Which door is better to buy, these 4 kinds of doors are the most suitable for most families

Which door is better to buy, these 4 kinds of doors are the most suitable for most families

After buying a new house, the final step of the whole decoration plan is to install the doors and windows. The toilet door, kitchen door, bedroom door, etc. need to choose suitable materials. Some need to isolate the light, and some need to play the role of anti-theft. Some of them need to play a role in isolating the air, but most of them are used to protect our privacy as a barrier. So which door is better to buy, let’s take a look at it together.

1. Paint-free veneer door

Listening to the name, you know that this type of door does not need any paint, so the degree of air pollution is not so serious. Most paint-free doors are made of PVC veneer, the main material is solid wood composite, and a door is covered cover and then veneer. The most important thing about paint-free veneer doors is that they are relatively cheap and suitable for most families. Of course, the service life of paint-free doors is not as good as that of solid wood, and basically, something goes wrong and cannot be repaired.

2. Solid wood composite door

The door of this material is the choice of most families. The solid wood composite door is composed of three parts: inner filling, balance layer and veneer. The outside is made of solid wood to make a frame, and different types of solid wood composite doors are filled with materials They are all different, but most of them are relatively light, and have strong bending resistance and crack resistance. The sound insulation effect is also quite good. It is generally used as a door or a bedroom door. save with Door Handle Company Discount Code and Bargain Fox discount code

3. Full real wooden door

Solid wood doors are generally selected for high-end decoration families. The solid wood doors themselves are made of natural forest logs, which are made through various processes such as polishing, cutting and drying. Most of the solid wood doors are particularly precious woods. After ten years of use, there will be no cracks, deformation and other problems, not to mention the corrosion resistance and thermal insulation function of solid wood doors. In addition, solid wood doors have a unique sound-absorbing effect, which is a very environmentally friendly and compelling material.

4. MDF molded door

Most of the molded doors look very textured. In fact, they are made by pressing the mold with high temperature conditions. The raw material is MDF. The advantage of the molded door is that it can be made according to customer needs. , After finishing, you can brush some varnish slightly to ensure the natural texture of the whole molded door, which looks very beautiful. In terms of specific use, it has good moisture-proof and anti-deformation capabilities, and the most important thing is that it is relatively cheap.

In fact, the door alone cannot achieve complete anti-theft effect. The most important thing is to have the protection of the anti-theft lock, so it is best to choose a high-end reassuring anti-theft lock to protect the property safety of the entire family.

Weighing intelligent anti-theft door lock

When parents are old, they often forget their keys when they go out. It is troublesome and expensive to find an unlocking company. This fingerprint + remote key + mechanical key

+ magnetic card unlocking + password unlocking + combination unlocking

+ time-based unlocking and other unlocking methods are Not only safe but also worry-free.

Weighing fingerprint lock password lock smart door lock electronic lock home anti-theft door smart door

standard lock body overlord lock body screen push-pull type [optional door installation] classic

Yingdian smart home lock

This smart lock is connected to the app, and the unlocking information is automatically pushed. Up to 7 unlocking methods have a high safety factor,

and the built-in cat’s eye function can be viewed 360 degrees without dead ends, so you can master the situation outside the door.

Yingdian fingerprint lock password lock smart lock door lock electronic lock

home anti-theft door lock upgrade automatic sliding cover – black gift battery. Lock body.

The above is all about what kind of door to buy, for the interior design and decoration plan of the home, plus each family has different requirements for the door, so the above categories can be properly referenced.



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