many items as possible in the truck and save transit costs.

You can also save money while buying house moving packing supplies. When you buy from wholesale stores like Wellpack Europe, you get everything at a competitive rate. These companies have house moving kits which are very affordable. You get quality products at a less price!


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