What you should know about hiring an employment agency in Brampton

employment agency in Brampton

Brampton has a lot of businesses, but it can be hard to pick the right people from a talent pool, especially for small businesses. The whole job advertisement, application sorting, interviewing, negotiations, and onboarding process could be very time-consuming and frustrating.

Small and medium-sized businesses that spend too much time and money on the hiring process waste time and money. However, that’s no longer the case because staffing agencies are now common and accepted in the HR world, so it’s no longer true.

But there’s still a lot to think about before you decide to hire employees through an employment agency in Brampton. That’s why this guide gives you the most important information you need to know about a recruitment agency. To get the best people on your team, you need to use the information in this post.

What Kind of Jobs Can employment agency in Brampton fill for Your Company, and How Do They Do It?


The following types of jobs can be filled by staffing agencies:

1. Short-term jobs


A lot of people work during the holidays or when schools are on break because they have a start and end date. Many businesses need extra help to handle a lot of customer demand, but only for a short time. An employment agency in Brampton helps businesses like this find the right people to keep their operations running for as long as they want.

People who need work for a short time keep their names in the books of recruitment agencies. They are usually best suited for short-term jobs.

2. Intermediate (temporary-to-hire) jobs

Some jobs may ask for a form of probation before hiring people who are qualified full-time. An employment agency in Brampton can help companies find qualified workers who can be tested through on-the-job training.

Staffing agencies will put the job openings on their website, on job boards, or in other places where people who might be interested can find them. Candidates who are good enough for the job usually have an interview to make a shortlist for the hiring company.

A person on probation will have to show that he or she can do the job well and quickly. Most of the time, these programs don’t last more than a few months, but they can last longer. When candidates who are good enough for probation are checked out based on their performance, the best one is usually hired full-time.

Any candidate who is chosen for probation is still an employee of the recruiter until he or she gets a full-time job.

3. Direct hires.

Staffing agencies can help businesses find the right, long-term workers for jobs that need to be filled for a long time. Direct hires are different from other jobs because recruiters act as a middleman between the business and the people who want to work there.

Most direct hires made by staffing agencies are advertised on job boards and in job forums. When qualified people apply for jobs and show up for interviews, staffing agencies do the first round of interviews.

Recruitment agencies usually do a lot of background checks on people before they introduce them to a company.

Staff from direct hires are not employees of the recruitment agency, unlike staff from short-term or intermediate jobs. The only thing the employment agency in Brampton has to deal with is the process of finding new workers. Their candidates become full-time employees of the companies that are looking for workers.

Using an employment agency in Brampton for your new hires can be a good thing.

Precision hires people who are good at what they do.

Some businesses may not need full-time employees to do their jobs, but they may need temporary help. Businesses can use an employment agency in Brampton to hire people for a set amount of time.

Working with a company that hires people for short-term jobs saves money, time, and makes your business run better.


Faster rate of hires

Businesses are very worried about hiring the right people on their own. Many company hiring processes can take a long time to find the right person. However, that isn’t the case with a staffing company.

Staffing agencies usually have a lot of people who are good for a lot of jobs at the same time. In a month, your business will be able to hire new employees if you work with a staffing company.


There is less risk

Businesses might have to spend a lot of money and take a lot of risks if they hire employees through direct hires. Onboarding a direct employee means taking care of insurance, labor, insurance, and other things.

By taking care of employees’ insurance, tax, and other needs when they work for an employment agency in Brampton.


How much do employment agencies charge for each job?

Most staffing agencies in Brampton usually charge between a quarter and 100% of the wages of the people they hire. Let’s say you hire workers from an employment agency in Brampton that charges 25% of what their workers make. If workers are expected to make $20 an hour, you’ll have to pay the agency $25 for their help, so you’ll have to pay them that amount. There are different prices, but they don’t go below 25% of what your workers make per hour.

The best ways to choose an employment agency in Brampton


Choose a well-known company.

It might be bad for your business to hire from the cheapest company. Instead, choose an employment agency in Brampton that is well-known in the human resources field and has a good track record. Recognized recruitment agencies make sure you get the best people for your jobs, so you don’t have to worry about them being the right fit for your job.

Choose a company that can meet your needs.


Want to hire hundreds of people for your business right away? Then this is the company for you. Every staffing company can’t get a lot of workers to you in a few weeks. It’s also a good idea to think about what kind of employees staffing agencies can provide before making a final choice. During the process of choosing a staffing agency, look for reviews on each company on your short list. Who work for a company that respects the rights of their employees should choose them.

It would be unfair and even dangerous to work with a staffing company that doesn’t care about workers’ rights. Make sure that the employment agency in Brampton you choose is a member of workers’ groups that protect workers’ rights.


Do you plan to hire? Trust HRCraft Employment agency in Brampton to find the best people.

On your own, you might not be able to hire the right people for your business. Even though your business needs the right people to keep things running smoothly, a professional employment agency in Brampton can help you find the right people.

HRCraft, for example, is a well-known company that can help you find the best people for your job. With our knowledge of businesses in Canada, we can help employers meet their goals.

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