What types of cases fall under family law? 


Types of cases fall under family law?

Whenever the case of the family is involved in any condition of the legal framework, it becomes common knowledge that they may be under a lot of stress. After all divorce, child custody and financial matters do connect to their livelihood and would shake their roots in indefinite ways no matter how much they pretend to come out of it.

And the sooner their matters are settled, it may be better to move on in their new lives, become a partner to new stature and get their problems solved.

For such purposes they look for child support attorneys in Long Beach or in case of marriage concern, they look for a Spousal Support Lawyer in Los Angeles but would be to their help and can make their problems immediately settled.

Before considering such support, it’s better to look for what may be basic family law cases that come in the jurisdiction of the law if you are a family living in Long Beach or closer areas in the United States.

There are major subdivisions to the cases that come in a broad spectrum to family law in the United States, but it’s better to get a broad picture here to consider how family law is exactly treated in courts of the USA itself.

Marriage divorce 

Divorce is the most debated factor and is subject to family law no matter what the country has to be.

There are usually two types of divorces that are considered in Long Beach, one is of the fault, and the other being of no-fault. In a fault condition, here are 4 categories that may apply to your marriage dissolution and that may include:

  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Cruelty
  • Felony conviction

However, in case of a no-fault, a marriage gets dissolved and for that matter, both spouses are not considered to have any fault.

Each type of divorce would affect the way it is viewed by the court and for that matter, you require experienced personnel to handle it in their legal ways further.

Legal separation 

There are some states in the United States that do believe in legal separation that is to say being separated but not completely ending the marriage relation. In such cases, spouses do get separated still being married due to reasons such as finances, insurance, religion, or other basis and as they don’t get resolutions due to being directly divorced to complicate, so they prefer such a way to sort their problems out.

In this legal separation, such matters are resolved through:

  • Temporary orders that may require official details for the purpose of child custody or other matters
  • A protective order that may safeguard from domestic violence
  • A separation agreement that serves as a legally binding contract

For those matters, they are complicated issues and better resolved by an experienced Family Law Attorney Long Beach to handle such practice in its implementations as the legal subject of separation. It needs to be a complicated issue itself and hence while legal separation is decided, it should also be the spouse’s responsibility to handle the matter in the proper legal process around.

Skilled spousal support 

This type of support has decreased in recent times as it does show one spouse in financial root during any legal decision and may be subject to alimony.

The court has to compare in what conditions such spousal support would be allowed, and that may include:

  • The length of the marriage 
  • Who would have custody of children? 
  • Each spouse’s earning power 
  • The financial capacity of each spouse 
  • The division of assets and debts 

While it’s hard to say how alimony is exactly decided, still it does require experts such as Child support attorneys, Long Beach, or even Spousal support Attorneys, Long Beach to sort matters out in such cases.

Child custody 

This matter is one more prior subject of family law when it comes to divorce, separation, or in any other way parents parting their ways to live on their own. Such matters would always involve a strong emotional base from each side due to safety, condition, and further progress of a child who has to face such separation of parents.

After its procession, though their children’s future has to be discussed and both spouses would have their opinion about such a decision agreed through both mutual consent. It mostly depends on the court who will get the child’s custody rights and who may receive visitation rights.

Such decisions are based on various factors like the place where parents live, home environment, financial stability, and in some cases where the child might wish to live. However, in some cases, it is also considered that financial stability does affect such children after the divorce has occurred which has to be taken care of by both spouses. The spouses would have to ensure that in separating into 2 different households, their children remain in the same educational area, cultural platform of their practice and it should not be affected.

This is how cases dictate when it comes to child custody and they can vary accordingly in consent to their rights as well.

Family law mediation 

Though legally speaking, it’s a matter of outside court settlement, still, there are legal terms that have to go through and it can be raised as a family law case.

Usually in such concern, the spouses are able to sort out their marriage differences or divorce in closed doors, but they do have to submit an order stating all they have done and if it’s not followed, the legal case can be raised for such closed-door settlement.


Such a term is used for an invalid marriage as it states that the marriage never occurred. There are certain reasons for which annulment can be raised in a court and that may include:

  • Bigamy 
  • Duress or force 
  • Fraud 
  • Impotence 
  • Incest 
  • Intoxication 
  • Underage 

If your marriage occurred in any illegal way and is not valid, then annulment can be raised and it is considered as a case within family law in Long Beach too.

Domestic violence 

It can occur in many ways that may include physical, emotional, psychological, or any other household abuse. To consider it as a case of domestic violence, such hurtful circumstances have to consider happening within 2 household members.

Domestic violence must take place between 2 members of the household who may be:

  • Spouses or former spouses 
  • Current or former partners 
  • Current dating partners, though not living together anymore 
  • Individual partners who live together 
  • Parent who shared children 
  • Blood or adoptive relatives 

It can occur in many ways that may include physical, emotional, psychological, or any other household abuse. To consider it as a case of domestic violence, such hurtful circumstances have to consider happening within 2 household members.


This is how it pans out when it comes to family law and such types of cases can be considered as a broader highlight. As far as how to tackle them is considered, there are attorneys available in Long Beach for each mentioned case who are experts in such a field and you can choose them according to your need and can solve your problems. they are the best person to handle it and would make sure that you are not left alone when it comes to justice, Connect to them today and solve your legal matter within the jurisdiction of family law.



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