Why Choose the Service of Truck Roadside Assistance?


Nowadays, many truck-related services are introduced to make your driving task easy. One of them is the truck roadside assistance that comes to your rescue in the situation of any unexpected breakdown that may arise while driving a truck. 

The service is also known as Mobile PM (Preventive Maintenance) service because you will get the service of roadside assistance by a phone call and the service team will come right on the spot to protect you from the truck malfunctioning, and let you go to your destination safely. So, read this article and get head-to-toe information about this service. 

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service that is added as an option in a comprehensive policy that is given by the trucking company for your safety and becomes redeemed in any kind of downfall that may occur while truck driving. The service is very helpful, safe, and efficient. You can get this service anytime and anywhere at an economical cost by a professional and expert team of an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified trucking company. 

The service team will come as a rescuer after receiving your phone call to the service station of the company. The professional team will first find the issue after examining the vehicle, and then repair that issue properly and let you back on the road to continue your journey. 

Importance of Roadside Assistance

There is a huge importance of roadside assistance when it comes to an unexpected downfall situation that may arise while driving the truck. Because during truck driving, you may meet any kind of vehicle failure circumstance anywhere which can become an obstruction in between your journey. In this situation, there is no help that you will get on the road and get stuck there. So, at that time, the mobile PM service becomes a rescuer for you. 

Just by making a call to the service team, and telling them about your particular issue of the truck along with the location where you are stuck, the professional team of the company will come right on the spot for your help. The expert team will repair the damaged part on time, or if it is not possible to repair it on spot, then the service team will tow the truck and take it to the service station for repair. 

Moreover, you will not only get the service for repairing, but also for fuel delivery. So, if your truck’s fuel is running out then the service of roadside assistance is always there. Furthermore, the service can be availed at an affordable cost. 

What is included in the Roadside Assistance?

The mobile PM service for roadside assistance covers many truck problems that may occur during truck driving. Below are the listed coverages of roadside assistance: 

  • Flat Tire: The issue of flat tires arises when the tire is not in properly inflated condition or maybe hit by some sharp objects that are commonly spread on the road.
  • Mechanical Repairing: Mechanical repairing involves repairing damaged parts of the truck such as brakes, reefer, etc.
  • Minor Repairing: Minor issues such as doors, headlights, etc. also arise that should be repaired on time as these small problems can create big disasters during the journey. 
  • Fuel Delivering: The service is efficient because it also delivers fuel when you run out of fuel in between your journey.  
  • Towing Service: The need for towing service occurs when the repair becomes difficult on the spot. So, the expert team tows the truck to the service station or garage to repair it properly. 

Why This Service Policy is Different from other Auto Policies? 

The only thing that can be similar is that all the auto policies aim to provide you roadside assistance, but the difference is that the service of roadside assistance offered by truck trailer companies is more reliable than the normal auto insurance policies as the companies always provide you quality assured services of repairing to keep you safe. Whereas, the other policies offer you an unprofessional team who are not certified or trained well. So, the situation of the breakdown of the road comes again & again, and the risk of accidents is always there. Also, the service will not be provided on time which will cause delays in your work. 

The service given by qualified trucking companies tends to offer you these services at an affordable cost anytime and anywhere. 

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

  • ASE-certified Team

The most beneficial aspect of mobile transport service is that the service will be provided through a team of technicians. The team will be expert and ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. Hence, the professional team will help you by providing an accurate repair of any issue that occurred due to malfunctioning on the road and can continue your journey.    

  • Available 24/7

The service is always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which means you will get the service whenever you want. 

  • Available Anywhere

Roadside assistance is that kind of service that you can obtain whenever and wherever you need it. You do not have to worry if you are stuck in the middle of somewhere, you will get the service right on the spot. A little time is needed to wait for the service to reach the place. 

  • Economical Cost

The service has another benefit i.e. it is cost-effective. The service not only reaches on time & spot, but also will be obtained at an affordable price. 

  • Safety

Being always in constant danger due to improper working of the truck may risk your life. Hence, the service becomes a redeemer of yours to let you reach your destination safely. 


The mobile PM service has become a perfect and reliable auto insurance service policy to offer you an instant service when you meet an unexpected breakdown situation while driving the truck. Moreover, you will be provided with a complete guideline by the company that directs how to maintain the truck, but the situations like brake failure, flat tire, or any other mechanical issues rise simultaneously, over which you have no control, and no idea how to fix, then the service will become your last resort to obtain. 

Hence, the service of truck roadside assistance gives you the best repairing service and lets you continue your journey.


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