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Ethnic Diamond Pendant Hair Chain If you love beauty, besides matching clothes every day, what other ways can you use to make yourself beautiful in your life? The answer is actually not difficult. In addition to wearing hats and jewelry, you can also use colorful wholesale headbands. With the hairpin trend that has risen in recent years, girls have begun to attach importance to hair accessories, and headbands have also returned to fashion. Headbands have become the most fashionable and popular item at the moment. They not only make us look higher visually but also give a good embellishment to the details of the looks. If you want to catch up with this wave of headband trends, please read on!

  1. Practical Beautiful Headbands

    Satin Solid Color Ruched Headband In fact, the “wind” of the headband did not appear in recent years. The earliest headband was the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, which was used in the Olympic Games or poetry competitions. It was used as a symbol of honor, wisdom, and courage, but at that time laurel wreaths were mainly worn by men, and most of the wealthy and high-status women wore crowns made of gold. In the 1930s, Paris was immersed in the love of jazz and oriental fantasy. Girls of this period challenged society’s restrictions on women’s occupations by wearing headbands. Exotic colors are injected into the design of hair accessories.

    When the United States entered World War II in the 1940s, many women joined WOWs as men were conscripted to the battlefield. During the production of weapons and ammunition, they would wear a red headscarf to show their identity, in addition to protecting their hair from heavy machinery. It can be seen that the headband has undergone a functional change during this period. Compared with the decoration, people began to pay attention to its practicality.

  2. Fashion Circle Headbands

    Retro Velvet Sponge Headband In the 1970s, with the development of sports, sports headbands were revived and became one of the symbols of athletes. In the 1980s, the rise of fitness movies created many memorable female shapes, such as Olivia Newton-John and Cher. The application of bright-colored headbands impacted people’s traditional aesthetics to a certain extent, and many women gradually tried using headbands. New mix. In the 2000s, headbands have already appeared in the fashion circle as a fashion item.

    In summary, the history of the headband is longer than expected. It is encountering the retro trend of the fashion circle, and the headband is returning to the public eye. Nowadays, the appearance of headbands in many fashion shows has pushed the item of headbands to a higher level. Therefore, whether it is for love or to follow suit, headbands will definitely enter many women’s shopping lists in the short term. headbands have also become one of the indispensable fashion accessories for many women.

  3. Same Color Headbands Matching

    Broad Brim Bow Gilt Headband Maybe you can’t use different color combinations as well as fashionistas or street photographers. Then you can choose a conservative and not easy to make mistakes appearance of the same color. In addition to matching clothes of the same color, you can also choose a headband that is close to your hair color. This can create a fluffy feel for the hair and leave some bangs appropriately. In the case of ensuring that the color does not look strange, it can also have the visual effect of increasing hair volume.

    The pure color satin headband preferred by most fashion bloggers and street photographers is very suitable for the same color. If you think bright-colored headbands are too ostentatious, you can choose a relatively low-key light-colored suede or leather headband. When matching, if you are wearing a green dress, then you can match it with a green headband to echo the color of the dress. Similarly, you can use the same method when you wear clothes of other colors. Learn to use the same color headband to match, you will easily become the next fashionista.

  4. Headband Matching Earrings

    Retro Plaid & Flower Corduroy Headband If you want to try a headband, but you are not confident enough about your face shape. Please try to make clever use of weighty earrings, such as large earrings, long earrings and even some “alien” earrings. Due to the large overall size of this type of earrings, they can well modify the line of your chin, which not only catches the eye but also enhances your overall aura. Of course, the specific situation still depends on your face shape. It is important to choose the earrings that suit you best.

    But if you want to make yourself more beautiful with the help of earrings, you need to consider the choice of different headbands. If you wear a pair of exaggerated earrings, you should choose a simple style as much as possible in the choice of headbands to avoid visual confusion. If you wear a pair of earrings with a small and exquisite design, you can choose a more colorful headband to embellish your appearance. Different earrings matching headbands can always bring unexpected results.

  5. Different Color Headbands Matching

    Shell Pearl Chain Tassel Headband The popularity of headbands has made most women realize that it is no longer just an accessory for women to wash their faces, but can be worn as a fashion accessory when going out on the street. If you think it’s a bit common to match a headband and clothes of the same color together. You want to try more distinctive looks. Then you can choose different color combinations. They will make you look more outstanding.

    Street fashion is one of the most popular trends now, and bold play with colors is one of its biggest characteristics. So you can challenge the bright color headband as the eye-catching part of the overall look. But avoid too many colors to make the looks unfocused. At the same time, headbands of different colors are more suitable for fusion with relaxed and casual street wear. You can choose to tie up a ponytail in your hairstyle to show a completely different summer refreshing feeling.

  6. Banquet with Gorgeous Headbands

    Women Crystal Velvet Hair Hoop When attending a dinner or party every day, most people may not think of headbands first when they think of headwear. However, if you need to wear formal wear, it is often very suitable to use thick headbands to match the style. The thickened headband will not give people a noble feeling like a crown. If it is matched with a thick headband with a gorgeous pearl design or velvet material. It will be the icing on the cake and become an elegant “nobleman”.

    If you need to dress up, you can put your hair on your shoulders in a natural and fluffy state. Or you can roll up your hair to create a gentle style. If you want to look more unique and personal, you can also try headbands decorated with rivets or rhinestones. When you put on an exquisitely crafted dress and then put on a gorgeous style headband, your unique charm will make you the most charming woman on the occasion.Diamond & Pearl Trim Headband There is a saying that fashion is a reincarnation. Fashion can always give retro items a sense of freshness at different times and can also produce endless appeal in a short period of time. The never-ending fashion trend in the fashion circle. And the return of this fashion trend of headbands, do you still want to miss it! Buy it quickly and try it! Our OOK JEWELRY online store can provide you with superb quality and cost-effective wholesale headbands. If you are interested, please take a look!

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