What you need to know about cycling arm warmers



They are an excellent choice for any cycling since they are compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry, while also being extremely effective against cold temperatures. In most cases, they are made of Lycra, and in some cases may even include fleece backing (see more about fabrics below), and are intended to keep your extremities warm and dry while cycling in cold weather.

ARM WARMERS are designed to be worn in conjunction with short sleeve jerseys and offer coverage from the wrist all the way up to just below the shoulder. To keep the warmer in place, wear the sleeves of the jersey over it. In addition to providing stability and preventing slippage, good-quality arm warmers should include silicone grippers at the upper arm opening.

Adding a decent pair of arm warmers to your short sleeve cycling jerseys will maximize their potential…Designed to withstand wind and water, our arm warmers are super stretchy, soft, and wicking. They are easy to take off and pack in your jersey pocket when not in use. Cycling arm warmers that are close-fitting to allow flexibility in your cycling wardrobe when temperatures drop.

Easily stowed, the warmers have a fleece lining with a flatlock stitch to prevent chafing and provide maximum comfort and strength. A Flexi fit 4-way stretch fabric with elastin compound ensures a sleek fit. Keep your arms protected when you need extra layers, or when the weather is such that you can still wear short sleeves in Autumn and Spring. The Cycling Arm warmers have a pop of color to catch the eye,

so match them with your jersey or use them as a color clash. They provide some welcome warmth on a cool cycling day thanks to their cozy construction.

Cycle arm warmers are a cycling accessory that is useful all year round. They are ideally suited to taking off the bite of cooler spring and autumn temperatures due to the insulation provided by Thermoflex fabric. When you’re riding, the anatomic cut ensures they fit comfortably. And with silicone grippers, they stay in place under your jersey sleeves.


The softness and elasticity of knit fabrics make them ideal for athletic apparel. The warmers fit well, remain in place while you are moving, and provide comfort for cyclists. While retaining a stylish appearance, they offer a high degree of flexibility & comfort. Fabrics knitted from a single or double yarn have small openings that hold air or minuscule amounts of water. Knits are warmer than other fabrics even when they are soaked in water.


The arm warmers offer protection against cold and changing weather conditions, making them ideal for cool descents. In addition to using them in winter, arm warmers are also used in moderate weather. Some cyclists use arm warmers as a fashion accessory or to complete their cycling shorts.

Maintain temperature.

When stretched, the material generates more than 1°C of heat. Winter arm warmers keep your arms warm. The Menino fiber is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature. They help you stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.


The fibers in Merino absorb large amounts of moisture and move it away from the skin to evaporate. Because of this, the fabric is extremely comfortable. Breathable and less likely to become clammy.

What is the purpose of arm warmers?

Arm warmers come in handy when the weather turns chilly or when you emerge from the frigid depths of winter. If it isn’t quite cold enough for a full jacket or looks like it will warm up later, arm warmers keep your arms warm and can be tucked away when the weather improves. A tenner gets you many of the same features as more expensive sleeves. They fit well, stay in place, and work in spring and autumn temperatures.

Galibier claims the two fabrics are matched to the motion of the arms due to their fleece-backed Roubaix construction. On the inside, they have a good fleece material to keep the warmth in. For the price, ETC’s take on this little wardrobe essential is impressive. There is a second seam on the Snug warmers that creates an elbow area. This helped the elbow flex and prevented any material bunching on the inside. Even though they aren’t exactly ‘shaped,’ this really helps.

From hem to hem, they are certainly performance cut, fitting snugly around your arms, and they retain their shape well against your arm because of this. The upper arm has a silicone gripper as well, but it’s hardly necessary to me if reassuring for those who have Froome-like arms. Aside from being shaped and slightly stretchy,

the elbow areas are pre-molded, which adds to their comfort. These arm warmers are some of the cheapest we’ve ever tested, and they certainly don’t feel like ETC skimped on construction or fabric quality.

Arm warmers for cycling

One of the most versatile ways to protect yourself in cold or changing conditions is by wearing arm warmers. There are many different kinds of doors, from heavy-duty thermal construction with windproof panels protecting joints to lightweight materials that withstand little more than a light breeze.

Even arm warmers designed to protect against UV rays exist. While riding, arm warmers are easy to remove and put on. They are small and can be carried in the back pockets of your cycling jersey or vest.

Despite the heat, arm warmers are so multifunctional that you can carry them in your jersey pockets as an additional layer of protection. You’ll get sunburned if you don’t have sun protection to apply on the go after a long day on the bike with the sun beating down on your arms. This garment is part of our Cruise Equipment collection,

Arm warmers provide additional protection against the sun, cold, wind, and rain. Due to the fact that the arms do not move when cycling, so they get cold more easily. Compression garments help to increase circulation, assist in muscle recovery, and reduce pain.

What’s the point of wearing arm warmers, you might ask? Well, if you’re like me, you run hot, then cold, then hot again. I prefer a lightweight, stretchy, soft fleece-lined arm warmer with a gentle but effective gripper on the upper arm, so it won’t slide down but also won’t squeeze off my blood flow.

These Cycling Chicks arm warmers are perfect, my friends. Roubaix fabric with a tremendously smooth and gentle gripper on the upper arm is created with Lycra and light fleece lining. Warmers like this can fold up nicely in your pocket or you can cinch them down when you are warm or climbing and pull them back up when you are going downhill.


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