What Pearl Necklace Length Should I Get?


Diamonds are getting competition for being a girl’s best friend. As more women include pearls Necklace in their jewelry collections, pearl sales are rising everywhere. The topic of whether length really matters when it comes to pearls emerges as a result of the desire for many consumers to purchase the biggest and greatest.

There is no easy solution, as there are many things in life. So that you can select the ideal pearl size for you, we’ve put up some suggestions for you to think about.

What Size of Pearl Necklace do You Prefer?

When purchasing pearl jewelry for women, another thing to bear in mind is that larger pearls are not always of higher quality. You must consider the various sizes to choose which you prefer before making a decision.

Depending on your attire and the occasion you are preparing for, you might also want to have a selection of pearls to choose from. Smaller-sized pearl necklaces, for instance, are quite subtle and suitable for daily use, whilst medium-sized pearls are excellent for a formal or professional environment.

Some ladies enjoy jewelry to the hilt, and for them, the larger and more extravagant the pieces, the better. The greatest option in this scenario would be Tahitian or South Sea pearls that range in size from 11 to 15 mm. Others, on the other hand, might just want a touch of elegance and don’t want their jewelry to be too noticeable. It would be wisest in this situation to choose a string of pearls with a smaller diameter.

Here are the lengths of pearl for you to get an idea which pearl length  will suit you best:

Collar Length- 12 to 13 inches  (30-33cm)

The shortest length of pearl jewelry that fits around the neck is the collar size. Collar pearl necklaces with two or more strands are frequently used at formal events to create a striking and glam appearance.

Choker Length- 14–16 inches (36-41cm)


A pearl choker necklace is an essential accessory for every jewelry collection. For both casual and formal wear, it fits incredibly well with V-neck, boat-neck, and off-the-shoulder designs. You may easily obtain a modern and chic style by draping a pearl choker necklace over your neck.

Princess length 17 to 19 inches (43-48cm)

Anyone can wear the princess length because it is a classic look. Additionally, it is regarded as the most traditional size for a pearl jewelry set. Additionally, it is regarded as the most traditional size for a pearl necklace. The princess length is a great option to brighten up your dress on any occasion if you’re unsure of what length to purchase.

Matinées Length :20 to 24 inches (51-61cm)

Marquee pearl necklaces are perfect for business and semi-formal attire because they fall right at the top of your bust. They can add a dash of class and femininity to your business attire.

Opera Length : 30-36 inches  (76-91cm) & Rope Length: greater than 36 in (91cm)

The rope and opera pearl necklaces are really stylish and seductive. In actuality, they are the most adaptable necklaces for producing a variety of appearances. You can wear them as a single strand or construct long and short lengths by wrapping them several times. Try out several looks with the opera and rope lengths whether you’re dressing up for a cocktail party or dressing down for a relaxing weekend. They are just stunning!

Pearl Rope

Long, slender, and ready for action are pearl rope necklaces. If you choose a rope necklace with many clasps, you may combine it with other necklaces and bracelets to create a variety of looks, or you can stack three together to create a magnificent choker. As an alternative, you could tie the rope in a flapper-style knot or sling it over your shoulder to draw attention to a backless dress.

When to wear pearls Necklace

Do you know celebrities and other pearl jewelry lovers have thousands of ways to style pearls
in any season and for any occasion? From wearing them with leather to styling them with
casual shorts and tees! However, you must also know the best ways to amp up your look with
different attires and occasions. For a casual look, go for minimalist jewels, whereas for special
events, try bigger and more complicated pearl pieces. A creative mix of the different metals
such as silver and gold with pearls can help give a modern touch. In fact, white round pearls can
look super cool when styled with other metals or arranged in unique, artistic bunches.
Key takeaway– style pearls anytime, anywhere, and with anything!
However, to help you out, we are sharing the best ways to style your pearl jewels:

#1 Keep it sleek and minimalist


White (or black) round pearls can be easily found in pendants, minimalist necklace strands, or
even small drop earrings. The best thing – just a single piece has the power to serve as your
entire jewelry collection. In fact, it gives a gentle and smooth touch of polish to your casual
look, night-out dress, or even a lunch date outfit. Consider pairing your pearl jewels with color-
blocked attires, as it will allow the sophisticated and natural sheen of your jewelry to pick up
the hues of your dress. Alternatively, you can keep your outfit neutral to let your jewelry serve
as a silent statement piece for the day.

#2 Style pearls Necklace in varying lengths


Since pearl jewels are available in varying lengths, you can make a style statement by mixing
and matching, and styling multiple necklaces at once. Multi-strand collar neckpieces are best
for revealing your fashion-forward side to your friends and colleagues. Moreover, choker-length
neck pieces look super cool with turtleneck tops and jumpers. A princess-length necklace is
most popular among people all across the globe. It gives you a subtle and chic look.

#3 Make your everyday look stylish and unique with pearls

Want to know how to style pearls casually? Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Whether
your personal style is minimalist, boho, or even perfectly preppy, you cannot miss out on
wearing pearl earrings. There are different types of earrings for everyone out there to help you
level up your everyday style game.

High-Quality Pearls Are A Wearable Investment

Investment collectors are always looking for unusual and rare pieces of jewelry to add to their
collections. While silver and gold are a good choice for a collection, pearls are an excellent
choice. Unlike gemstones, cultured and real pearls are considered fine jewelry. It looks even
great when it is combined with precious metals, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds. When you
buy real pearls such as South Sea pearls or Hanadama pearls, your jewelry will easily keep its
value and become more valuable with time.

Fine Pearl Jewelry Can Last A Lifetime And Through Generations

Pearls are the only precious gems that are considered fine jewelry, including ruby, emerald,
sapphire, and diamond. Because of their dense nacre and outstanding surface quality, high-
grade pearls are extremely durable. When picking Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls, the
nacre and surface quality is extremely significant. Because they’re all bead-nucleated, the
durability of the pearls is determined by the thickness of their nacre.
For example, when you pick up a low-grade Akoya strand, it may seem quite light. It may not
even feel like real pearls in some circumstances. This is due to the thinness of the pearl nacre.
The beads themselves account for the majority of the weight. See our pearl buying guide for
more information on grading and valuation. High-quality pearls can last for generations if
properly cared for.
Pearls Never Go Out Of Fashion

There are numerous ways of wearing pearl jewels; for instance, a strand of lustrous pearls can
add a touch of elegance to a boring outfit. Building and layering up shine and depth can be
impactful and fun. Pearls are considered the most wearable piece that can give a new look to
any outfit. For instance, a pair of pearl earrings are just perfect to be worn on any occasion.
The exotic Tahitian and South Sea pearl and diamond jewelry offer depth and drama for
anniversaries, weddings, and black-tie dinners, making it the best showstopper to remember
the event.


There is no ideal, universal formula for selecting the appropriate pearl size. Everything depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. It is a wise investment because pearls increase in price with size. But not everyone desires a big ornament; many people choose the subtle elegance of a smaller stone.

Whether it’s real or not, “long live the pearl necklace from our first date until our dying breath”. If you’re looking for the best pearl necklace online in India, srikrishnapearls is the right choice for you!

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