Why Choose Kraft Paper Packaging?

Why Choose Kraft Paper Packaging

Why kraft paper?

You have certainly already seen this product, it is more and more talked about: the kraft paper bag. Since its arrival, kraft packaging has become the packaging most sought after by professionals. Why is he in so much demand? What are the benefits for businesses? Let’s take a look at what’s behind this simple packaging, but not quite like the others!

What are the types of kraft paper?

First of all, let’s see what  types of kraft paper there  are and above  all how to choose them well  :

  • Waxed kraft paper, is ideal for food products! Coated with paraffin (which can be a vegetable for a 100% natural finish), it protects against fat and liquids. Waxed kraft paper is therefore recommended for wrapping fatty foodstuffs.
  • Bituminous kraft paper, ideal for protecting against humidity! Composed of a layer of tarred bitumen which makes it waterproof, bitumen kraft paper offers optimal protection against humidity. It can also be used to line and pad wooden or cardboard boxes. It’s a little extra: it can be reinforced, that is to say, covered with a sisal grid which gives it reinforced resistance.
  • The waterproof fabric is ideal for metal parts! Waterproof canvas kraft paper is anti-corrosion and waterproof. It protects rust-sensitive products from humidity and air by molding itself to them by simple pressure. It then self-welds on itself, to create an almost hermetic protective cocoon. This is also why canvas kraft paper is recommended for long-term transport.
  • Crepe kraft paper, ideal for tubular products! Very ductile, crepe kraft is known for its elasticity and suppleness. Easily wrap any object with a complex or elongated shape such as furniture, decorations, tubes… Its extensibility gives it freedom of movement and ease of handling which makes it practical.

As you will have understood, kraft paper has a  versatility that allows it to adapt to any type of need and is available in many forms. But that’s not all! Indeed, kraft paper has other significant advantages that explain its popularity with professionals.

What are the advantages of kraft paper packaging?

Is kraft paper resistant?

Kraft, synonymous with strength

Did you know? “Kraft” is originally a Germanic word meaning  “strength”. But enough talk! This small etymology only served to dismantle one thing: kraft paper is known for its strong resistance.

Kraft paper is recommended by packaging professionals for its strength and superior strength. Indeed! Kraft packaging is very suitable when it comes to protecting sensitive items that are at increased risk of breakage or degradation, especially food products or products made of fragile materials. Profitable, therefore, for bakers and vase owners. Why? Because unlike other types of paper, kraft drastically reduces the risk of tearing, but that’s not all, because it can support up to  7 kilos without difficulty. Less destructible, more resistant, kraft packaging, therefore, offers better protection for your products, especially the most delicate.

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Is kraft paper eco-friendly?

How is kraft paper made?

First of all, let’s start at the beginning. It is important to answer this question because it explains in part why kraft packaging is environmentally friendly. Far from being as polluting and chemical as plastic, paper packaging is made from natural wood fiber, mainly softwood, pine, or fir. It is wood shavings processed to become paper pulp, or “pulp”, used in the creation of paper and cardboard. Kraft paper is therefore made from a  natural and sustainable raw material! Because yes, we must not forget, wood is a  renewable raw material! The trees are also from sustainably managed forests to avoid depleting the resource.

Its other assets

In addition to its natural origin, paper packaging is also environmentally friendly since it is recyclable and biodegradable. Eh yes! Its paper material allows it to be recycled several times and does not negatively affect the environment if it is thrown into nature. It breaks down in just three months if exposed to light and moisture. Paper is also one of the best-treated materials with cardboard. Kraft packaging is therefore a smart investment, which will become more and more profitable over the years as it becomes more commonly used. Unlike plastic, for example, which is in declination.

The kraft bag: the alternative to the traditional plastic bag

single-use plastic bags were removed from checkouts and banned from use for businesses. The world is changing and tends to become more and more concerned about the environment. This is why companies must adapt to this new trend and opt for new techniques that remain efficient and profitable for them. In line with the latest government regulations, paper packaging is perfectly in tune with the times. It is practical,  ecological, and affordable. Its resistance meets the needs of professionals and its eco-friendly material remains in line with current changes. Kraft packaging is therefore a strongly recommended solution for companies looking for peace of mind regarding the evolution of the coming years.

Is the kraft packaging customizable?

Customize your food packaging!

Did you know that paper packaging is customizable? Indeed, it is quite possible to customize its kraft packaging to match your brand. Colors, logo, illustration… Add your personal touch! Proudly display your colors and stand out to your customers. At FBE, we offer a  tailor-made customization service for our kraft paper bags and sachets. You will be able to personalize your kraft packaging according to your desires and your objectives. Particular attention that remains attentive to your expectations is given to your project to guarantee you the best results. Whether you want a little renewal, consistency or simply to differentiate yourself, customization will meet your needs in a way that suits you!

Paper packaging is renowned for its significant advantages. It provides protection for your products, all at an affordable price. Its biodegradable nature and eco-friendly design make it the star of packaging materials. Any company that today wishes to invest in sustainable and profitable packaging has every interest in opting for kraft!

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