Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important in 2021

Air Duct Cleaning

While every home has an HVAC system, homeowners must know that polluted ducts can contaminate indoor air and recirculate infections. In this pandemic era, when everyone’s health is at risk, we need to be highly cautious. We know that COVID-19 is spread through direct contact, but recent research reveals that contaminated ducts can also transmit the disease. So, we need to understand why Air Duct Cleaning is Important in 2021. Studies show that regular ductwork, spring-cleaning, and change of air filters, and disinfecting surfaces are highly effective approaches for opposing the spread of coronavirus. 

Ductworks are the passage from where processed air from the HVAC unit passes through, so it needs to be as clean as possible. The reason is that air can carry along any particles or debris present on the contact surfaces and spread around. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that clean ductwork is necessary for good air quality that is crucial for a person’s health. While bad indoor air quality can have damaging effects on health like it can aggravate any underlining health condition, cause breathing issues, allergies, headaches, itching, etc. 

When Should You Get Your Ductwork Cleaned? 

Ductwork cleaning is required when you notice some of the alarming signs such as mold development, dusty air coming out from the system, and infestation. These are the worst scenarios, but if your house members suffer from allergies, asthma, or chronic diseases or you have pets or smokers in your home, then duct washing should be more focused. 

HVAC Ductwork Cleaning 

According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) recommendations the entire HVAC unit needs to be cleaned during the duct scrubbing procedure. The system components for cleaning include air ducts, air registers, grills, equipment, and replacement of the new air filter. 

If you live in Georgia, you may look for experts for Air Duct Cleaning, Smyrna GA. Professionals use specialized brushes, tools, and best procedures to clean and disinfect the HVAC system. 

If you observe any dysfunction in your heating and cooling system, then you must contact an expert for Air Duct Repair and Replacement, Smyrna GA. Timely inspection and repair can save you from huge costs. 

Proper HVAC maintenance and ductwork cleaning can reap incredible benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Clean Air 

As you know the filthy and contaminated ducts contain millions of dust particles and germs that can spread into the air. When you inhale, it will enter your body and deteriorate your health. Also, these harmful microorganisms and dust particles settle on furniture and other objects, further increasing the chance of health damage. Apart from this, to effectively deal with the current pandemic situation, we need to be extra careful. 

Considering the problem, we must know that regular ductwork cleaning can help improve the air quality and save you from alarming health risks. 


  • Better Breathing 

As timely cleaning of the ductwork eliminates harmful particles and microorganisms, this is essential for breathing clean air. This is highly important in households and buildings where people suffer from a sensitive health condition such as asthma or allergies. Prolonged exposure to contaminated air can be quite damaging. So, you must look for reliable professionals in your area to avail the best HVAC duct scrubbing service. 

  • Fresh Air 

Regular Ductwork Spring-cleaning also eliminate bad odors from your surrounding so that you can inhale fresh and clean air. If your duct is infested with foul particles like mold and mildew, you will smell a musty odor. This suffocating bad smell will last forever and might not be treated with air fresheners or increasing ventilation by opening doors and windows. So, the best solution to this problem is to hire a reliable HVAC expert service, and get your system clean and disinfected. You should know that DIY cleaning can only be possible with dirty ducts, and when the problem is severe (duct blockage or infestation) then you must not risk it doing yourself. 

  • Improved Airflow

Another drawback of clogged or infested ductwork is that it will restrict the proper airflow. So, you will not only have to bear the germs, and bad odor but also long heating and cooling times. And, if you are using the system to ventilate your home, such blockages prevent proper functioning. As an HVAC owner, you must know that old heating and cooling systems are more vulnerable to such problems.  

So, if you feel a limited airflow, prolonged times to reach optimum temperature, and poor ventilation, then you must contact an HVAC professional. Timely inspection and cleaning are the best approaches. 

  • Better Efficiency 

Cleaning ductwork can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit. This will ensure that your system does not have to work harder to cool or heat your home. This means less use of electricity and minimized energy bills. Also, the system will have less wear and tear and will last for long. So, investing a little in professional ductwork cleaning will result in greater benefits: less damage to the system, less spending on repairs, and prolonged lifespan of the HVAC. 

So, filthy ducts are not acceptable due to the damage they may cause. So, you must adopt a habit of regularly monitoring your HVAC unit, its ductwork, and overall functioning. Some people learn DIY methods to periodically clean ducts, while others seek professional help. If simple dust needs to be wiped off then DIY is workable. On the contrary, if the problem is complex like blockage or contamination, special chemicals, equipment, and tools are required for the task. Hence, this is only a professionals’ job. 

So, you must neither risk your health with dirty ducts nor try cleaning infested ducts yourself. This will not damage your system but also harm your health. You must try to find a reliable HVAC professional in your area (look for recommendations) so that you can call when required.
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