Which are the post-operative instructions to follow for a hair transplant?

Do Transplanted Hair Turn Grey

You must be careful about what to do following the hair transplant treatment. Doing so ensures that the treatment results are all practical and best. Hair Transplant in Punjab is one of the best ways to address the problem of hair loss in all the right ways. After undergoing hair transplant treatment, it is highly crucial to take care of the transplanted hair grafts. It’s like keeping in mind that you have to follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor. In this article, I will suggest to you all those options that are worth pursuing after the surgery.

Post-operative instructions to follow after hair transplant

Hair Transplant in Vizag is one of the ultimate ways to transform your hair health. To ensure the side effects and all other complications are reduced, you must follow all the necessary suggestions. Here’s what you can expect right after the hair transplant surgery:

  • It’s like following the post-operative instructions given by the doctor, as it takes around 10 to 14 days to get everything managed. In this period, the swelling on the forehead, usually above the nose & around the eyes, will get less.
  • At least three months is needed to notice the hair growth, i.e., at least a few inches long. The hair grafts will continue to grow, and the desired results will be seen within 8 to 12 months.

Following the post-transplant recovery tips are essential as to ensure the Hair Transplant Cost is worth every penny and you get to have the results looking for.


What happens after the surgery?

Pain management after hair transplant

Pain is expected after the surgery, and to manage the same, you should take the medications suggested by the hair transplant doctor.


Tingling or numbness are normal

Following a hair transplant, there is numbness or tingling sensation, which is normal & usually gets settled down within a few weeks or months.


What are the instructions to follow after a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a non-surgical treatment in which the bald part of the scalp is filled with hair grafts. Here are the essential things to follow after the surgery:

  • Following the surgery, ensure that you keep your head elevated to reduce the swelling.
  • After the surgery, there is no need to exercise, lift weight, smoke, or do any activity on the 3rd day of surgery. Doing such activities will trigger bleeding and loss of hair follicles.
  • Three days after the surgery, the scabs are formed on the scalp, which is normal to have. But make sure that you don’t touch the scabs at any cost. Around ten days after the surgery, the scabs will fall independently.
  • Ensure that you don’t swim in the pool for at least one month after the surgery. The pool water contains chlorine which can impact the transplanted hair grafts.


Do you have any doubts?

If you have any doubt after the hair transplant surgery or there is a difficulty for you to manage the after-care regime, then schedule your initial consultation at ASG Hair Transplant Centre to make the hair care journey go with ease. If there’s any doubt in your mind, then better schedule an initial consultation with the hair restoration surgeon to plan everything in the proper manner.


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