What kind of wholesale kids hats to choose in summer


The summer sun is dazzling and the heat is unbearable. Adults still can’t stand the high temperature. They look for heatstroke prevention tools to withstand the hot summer sun. Because children are weak and sensitive. Their body resistance is weak, how can they spend an unforgettable summer in the hot summer? As a good helper for wholesale kids hats in summer, the hat can not only resist strong ultraviolet rays, but also play a good decorative role.

Under the scorching sun, what kind of hat should a mother choose for her baby? Based on our years of experience in wholesale kids hats, let us share what kind of hat we should choose in summer! When choosing a hat for children in the summer, it is important to protect children’s eyes and prevent excessive ultraviolet radiation from harming children’s eyes.

In addition, the summer sun is very hot, and children’s hats should have good heat dissipation performance to prevent children from sweating excessively, developing rashes and skin allergies. These are all factors that mothers must consider when choosing summer hats for their children.

  1. Wide-brimmed sun hat

    The sun hat of the wide-brimmed hat can effectively block the strong sunlight, protect the baby’s eyes and skin from the strong light, and at the same time make the baby feel relaxed and cool. This is a good choice to prevent the high temperature in summer.

    Therefore, a straw hat with a sharp brim and a wide brim is more suitable for babies to wear in summer. Among them, the pointed hat is suitable for boys and more handsome girls. so it can immediately show the cool and handsome temperament of the child.

    The wide-brimmed straw hat is more suitable for princesses who walk in a lady country style. It not only has a better sun-shading effect, but also can be worn in a flower polka-dot skirt, and a fashionable wide-brimmed straw hat is also a good choice.

  2. Soft head circumference

    Although wearing a hat is more fashionable and beautiful, it is easy to sweat after wearing it for a long time in summer. The child’s skin is sensitive and fragile and does not sweat easily. Covering sweat may cause skin irritation and rashes.
    Therefore, for babies who are prone to sweating, the head circumference can be selected. For the head circumference, please try to choose a product with a soft texture, good heat dissipation performance, strong sweat absorption ability and not easy to discolor the legs.

  3. Cover with good heat dissipation performance

    There are many hats with good shading performance, but now we cannot ignore the heat dissipation performance, another key factor in choosing a hat. Babies have more blood vessels under the brain skin without subcutaneous fat protection. They can easily cover up their sweat when they sweat. Therefore, when choosing a hat, its heat dissipation performance should be considered as much as possible to prevent sweating and rashes.

    The most popular empty top hats on the market now have only the brim and head circumference. Since the top of the head is not available, it has better heat dissipation performance. It is more suitable for babies over half a year old. The baby’s body is in a period of rapid growth, and regular exposure to the sun can help bone growth and prevent diseases.

    However, the baby’s skin is not fully developed, so special sun protection measures are needed. Sun hat is one of the indispensable weapons for sun protection this summer. There are many types of sun hats.


In addition to the above considerations, you can also consider the following aspects:

  1. Color: light color

    Color is another important consideration when choosing a baby sun hat. The color of the sun hat not only affects the appearance, but is also closely related to the sun-shading effect of the hat.

    Regarding the question of which color is more helpful for sun protection, experts pointed out that dark clothing such as black absorbs sunlight more and has the worst sun protection effect. The light-colored clothes and hats have a solar reflectance of about 85%, absorb less solar radiation, and have a better sun protection effect.

    Therefore, when choosing sun hats for babies, it is best for mothers to choose light colors, such as sky blue, light green, pink, goose yellow, etc. are all good choices. The light color is not only good for sun protection, but also looks very fresh and lively. It is very suitable for babies in summer.

  2. Material:

    Summer hat materials must be thin or breathable. You can choose hollow materials, such as straw and leather hollow styles. If you don’t want the top of the hat to be hollowed out, please try to choose cotton material as much as possible. The advantage is that the texture is soft, safe, non-toxic, sweat-absorbing and breathable. And it can protect the baby from sultry heat.

  3. Detail:

    Pay attention to whether the decoration on the hat is safe and whether it will scratch children. It is recommended to buy hats with many decorations as few times as possible. In addition, regardless of whether the hat is fastened or not. The hat with straps will not fly away at will, even if the child runs in the wind. There is no need to pick up the hat along the way. Of course, the length of the strap should be appropriate and not too short or too long.

In addition, when wearing hats for babies in summer. You should try to choose quality assurance to ensure material safety and children’s health. And choose light-colored hats that are not easy to absorb heat.

Mothers should not pursue the fashionable beauty of hats excessively and choose hats with more metal ornaments and zipper buttons to prevent children from being scratched or hurt by swallowing because of their young age. After all, helping babies choose summer hats, shade, sun protection, heat dissipation and ensuring that the child is cool and comfortable is the first priority.

The summer children’s hat styles shown above are from our wholesale kids hats, we can guarantee the quality! We have many other styles, and we also welcome you to visit our website. Don’t you want your child to have a good time this summer? I’m sure you will hope for it too, don’t you, what are you waiting for? Now browse our website and choose a fashionable and suitable style of children’s hat!

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