When Is Alcohol an Addiction?

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When Is Alcohol an Addiction?

In most households, their weekend cannot be complete without a few pints of alcohol. Although some take it as a luxury, some people fail to contain their drinking habits resulting in alcohol addiction.

Initially, most people who are alcohol addicts may not be aware of their state. When asked, they’ll claim they are regular drinkers and not addicts. Addiction is a serious disorder that causes someone to feel distressed emotionally whenever they are not using alcohol.

Well, there are various signs to alert you that you are becoming an alcohol addict. This article will discuss various signs that show your alcohol intake is turning you into an addict.

1. “Blacking Out” Regularly

According to researchers, most alcohol addicts tend to drink to the extent that they won’t recall what happened and where. Memory loss occurs when alcohol interferes with memory transfer from short-term memory storage to long-term memory storage. Anyone experiencing these effects

2. Drinking in a Dangerous Situation

The urge to drink at work, when driving, or performing essential duties is an indicator that you’re turning out to be an alcoholic. The cravings for alcohol increase every day, and can’t wait for the right time.

If you realize your urge to take alcohol has risen this much, it’s time to look for a private alcohol addiction treatment center. Their treatment programs run for days or weeks depending on an individual addiction problem.

3. Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you start experiencing nausea, shaking, sweating, irritability, or tiredness when you have not tasted any alcoholic drink, your alcohol addiction is taking a toll on you. You experience all these because the body has adapted to the alcoholic drinks to such an extent that it works improperly when you try to be sober.

4. Unable to Stop Drinking

One of the most unkempt promises among drunkards is, “I won’t drink alcohol again.” If you’re an alcoholic, you must have made this promise to yourself more than once and broke it. This habit is bound to happen until you seek professional treatment.

5. Regular Engagement in Unnecessary Conflicts

People who take alcohol react differently from its effects. Among the most reported cases of domestic violence, the culprits are alcohol addicts. Moreover, addicts cannot maintain friendships or take good care of their families due to bad drinking habits. They usually go violent quickly thus making it hard for them to relate well with those around them.

6. Neglecting Responsibilities

Do you have problems executing duties at your workplace, home, or school due to your drinking habits? If your answer is affirmative, then you’re probably an alcohol addict. Most people who drink uncontrollably tend to be lazy or ignorant about their roles – something that can cause job loss.

7. Drinking to Feel Better or for Relaxation

Most individuals trying to manage addiction tend to misuse alcohol. It’s common for them to drink for reasons such as suppressing their emotional needs, managing stress, anxiety, or depression.

Whereas experiencing one of the signs discussed on our list doesn’t necessarily mean you are an alcohol addict, experiencing a few or all of them renders you a problem drinker. If you have someone struggling with alcohol abuse, it’s time to find a facility that offers alcohol addiction treatment for loved ones in the State. Early treatment will prevent severe mental health issues and keep their jobs and families stable


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