WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Kuwait, Qatar and GCC


With 4.26 million users in Kuwait at the start of the year 2021, the number spiked by around 35 thousand between 2020 and 2021!

That means online businesses with the help of effective communication channels can flourish excellently in the Gulf countries. Now, WhatsApp Business API forms the base for various e-commerce to connect a broad audience on a single diverse platform. WhatsApp Business API Pricing is the first thing you may be interested in using WhatsApp for your business.

So, in this blog, we highlight how WhatsApp Business API Pricing will change from the start of the following year. Plus, you will explore the range of benefits you get while switching to WhatsApp Business API today to boost your company’s growth dynamically.

Let’s start with the first question in your mind,

Will WhatsApp Business API be really beneficial for Gulf region e-commerce?

These numbers say a lot about the audience who is willing to transform to a new digital era. Indeed, the number of social media users also saw a hike of not less than 99 thousand between the transitioning periods of 2021. Moreover, it shows the potential of market penetrating the roots in the Gulf countries, including Kuwait and Qatar.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp Business API with AI-driven chatbot builders has opened a new way to connect buyers to your business. With the help of customized chatbots, you can send various notifications, including order updates, appointment booking updates, etc., to your customers.

Not to be wrong, this is the perfect time to get started with WhatsApp Business API to leverage its full benefits in the year 2022. Here are the updates which you can expect to experience soon for WhatsApp Business API pricing.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

All the pricing listed below is effective until February 1st, 2022. Post which, you will have to switch to conversation-based pricing rates.

So, now you may be wondering about the model which WhatsApp is following today. Indeed, currently, all are using a notification-based pricing model, which you will have to switch to a conversation-based pricing model post-February 1st, 2022.

That means, as now you are being charged for the sent-notifications. Further, you will get charged per conversation. So following are the rules you need to know to get started today with WhatsApp Business API for your online business.

Price of Delivered Template Message

Now, the price of each of the delivered Template messages will be based on the below factors:

  • Country code of the recipient
  • The volume of delivered template messages in 1 calendar month
  • Specific to a region or a country.

Note: Now, the template message volume will not be aggregated, such as with different WABAs, countries, and regions.

The price charged will be the price that is effective at the time of sending the template message.

The template messages delivered within 30 days after being sent will be liable for a fee (charge). Otherwise, if the template messages are delivered post 30 days of your time of message-sent, WhatsApp will not charge you for anything.

Your bonus: What is a Template Message in WhatsApp Business API

Your business will undoubtedly follow a specific format to send messages in the name of your brand. These customer care messages, with a particular style for reminder messages, appointment notifications, payment updates, etc., are called Template Messages.

Customer Messaging Charges

You will not be charged for any messages you send for up to 24 hours post customer’s last message, including the template messages, ONLY if the customer initiates messaging your business. Plus, if you, as a business, are sending any additional message apart from the Customer Care Window, it should always be a template message.

The cost for each of the additionally sent template messages will be charged according to Whatsapp’s rate card.

The pricing change of WhatsApp’s rate card

WhatsApp holds the right to update the rate card every month, which is entirely independent. Post which, the changes will be applicable from the first of the following month.

Note: Countries and Regions: Cuba, Syria, Crimea, Iran, North Korea are excluded from the WhatsApp Business Solutions list and may not be used to send and receive messages from these regions.

Check out the cost per message for different regions, including the Gulf countries.

Now, as the WhatsApp business API pricing is transparent, it’s time to switch to the benefits of using WhatsApp business API with the latest AI-driven features.

WhatsApp Business API Paired with the latest features.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the world’s #1 social channel, and interestingly it is moving the world to faster customer service from established brands. Indeed, you can also start to join the benefits to revamp your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to the best standards. Moreover, WhatsApp Business API with the latest AI-powered chatbots and features will take your business to another level!

  • Compete with your competitors globally

Yes, the global game is on, and with AI, you are assured of winning! WhatsApp Business API features help you integrate your business with WhatsApp API and reach the target audience with just one click and in the template of your choice. The intelligent messaging makes it even easier to convert users and boost your business’s sales.

  • Create highly engaging customer service

WhatsApp Business API prices make it clear about the freedom you get while switching to it. WhatsApp charges for template messages because businesses find it highly beneficial to convert prospects and enrich customer service simultaneously. You can support your customers with automated WhatsApp Business API solutions anytime and anywhere!

Embrace growth with AI-powered WhatsApp Business API solutions

Get updated with the WhatsApp business API pricing and get the maximum use of technology at hand with AI-powered WhatsApp Business API solutions for your brand. Build visibility, connect with the right audience, convert, and maintain the best customer service with Kait. So, get the correct API features with an intelligent dashboard, all under one single roof, at the most affordable price in the market.

It’s time to grow your business with the most popular social media platform in order to get more revenue and which can help you get better two way engagement that includes leverage text, rich media and quick replies to engage with your customers!


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