What to Know about Setting up A Business in Dubai Mainland

Business setup in dubai

Dubai Mainland is notable for its patron of business and developed business infrastructures. While setting up a business in Dubai, getting registered in Dubai mainland is the most extreme desire of the companies and organizations. Before setting up a new business in Dubai Mainland, you should be aware of the challenges and hurdles which you can face. So you can understand all the things before the new business setup in Dubai.

The total geographical area of Dubai mainland is permitted by the key authority of the Dubai Government, Dubai economic department DED. It allows the entire private and individual businessman and their delegates to run their offices. This is the best place where an international company owner can work, for example, international chains of food, luxury goods, etc.

While doing business in Mainland, According to the laws of “Business Incorporation laws” of the UAE, a Foreign Businessman or investor can carry only up to 49% of the company and a UAE National mandatorily holds 51% of complete shares. Except for these cases, Owners have to follow the law’s directions. The following cases are exempted from this rule and law.  If you have business activities with 100% GCC ownership, cases where GCC organizations enter into a co-working relation with UAE National, the law requires 100% local ownership, businesses located in Free Zones.

Jurisdictions of Business Opportunities Dubai Mainland

Business Bay is an important jurisdiction of Dubai Mainland because of its developed infrastructure. It provides a complete environment and infrastructure for the development of business. The business bay is a center of every assistance for business setups like the financial sector, professional consultancy, retail industry, etc. It is responsible to provide and creating all the possible opportunities for the new Businesses in Dubai Mainland.

Sheikh Zayed Road is the second most important place on Dubai’s mainland. All the developed infrastructure of Dubai is carried by this road. All the most famous and notable buildings and skylines are part of this hub. It contains a few of the largest business setups of the world, foreign companies, and renowned businesses. This accumulates wealth and Dubai’s evolution.

 Advantages of Having Business in Dubai Mainland

Business in Dubai mainland has great advantages. Because there investment-friendly environment and government attract the foreign investors to come there. Besides these facts, some attributes of Dubai mainland pulls financial investors towards investing here. For example, if you are going to do corporate and personal tax business, it has zero taxation policy and law. There is no limitation in getting a working visa with an easy recruitment procedure.

You can face limited restrictions on a minimum capital requirement. There is no auditing every year. You can do the processing of legal documents without any kind of restriction. You can be recruited without any limitation. If you are doing import business, it has a low import duty. You have the ease of arranging an affordable place with manageable rent or rent for building anywhere.

Role of the Mainland in Business Development

Formation of business in Mainland Dubai can be a profitable venture for business investors and business establishers. It always proves profitable investment options for the Business icons. Mainland companies have the freedom to do business setup freely anywhere in the jurisdiction of Dubai. They have the authority to work within the boundaries of the UAE. In Dubai, all business companies that go under professional work or commercial business or sole foundation enlisted under the Dubai Economic Department (DED) are known as Dubai Mainland License.

Having a Dubai mainland license helps you with getting a chance to improve the work and develop your business. There are sure guidelines and strategies made by the administrative authorities of DED that manage the activity of mainland companies in the UAE.

Opportunities Available for Mainland Companies

Formation of the company or new business in Dubai Mainland allows you to spread out your business’ branches to different parts of Dubai and across the UAE. The primary requirement for all businesses in the UAE is to have a permit letter in any of the divisions: Commercial, mechanical/industrial, and Professional. Different service provider companies in Dubai give a business analysis and studies to acquiring Dubai mainland license or permit and to begin your business in the most requested areas of the UAE.

Company Setup in Mainland Dubai under DED

Dubai is a hub of all big business ventures. It just not provides the space to do work but also stretches the limits of business in other parts of the UAE. The flexibilities of the government rules allow the icons to establish their work and invest their money without any fear. The Department of Economic Development is one of the best business centers in Dubai.

Such laws and regulations are under the supervision and government of Dubai UAE. Since the formation of DED in 1992 with the core aims to increase trade in this region. The core purpose of the Department of economic development is to regulate the business opportunities and trade of Dubai. This is done just to enhance its economical growth.

Moreover, the other objective of DED was, spreading of business and commercial industries across the world.

Main Objectives of DED

The foremost objective of DED is setting up new startups and businesses in Dubai mainland. It has to do registrations of the companies and businesses. After registration of companies, DED allows the licenses to them to regulate their business projects within the boundaries of the UAE. It also observed the laws of consumer protection and commercial acquiescence in Dubai.

Process of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

There are many requirements that you have to fulfill first to start your business in the Dubai Mainland. First, you must have a connection with a local national, who can sponsor your business. The local sponsor of your business can be your sleeping partner. It means he will not interfere in your business matters; He has no right to the company’s profit. But if you don’t want to get to connect with any national, still you can get a professional license. Besides it, still, you are in need to hire a local company or local service providers.

They will analyze your business sector and niche and help you in getting your documentation.  All in all, for starting up a new business, you need to have a business expert who is a legal representative of your business. While creating up all legal documentation and agreements, can face and fulfill all the initial prerequisites. He has no part in profit sharing, business tasks, and business management.

Reasons to Set Business in Dubai

Every land has its own benefits regarding doing business. Dubai has great and big opportunities for new ventures due to more than 20million consumers. If you have got registration in the mainland, you can do trade across Dubai and UAE easily without any obstruction and restrictions.

Dubai Mainland registration provides you with a space to increase and expand your business across the world and show your presence. Every business has a purpose and aims to grow and get successful. Business in Dubai Mainland provides you with the possibility to achieve your desired goals.

Before setup, a new business in Dubai Mainland, don’t forget to have expert’s opinion and services.


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