WhatsApp Status Apps for iOS and Android 2023

WhatsApp Status

A component for tales called WhatsApp Status is part of the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. In this part, users frequently share funny films, GIFs, wishes, images, and comments. Finding something to share on WhatsApp Status is time-consuming.

You have to find, download, and shorten content before sharing it on WhatsApp Status. However, you can obtain fascinating WhatsApp Status movies using a variety of great apps. To download and upload as a WhatsApp status, you can choose from thousands of interesting videos on video status downloader applications. In this article, I’ve listed some helpful WhatsApp video status downloader apps for iOS and Android.

WhatsApp Status Video and Instagram Stories are comparable. By uploading them, you can share photographs and videos with your contacts. Text, various colours, emojis, and GIFs can all be used to express how your day is going.

This WhatsApp status is valid for 24 hours before it expires on its own. Several programmes offer ready-made status that you can upload immediately, even though you can add your own information as well. Here are the Best Apps for WhatsApp Status Video for iOS and Android.

Take a look at these helpful WhatsApp Web hints and tips.

Most effective WhatsApp Status Apps for iOS and Android

1. We like

This app comes in its entirety. You may create a social networking profile, play games, and download photos and videos for WhatsApp stories if you sign in. When you search using the WhatsApp Status Keyword.

You can follow the users whose posts are displayed to obtain additional content from them. There is also a specialty section where you can get news about famous people, inspiring status, trending themes, etc. The programme features a lot of offensive content, so you probably won’t like it, but if you can get beyond that, it has a vast database you can use.

The fact that it supports 15 regional tongues in addition to English is its strongest feature. As a result, you can access content in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Bangla, among other languages. Although there are banner advertisements in the software, they are not intrusive.


post right away to WhatsApp

use as a social media platform

There are several supported regional languages.

Download the Android app We Like.

2. UVideo

It features a user interface (UI) reminiscent of WeLike and categories depending on the people you follow, humour, love, etc. Additionally, you can use themes to make your own videos. It is possible to clip, crop, and change the background with simple editing tools. In addition, stickers, filters, and phrases are available.

The COVID-19 feature of the programme, which shows a graphical map of the number of occurrences nationwide and broken down by state, is an interesting addition. Using templates like a face mask and self-defense tips, you may create your own material. I think it’s a great way to spread awareness when celebrities talk about the advantages of social distance while donning a face mask.


vast video collection

integrated video editor

Videos, documents, and information for COVID-19

For Android, get UVideo.

3. A status and quote video

You probably upload a lot of quotes and short videos, both of which are abundant in this app. It is free and works with any social networking site. It also has a built-in photo editing tool that makes it simple to make your own photo status.

You can add quotation marks, change the colour and style of the text, and even add shawls and overlays. You may also add stickers to the app that express your mood as well as a range of different stickers like funny, festival, etc. This is only compatible with iOS.


various quotes and videos

allows for photo editing

only on iOS

Apply Clip to iOS.

4. TikTok

TikTok has become a trend in and of itself when you take into account short mobile videos. It is possible to find information from all around the world because it is available everywhere.

Due to WhatsApp’s vast user base, many users desire to share the same content with their friends and family. On TikTok, you may watch videos that can be instantly shared on WhatsApp. You can also produce unique content, use your own audio, apply filters, etc. You, therefore, have both choices here.

There is a tonne of films on COVID-19 safety and health information in addition to entertaining content. You can therefore alert your WhatsApp contacts as well.


social media video platform

as a direct Whatsapp status

the potential to create original content

up to date with the times

Get TikTok for (iOS | Android) right away.

5. Pinterest

I look for inspiration on Pinterest for almost anything. Whether it be sayings, recommendations for trips, cooking instructions, etc. Its library has more than 100 billion images and movies, each of which can be saved separately on boards.

You’ll enjoy using the app because it has superb content and a still-clean interface. There aren’t many options available when choosing regional languages or content.

But if it doesn’t bother you, it’s a great way to find WhatsApp status. Simply enter a term and select “Share.” But there is one drawback. You can only send a link to WhatsApp that has a page preview in it. By downloading photographs offline and sharing them from the gallery, you can get around that.


Lots of top-notch content

Keep boards for all of your favourite ideas.

Download Pinterest for Android and iOS.

6. WhatsApp Status Saver

WhatsApp itself is a great resource for WhatsApp stories. I like keeping the old pictures of my pals in my gallery so I may look at them later. There isn’t a native WhatsApp method for carrying it out. I use the application Status Saver to store status pictures and videos.

All you have to do to keep a WhatsApp status is open the app and tap on it. The bottom Status Tab can then be chosen by opening the Status Saver app. Here, you can see a list of all the status updates you’ve read. After tapping on the image or video, select “download” from the menu. Now I’m done. You can find these in your gallery or the downloads section.

Another new feature is “Text unknown number.” This is helpful when you want to save a number but only want to converse briefly. By choosing this, a new chat will open right away. As a result, you are spared the hassle of needing to save the number.

Ways to Save WhatsApp Status on Android and iPhone Devices

In the past, WhatsApp revealed tales, a feature that was similar to Snapchat’s. Following that, WhatsApp status significantly improved. Currently, text, pictures, videos, GIFs, and updates to the WhatsApp status feature can all have different backdrop colours.

However, there isn’t a way to keep your WhatsApp status right now. We haven’t heard any rumours about it either.

On Android devices, how to Save WhatsApp Status (including pics and videos)

Here, we’ll introduce two non-rooted WhatsApp status preserving techniques for Android devices. You actually did hear clearly. Your Android device does not need to be rooted in order to save WhatsApp status.

With an iPad or iPhone, how to save WhatsApp status

Android is a more adaptable platform than iOS. The jailbreak feature, which is comparable to rooting on Android, is available for iPhones and iPads. We didn’t divulge any rooting secrets to you, so hold on.

However, a jailbroken iOS device is not necessary. Here are two excellent ways to save WhatsApp stories on your iPad or iPhone.

Save WhatsApp status with a web browser

Sincerely, it is much easier to get WhatsApp statuses from a computer than from an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Browsers alone are not necessary; other software is not. The greatest browser with dependable internet and online WhatsApp is a requirement.

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