Which is the Best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur?


A senior secondary education can be defined as the classes which include eleventh and twelfth grade and sometimes may include tenth grade. The age 15 to age 18 years can be defined as the senior secondary years.


In the life of a person, an important segment is choosing the Best Senior Secondary School. Senior Secondary Education is a part of a student’s life that potentially empower the young generation, raise the economic status of a person, and strengthens moral Values. 


The classes eleventh and twelfth are known as the senior secondary classes. In India, the SSC is known as Secondary School Certificate (Class 10th)  and HSC is known as Higher Secondary Certificate (Class 12th).


This article will help students to know the best Senior Secondary School.


VSI is The Best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur

Every parent has this question in their mind about which school I should enroll my child in. Although the city has enormous schools which are Senior Secondary, the best ones are few. We consider VSI International Senior Secondary School as the best school in the pink city Jaipur. VSI is the Co-ed school affiliated with Rajasthan Board and preferred by Jaipur’s students for its best faculties and infrastructure. 


Why Choose VSI School Senior Secondary School?

There are multiple reasons for choosing VSI School for your child. The reasons are listed below:-

  • VSI School is the best as the school has the right infrastructure and best-updated technology for the students.
  • VSI Schools have fully air-conditioned large classrooms where teaching can be done in the most perfect manner.
  • The school consists of a large playground so that the students can take part in sports and other extracurricular activities. In the big playground, students can easily play their desired game or sport.
  • There is an Activity room in the school for pursuing various different activities by the students. Students can self explore and discover themselves here.
  • The school has a fascinating Computer Lab which is the emerging need of the current era. Students need to be updated as per growing technology and for that Computer Lab is very essential.
  • The school possesses eco-friendly air-conditioned buses that are supported by mobile phones and a GPRS facility. The bus drivers and conductors provided by the school authority are well trained. There are an attendant and a maid who used to escort the pre-primary children.
  • The school also possesses a well-stocked library so that the students can inculcate healthy reading habits.
  • There is also a Math lab for the inquisitive natural learners of the school. Students can learn the calculations at the Math lab by performing certain activities.
  • The school is based on the concept of Smart Class according to the advancement in technology. There are digital lectures for the students and every topic can be explained virtually.
  • VSI school has all the facilities that an ideal school should possess according to the current time.
  • VSI is the best International School in Jaipur as it has a very learned and experienced teaching staff. The students can excel well in their exams under the right guidance of the teachers. The school has the best faculty as all the dedicated and passionate teachers are hired here. 
  • The VSI schools have the Best Play School in Jaipur with a lot of playing stuff for the little tiny toddlers.
  • The VSI is the Best Primary School In Jaipur as the school has beautiful classrooms that instantly attract the little kids.
  • VSI is the Best School In Jaipur Rajasthan as the school is affiliated with the Rajasthan board and has a good academic record for its students for years.


What are the subjects provided by VSI School for 10+2?

The following subjects are provided by the VSI School for 10+2:-

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts 

VSI  International English Medium School provides three main streams as the subjects of VSI School for 10+2.


Is there any age criteria for enrolling at a senior secondary school?


For the admission process, there is no specific upper age limit. However, For enrolling in the secondary courses, the minimum age required is 14 years. While for the Senior Secondary Courses the minimum age required is 15 years.


What are the fees charged by senior secondary schools?

Every school has a different fee structure based on their services and facilities. Senior Secondary Schools normally charge fees in the range from 40-50 thousand per academic session. On the other hand, VSI International Senior Secondary School is the most affordable English medium school in Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can also compare the fee structure with the other Rajasthan Board affiliated English Medium Schools in Jaipur. 



The VSI International is the best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur. The school has a vast campus equipped with all the necessary technology stuff. There are wide, large, and ventilated classrooms. Students have imparted the right knowledge by expert faculties. VSI is the Best School In Jaipur Rajasthan as the school has an excellent academic record and year after year the school shows progress in academics.


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