What Kind of Screen Protector Should I Get for MacBook?

MacBook screen protectors

Apple is a brand famous for the user interface that is a lot more user-friendly than other brands. It focuses on the needs of the customer and how they use their products. Additionally, its various technological commodities range from phones to watches to laptops. They are keen on upgrading their products for the better usage of their customer – might it be releasing a new kind of a product with a better screen resolution, graphical user interface, cameras, or battery. The best example of this is Apple’s oldest product but with the latest modifications, the MacBook. It has proven to be quite helpful in the fields of business, schools, etc. Due to increased utilization, many people resort to using a MacBook screen protector to guarantee less damage to their screens – whether you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. 

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MacBook with non-retina displays have a glass panel above the actual screen, which acts as a protective layer for the LCD (liquid crystal display). Replacing the protective glass over the LCD at a minimal cost can be an option if your screen is damaged or scratched. These scratches directly impact your screen’s LCD. But depending on your model, you can either get a MacBook Pro screen protector or a MacBook Air screen protector

Such a coherent design reduces glare while making the display on the screen so much more vibrant, with higher contrast in colors and wider viewing angles due to the widescreen. These screens range from 13 to 15-inches in width, giving a broad view of the display. However, it is vulnerable to direct damages at the same time. For this purpose, you can have the option to choose from two kinds of MacBook screen protectors, depending on your model. 

Types of MacBook Protectors 

  • Glossy MacBook Screen Protector:

If your MacBook model uses a direct display panel without any protective tempered glass layer, you may consider using a screen protector to prevent accidental damage to the LCD. A glossy MacBook screen protector is much like a mirror. Some displays, especially on newer LCD monitors, replace the anti-reflection matte finish with a glossy one. Moreover, it aids in increasing color saturation and sharpness. The reflections from lights and windows are constantly bouncing off the screen, which tends to be a problem for avid MacBook users. 

Likewise, when in an environment with light, glossy displays provide better contrast ratios and better color intensity in contrast to matte displays. Whereas in environments with no light, glossy displays create more saturated colors, brighter whites, deeper blacks – overall, colors sharper than matted displays. Applying anti-reflective coating helps to reduce reflections, yet; this only helps to lessen the effect. Due to this, glossy screen protectors are more valuable to watch films and view high-definition photographs. 

MacBook Air mainly uses glossy screen protectors. The growing popularity of widescreen LCD monitors has also helped in the transition of television series, motion pictures, and video games to high-definition (HD), and altogether, having a MacBook Air screen protector will display 48 percent more color. 

  • Matte MacBook Screen Protector:

Displays with a matte finish are not as sharp or bright as a glossy screen. A Matted display has a light-scattering anti-glare layer, which reduces reflectivity at the cost of decreased contrast and color intensity under dimly-lit conditions. It is not just the light striking the outside of the screen that behaves in this way – it is the light the monitor produces, too. This type of MacBook screen protector is preferred by those who do a lot of color correction and imagining. A kind of matted screen protector is one that is a two-way plastic layer. It is primarily anti-glare and ultra-thin and helps reduce the visibility of your sensitive information to the people around you. This removable screen protector is safe and convenient to store when not in use. It helps in making travel and remote work safe and secure when you need privacy the most. It is mostly available as a MacBook Pro screen protector. It may be magnetic or a Blue-Light screen protector too. High dynamic range (HDR) has been implemented into high-end LCD monitors to improve color accuracy. Even though matte screen protectors are prone to scratches, this type helps prevent eye strain and eye fatigue. 

Conclusively, screen protectors are a significant attribute to a product with a screen. A MacBook screen is proven to be quite fragile to use. Regardless, since the advancement in durability, screen protectors have been an immense help in protecting the laptop screen and in addition to your personal, sensitive information being in protection. These screen protectors are quite handy as acting the sacrificial layer for a MacBook’s screen. 

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