What To Wear At A South Indian Wedding As A Guest?

Bridal Sarees

The excitement of attending the wedding, as well as the pre-and post-wedding events, can instantly perk you up as a wedding guest. As a wedding guest, it’s usually a good idea to have a well-planned wardrobe, especially with such enthusiastic celebrations and the cultural norm of wardrobe ostentation. Every gathering during an Indian wedding has a specific meaning and differs in terms of ambiance, necessitating varied dress rules. And if you’re intending to attend one or more wedding celebrations this season, you’ll need to step up your game! In this article, you will get ideas on what to wear at a South Indian wedding as a guest:

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

Weddings in South and East India are quite calm. Women, on the other hand, take satisfaction in wearing traditional weaves such as Baluchari sarees, Tussar silks, Kanjivaram silk saree, Pattu sarees, and various silk and silk mixes. Gold jewelry that is intricately handcrafted is likewise an important feature of festive clothing. However, wearing a saree is not required. You can wear a silk salwar suit with a designer dupatta or a basic georgette suit with a designer dupatta. If you’re a fan of traditional sarees, check out the classics zone, which includes Patola sarees and hand-woven Paithanis. And if you like an unconventional look, all you have to do is an experiment! Innovative draping patterns and innovative usage of add-ons like belts are always a wonderful idea when passion is at its highest during such occasions!

Ruffle Sarees:

Sarees with ruffles, tiers, and frilly edges are a welcome change from hefty bridal sarees. Such contemporary sarees are attractive for the party season because of their vibrant atmosphere and stunning allure. If the thought of wearing a little girl-style flounce appeals to you, a designer ruffle blouse paired with a shimmer saree can work just as well. To be in line with the Indian wedding dress code, add a few striking pieces of jewelry!

Pre-Stitched Saree:

You can strut with ease, hustle with ease, and not learn how to drape a saree and still look like a pro in the timeless ethnic dress! Sarees that are ready-made or pre-stitched are fantastic options. They keep sarees simple with pleats and pallu that are properly sewn. You may be ready in minutes and add more points to your style because these contemporary draperies are easy to roam around in. So grab your favorite stilettos and a gorgeous saree that has already been draped for your next vacation wedding!

Lehenga Choli & Cotton Silk Sarees:

Indian weddings have an overabundance of hues, as does ethnic attire. As a result, these instances allow you to experiment with various palettes. You can wear any of your favorite colors, from bright pinks to glittering greens and mystifying blues, or the entire spectrum, unless there is a dress code or color theme. Heavy red/maroon sarees and monotone red or maroon lehenga cholis should be avoided because they resemble bridal clothing. You wouldn’t want to compete with her on her particular day as a guest and well-wisher! Palettes with softer pastels and neutrals are also suitable. For a day ceremony, choose a pastel peach cotton silk bridal sarees, and for a dusk-hour celebration, use a taupe sequinned lycra saree.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the best ideas to wear at a South Indian wedding as a guest. Hope this post will help you.


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