What Wonderful Varieties of Olives You Will Find in Italy?

Castelvetrano green olives

There are many varieties of ingredients used in Italian cuisines that not only be cooked with other components but also eaten raw. One of these ingredients is the Castelvetrano green olives that can be eaten raw as an antipasto and also cooked in dishes.

Everything Wonderful and Exotic About Italian Olives

Italian olives are the most delicious of all ingredients as it is used in almost all Italian dishes. Olive word has its origin from Latin Oliva meaning an olive tree. In the beginning, the only known oil was made from olives; so oil meant olive oil.

Where Olives Are Grown?

Initially, the olive trees from where olives are cultivated are found in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Basin. But as travelers reached other corners of the world; they took olives with them and cultivation around the world started.

In Which Regions They Originate?

It is to be noted that the best regions to grow the olives should be places where the climate is just like the Mediterranean Basin. This is the best answer to the question where do olives grow? The weather has to be hot and dry; the winters cool but less amount rainfall annually.

What Is Their Significance in Italian Culture?

Olives have great significance in all major religions and especially in the Italian culture. As the Italians are rooted deeply into their culture and religion so they give importance to eating and having special Castelvetrano green olives at every religious and cultural festival.

Oldest Tree Ever Recorded

Fossils found around the Mediterranean Sea indicated that the olive tree and its fruits are more than 40 million years old. The oldest olive trees that are found around the Mediterranean belt are approximately 3,500 years old.

What Fantastic Varieties of Olives Exist?

You will hundreds of varieties of olive growing all around the world that have their origin in the Mediterranean region. But there are only a few that are the most famous that come directly from Italy and are in stores like Sogno Toscano.

Sorting Olives According to Regions

These olives are first sorted out according to the regions. The olives in the northern states of Italy are of dark color that includes jet-black, dark purple, and a lighter shade of violet. These colors are because of the lack of sunlight that prevents the olives from ripping. You will find that the olives in the south are lighter in the shade as sunlight is in abundance. Whereas, the central region has a mixture of both dark and light olives.

Castelvetrano Green Olives

These olives come from Castelvetrano city in Sicily. They have a beautiful bright green color as they have a sweet taste; they are served with cheese and white wine.

La Bella Della Daunia

This olive is cultivated on the fertile lands of Foggia. These olives types are not grown for making oil as they are used only for appetizers.

Olivia De Gaeta

Olivia De Gaeta is red-colored olives that have a sour flavor. The dishes in which this olive can be used are salads, pasta, and other gravies.

Nocellara Del Belice

Another olive that comes from Sicily is Nocellara Del Belice from the Belice river valley. These are cultivated in green as well as black shades.

Oliva Ascolana Del Piceno

This kind of olive is very different from Castelvetrano green olives because of its unique color that is towards yellow rather than a typical olive green color.

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Healthy Ingredients in Italian Dishes

There are many ingredients that Italians use to prepare the food. Some are healthy and others are less healthy. All are beneficial for the health but the following 6 kinds of ingredients are the ones that give the most advantages.


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