What Percentage Of Google Searches Go Past The First Page?

What percentage of Google searches go past the first page?

Every business tries to reach the top ranked page of the Google search engine. Same is the main focus of any SEO strategy. However, what is the value of the first page ranking of the Google. The answer may vary for every keyword, making it easy to determine how much a ranking worth.

First page as compared to the later search engine pages:

If you are disappointed with the traffic values of your website, you need to find out where your keywords are ranking. It is more useful and better to have ranking on the first page of the Google search engine than having on the later pages. This is obvious when one comes to know about the few searches ending up at the later pages. It has been estimated that first page of the Google catches 71% of the search traffic clicks and in last year this reached to 92%. Second page of the search engine has lesser than 6% of the website clicks.

How one can reach the Google top page?

One of the ways of improving your ranking in the search engine is to research the best keyword and then having these keywords in your content. If you are looking forward to reach the top ranked pages, you are supposed to go step further. Some of the ways are discussed as follows:

Optimize your site:

If all pages of your website will not meet usability and quality standard of Google, it will be penalized. Therefore, full website needs to be professionally optimized meeting all Google standards.

Mobile friendly web pages:

If you struggle to navigate a website or read a page on any of the mobile gadgets, you may know how frustrating it can be. Similarly Google is aware of the fact and hence make sure your site is mobile friendly in every manner.

Gain the authority:

You need to ensure that your website has quality information. This includes posting regularly, improving the traffic engagement with articles as well as guest blogging.

Have your focus on links:

Links play significant role in Google’s ranking. It will have a detailed look at the hyperlink wordings with the links that have been used. If there will be several links having the same anchor text and such link may be unnatural or considered suspicious.

All this discussion concludes that companies that pay continuous attention towards their specific search engine optimization strategies have their sites in the top ranks of the Google. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are working with reliable SEO providing services. Being a resident of Karachi, you must be aware of the fact that you will find different SEO packages in Pakistan. These different SEO packages in Pakistan have been designed to meet customized requirements of each and every client. Business Trends is one such name in providing high quality SEO services, against reasonably priced SEO packages in Pakistan. They offer other services like website development in Karachi, website hosting services in Karachi, website maintenance and so much more. Access their official site i.e. www.businesstrends.com.pk for more details.


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