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The line from neck to shoulder is one of the most charming parts of women. Necklaces, the jewelry closest to the heart, are treasures that fascinate many women. Wholesale necklaces are not only exquisitely crafted and affordable but also the finishing touch to the overall appearance. If matched properly, it will greatly enhance your temperament. Different types of clothing and necklines, matching necklace styles, and lengths are also different. Next, I will introduce to you how to choose the most perfect necklace for different collocations.

  1. Necklace with Small Round Collar

    In fact, small round neck clothes are most in need of necklace embellishment, especially after wearing a short necklace with a sense of design, the overall shape can become vivid. Looking at the Dior2018 autumn and winter show, it has already proved this point. Short necklaces collation with different styles of small round collars will produce wonderful effects. This matching method will also gradually become popular this year.

    The double-layer golden short necklace has a sense of design. When you wear a white t-shirt, it may look a little too monotonous. Wearing this necklace at this time will definitely bring the finishing touch to your collocation.

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  2. Necklace with Large Collar

    A coat with a large collar usually has more skin exposed. When you wear it, you can match it with a necklace with a longer length and a strong sense of existence. In this way, the exposed area of the skin can be evened out, and the visual feeling will be much more comfortable. Among them, the long pearl necklace that we often feel noble is especially suitable for the matching of large collars. It will make the wearer look very elegant and elegant. Especially for highly respected women in the workplace, the long pearl necklace makes you unstoppable and your aura is self-evident.

    When you want to look elegant, you can wear a black dress with a big collar, and then pair it with a unique pearl and silver necklace to show your queen style. Cool girls who like the minimalist style can choose a black short sleeve to match it when wearing it, which will make you look fashionable and advanced.

  3. Necklace with High Collar

    High-necked clothes tend to give people a dull feeling, and girls with short necks generally don’t dare to try it easily. When matching necklaces, you can choose exaggerated design necklaces with strong decorative effects to give clothes a good embellishment effect and stretch your neckline. For example, you can refer to many fashion bloggers who use gold or exaggerated necklaces for matching when they wear high collars to make the overall look lively and lively.
    The domineering golden chain and round marble texture pattern pendant give people a bright feeling. You can wear an apricot high-necked top and then wear such a necklace. This combination will make you look very delicate. At the same time, if you want to make the black high-necked shirt look less dull, you can also match it with such a necklace, because the gold necklace is very good with any color of clothing.

  4. Necklace with V-shaped Collar

    The V-shaped collar can make the neck look very slender, so it is best to match the necklace at the clavicle position to deepen the overall sense of layering. In an autumn and winter show of Chloé, the models wearing big V-neck successfully attracted a lot of people’s attention. Under the embellishment of metal accessories, the whole shape appeared full and rich. In fact, many suit jackets in daily life can also be matched in this way, and they will look good.
    Wearing a blue V-neck suit jacket may give people an overly formal feeling. At this time, you can wear a diamond serpentine pendant necklace. This combination can bring a little playfulness to the original formal suit. Make you look gentler. If you want a more casual style, you can also match it with simple denim and T-shirts, so that it looks low-key without losing personality.

  5. Necklace and shirt stacking

    Stacked necklaces have been very popular in the past two years. This matching method is a test of personal fashion skills. If the necklace can be stacked well to match the clothes, it will be very attractive even if you wear it very simply. Mixing and matching necklaces of different lengths and styles and then stacking them together can make your outfits more interesting and stylish on the basis of elegance. When wearing a shirt, unbuttoning two buttons and stacking necklaces of various styles is the most fashionable street match this year.
    The workmanship of this angel pendant drop crystal multi-layer necklace is very exquisite and looks noble and elegant. You can match it with a shirt dress made of ordinary cotton and linen, which will immediately make your clothes look to upgrade to the next level.

  6. Wear Necklace Backwards

    In the early days, in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”, Audrey Hepburn wore a small black dress stacked with a pearl necklace. It was different from the previous style worn on the chest. Wearing it on the back is more eye-catching and noble temperament. Wearing a necklace backward should be a fashionable and sophisticated high-end collocation method. When you show your beautiful back, you can try to wear the necklace backward. There will be a unique style and charm, so sexy that people can’t refuse.
    If you wear an adjustable silver tassel long necklace on the back, the silver chain can make your back look white and bright, and the long chain hangs down from behind, which can make the originally beautiful back look more delicate and smooth.
    When the necklace was hung on the neck, it became a woman’s most affectionate companion. Only elegant and beautiful women can interpret the temptation of necklaces. Only exquisite and unique necklaces can complete a woman’s moving legend. I hope the above necklace matching skills can be helpful to you. We sincerely hope that you can browse more wholesale jewelry on our website and look forward to your arrival at any time!

    Wearing a necklace, you will definitely be overly beautiful!

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