Why are trust and vulnerability important to establishing and maintaining a culture?


In the first blog, Jen, Jess and Hoots identified what was missing from Construction Culture. The subsequent blogs will assist the reader in discovering the key ingredients needed to chef up a culture of positive intention focused on love, care, compassion and people! roof repair morris county nj

As Patrick Lenconi taught us, and our team referenced in the first blog, all teams are built on trust. Over the next few pages, we are going to help the reader understand how important trust is when being intentional about your culture. We will examine how trust is the foundation to create and maintain a culture focused on love, care, compassion and people! In addition, we will also learn how vulnerability can encourage more trust in other folks to the point where they not just show up, but open up! But first, we must have a quick safety moment. roof repair monmouth county nj

OSHA 1910.29 states that guardrails must reach a height of 42 inches, plus or minus 3 inches, above the walking-working surface and must withstand a force of 200 pounds at any point in a downward or outward direction. If the railing dips below 39 inches due to the force, the railing is not OSHA compliant.

Often, these are the same qualifications that Hoots, and the Construction Industry, needs to make before showing up with a trusting and vulnerable mindset that is focused on love, care, compassion, and people. Sometimes Hoots needs to test the handrail to make sure it can withstand the 200 lbs of resistance before trusting the environment for him to be vulnerable.

For most people, talking about love, care and compassion is easier than experiencing these feelings. For folks like Hoots, the actions behind these are easier to do than the concepts are to talk about. The uncomfortable gap comes from the translation of words to actions or actions to words. The words and actions that are being displayed are the behaviors of the culture you are creating! It is extremely important that you are able to become familiar with both the words and actions.

This blog is presenting a different set of words and actions that need to be taken in order to fulfill the industry’s commitment to being intentional about the design of our culture. Culture is no longer reduced to respect for people, hanging posters on the wall or having the best snacks in the kitchen. We’ll talk about culture as having trust among people that allows for vulnerability.

What was it that helped Hoots trust this conversation on culture?

Hoots has discovered a theme that seems to repeat itself over and over in our early morning culture conversations. There seems to be a system that is developing more and more as people continue to open up and share vulnerabilities. The current definition of that system looks like this:

  1. Show up! Jen, Jess and Hoots show up two times a week at 4 a.m. Put yourself in that uncomfortable setting so there is no other way! Once you are there, you have no other choice.
  2. Trust!Jen and Jess are always willing to put themselves out there first in an effort to establish trust and establish a safe place. There is always a 10-30 minute window of this team building trust before we ever dive into capability development.
  3. Vulnerable Engagement! Jen and Jess are able to help Hoots embrace vulnerability through leading by example. Opening up little pieces at a time is how this team has built such a solid foundation of trust.
  4. understanding. The feedback metrics that support this system are care and empathy. Culture is similar to continual development in that it is never stagnant. There will be some who learn quickly and others who need more time to digest new sensations and settings
  5. Humbly Listening! Jen and Jess listen to the specific words and are able to steer the conversation.
  6. Asking ‘the next question!’ Jen and Jess have the next questions lined up based on their ability to be fully present and listening in the moment.
  7. Affirming a deeper response. When Jen and Jess listen, this encourages Hoots to engage in a deeper reflection.
  8. Identifying impact. Jen and Jess are able to identify and explain to Hoots what his greatest impact is.
  9. Refining the impact. Jen and Jess continue to ask Hoots to reiterate and refine the impact that he is making. They affirm him through their love, care, and compassion for him.
  10. Continue to show up! This deepens the impact and allows for more people to discover their impact. Thus enacting, as Jen Lacy says, the ripples of impact!

Have you ever heard the phrase, the last animal to discover water is the fish? It’s true because fish are so immersed in the water, they do not know any other way. Similarly, when people are too close to their impact, they’re unable to understand the difference they are making. This is why keeping trusted guardians around you is so important.

During these early morning culture conversations, a space has been created where anyone can bring anything and know that people are going to show up with love and care with empathy. Care and empathy are the feedback measures that reinforce this system. Culture is a bit like continuous improvement in that it will never be a static state. There will be people who learn faster and others who need time to process new feelings and environments.

Have you ever heard the saying, “The fish was the last animal to find water?” It’s true because fish are so submerged in water that they don’t know how to live any other way. Similarly, when individuals are too near to their effect, they can’t see the difference they’re creating. This is why it is critical to have trustworthy guardians around you.

During these early morning cultural discussions, a place has been established where anybody may bring anything and know that others will show up with love, care, and understanding. The feedback metrics that support this system are care and empathy. Culture is similar to continual development in that it is never stagnant. There will be some who learn quickly and others who need more time to digest new sensations and settings.


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