Why car storage is so effective

car storage
car storage

Besides protection from bad weather, indoor car storage facilities have better security, protecting your car from break-ins, burglary and as said already, the outer elements. The main reason you should get long-term car storage is for protection. You spent ungodly amounts of money on luxury vintage or sports cars. So when done in the right way, you can really look after your car in a much better way. The cost can pay for itself very quickly in fact. It can help you massively as a service of convenience.

Your car can be provided with some extra much needed TLC

When leaving your beloved car in the hands of a storage facility, you want to make sure it is being well maintained. A trusted car storage facility will advertise and make sure to give your vehicle a physical general health check one per month and will keep track of doing so for their (and your) records. They should share any concerning factors with you and offer to put them right (or arrange with a local garage to take a look). From time to time, the facility may start your car and give it a run to ensure all components are working – after all, all cars were made to be driven!

A car storage facility should ‘induct’ your car upon drop off / collection for storage, they should look over the car and fill in paperwork which goes over the general T&C’s of its storage as well as what they do / do not do for your vehicle. This should inform you how often your vehicle is checked, if you are happy for them to start the car and if you are happy for them to carry out any essential works if a problem is found.

This is an investment after all

Perhaps the biggest long-term benefit of keeping your vehicles in a storage facility is for protection. Luxury cars are by no means cheap, so it only makes sense to invest in its protection. Storage facilities often offer climate-controlled units to prevent damage and ensure security from theft or vandalism as well.

As a service, it is a no brainer in no end of ways

The UK classic car industry is worth the same as the entire UK arts and creative sectors, with classic car owners continuing to rise. The government has even introduced incentives to facilitate this growth further, with the 40-year rolling rule implemented in 2014, entitling classics to be exempt from vehicle tax and MOT. Classic cars do not depreciate in value in the same way that new cars do. Classic cars tend to hold their value, and if well looked after, they can even increase in value. One of the best ways to keep your classic car safe and sound and free from rust is to keep it in a safe and dry place, like a self-storage container.

If you love the idea of owning a classic car but don’t have room to store it at home, or perhaps have a seasonal vehicle that you don’t want to park on the road, such as a camper van, trailer or boat, self-container storage is ideal.

This is a service that isn’t actually that expensive in the grand scheme of things

You may be reading about all these benefits and thinking it will cost you a fortune. While it can’t compare to keeping your car at home (presuming it’s free), the security risks often outweigh the affordability. This is particularly true for any vehicles that you don’t use often. There is the option of keeping your car in a private lot. But these can get expensive really quickly, and they don’t offer the same protection as car storage units. That’s why there is no way to beat self-storage units. They offer the best protection and are almost always cost-effective. You can usually choose fixed packages or flexible monthly payments that are tailored to what you need. Many of these units also include insurance that covers your car if anything were to happen.

You are likely to have access also to car detailing services too

This may not be an option for every storage facility. But one of the best reasons to keep your car in a unit is the access you’ll have to their services. This usually includes protection and wrap services as well as professional detailing for both the interior and exterior. Leaving your car parked on the street or in a garage for an extended period of time means taking the risk of slow degradation of vehicle parts or coating. If you leave it in a facility that provides detailing services, you’ll extend the vitality of your vehicle.

You can also keep your collection safe – and private too

Vehicle collecting isn’t going anywhere. If you love rare cars and go through the trouble of acquiring them, you shouldn’t have to give up your hobby because there isn’t space. Instead, invest in quality storage and expand your collection with ease. The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your valuable vehicles are safe is priceless. You can simply get on. This is without the added worry of how your classic car or supercar is going to be getting looked after. This is just one of the reasons why this is a service that is always in demand in this day and age. It is a very popular service too with expats. This is as well as people who live in various areas around the world.

Perfect too for city living

People also often store cars when they live in big cities. You may live somewhere that has simple access to public transport. In this situation, there is a good chance that you won’t need your car on a regular basis. It is here where using a car storage service can be an excellent option. You can also rely on it if there is a lack of safe parking or storage where you live.

If you may be unsure, simply add a tracking device to the car also

Take advantage of the latest technology by adding a tracking device. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but you may get some rate-relief from your insurer. These devices use GPS to track any movement of your car. You can configure them to send you an SMS or email if and when that happens.


Like people, cars sometimes need new places to stay. Whether it’s an old beater that needs to beat it out of the garage, a convertible that simply can’t stay on the curb, or an RV that needs to hunker down for the winter, vehicles often have to relocate — for their own benefit and the benefit of their owners. In many cases, these large investments are relocating into storage.

Storing your vehicle in a unit or parking space is a unique endeavour that requires preparation. Whether you’ve had a storage unit for most of your adult life, you just got your very first-ever storage unit last week, or if you are on the fence about wanting to get a storage unit in the first place, you’re going to want to do your homework.

You never know the circumstances that life will throw at you. Whether it’s a trip away from home or the need for extra security, a car storage facility can make your life easier without going emptying your wallet. It can be a tough decision to make, especially if you have a garage. However, there’s no beating all the benefits of a car storage facility. Once you’re able to park it and leave it, you’ll know you made the right decision.


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